Act of Authority


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Rare

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Act of Authority


When Act of Authority enters the battlefield, you may exile target artifact or enchantment.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may exile target artifact or enchantment. If you do, its controller gains control of Act of Authority.

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Act of Authority Discussion

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Brago Blink

2 days ago

Reality Acid is a classic enchantment to include in Brago EDH; it forces your opponent to sacrifice a permanent every time it gets blinked, which is useful against certain permanents that would otherwise cause you a lot of pain.

Strionic Resonator allows you to get double value out of Brago.

Mulldrifter nets you lots of card advantage every turn.

Basalt Monolith's "can't untap" downside clause is negated by blinking it, which translates into plenty of ramp.

Reflector Mage punishes opponents hard and ensures they will rarely be able to replay their creatures.

Peregrine Drake also allows for lots of mana ramp, and in some cases, degenerate infinite mana combos.

Lavinia of the Tenth shuts down opponents' mana rocks, tokens, and other smaller permanents. Protection from red is also very useful in certain matchups.

Where is Panharmonicon. Nuff asked.

Act of Authority works as a makeshift Consulate Crackdown until you can draw the real thing.

Spine of Ish Sah repeatedly blows up permanents, and is really difficult to effectively remove.

Cloudblazer is your second copy of Mulldrifter, except maybe even better in this build.

Deadeye Navigator is an ETB abuse machine. With a reprint in MM17, his price is better than ever.

Nevermaker is another efficient removal machine. It also denies draw, which can be incredibly powerful.

Stonehorn Dignitary ensures you will never get to be attacked again.

FiddlerTyki on Bragolorious, King Eternal

6 days ago
  1. you need Rest in Peace to make the helm combo work. I see that you're running Karmic Guide and Reveillark and rest in piece nonbos with those two. either have helm+rip in and take out guide and reveillark or vice versa.

  2. board sweepers are bad here since you are creature centric. add in more targeted removal in the way of Detention Sphere and Parallax Wave and possibly Parallax Tide

  3. 3+ cmc mana rocks (besides basalt monolith) are kinda bad here. an argument can be made for gilded lotus for budget replacement of grim monolith but you really need your mana rocks out early to get brago out before turn 4. assuming grim monolith, mana crypt and moxen are out of budget, try Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone and Prismatic Lens.

  4. 3+ cmc counterspells are also not great. mostly running them just to protect your combo or stop others from winning. try Swan Song in place of 1 of them for sure. not sure if more than 4 counterspells are necessary in this deck. would rather run Glen Elendra Archmage over another counterspell if budget is a concern.

  5. Return to Dust should become Act of Authority if you're going to dedicate a card slot for enchantment/artifact hate.

JaysomeDecks on Brago, King Eternally blinking

1 month ago

Arguably the best card you can run in Brago, is Reality Acid. It lets you enchant /any/ permanent, and forces that permanent's controler to sacrifice it whenever the enchantment is bounced with Brago. Then the Reality Acid simply enters enchanting its next victim. This removes lands, indestructible creatures, pretty much anything. And even if they manage to destroy it, they still lose what it's currently enchanting.

Act of Authority let's you keep the board clear of artifacts and enchantments. Because it enters new each time, it's second ability is never required, and you just exile something every turn, for good.

Lavinia of the Tenth locks down your opponents to a large degree. It shuts down their mana-rocks, almost all utility creatures, it's really quite incredible.

Felidar Guardian lets you double the ETB of whatever permanent you want. Just flicker it and Felidar Guardian with Brago, and then again as it and the Guardian enter. Works great with cards like Reality Acid.

Tangle Wire. Early on especially, this can shut down your opponents while you flicker to keep your things untapped. And it's vanishing counters never decrease.

You may also consider running more mana rocks. Especially cards like Basalt Monolith, that become pure value when you bypass their untap cost.

Anyhow, it looks like a really solid deck. I hope some of this helps.

WarlockOfNor on Brago, Douche Eternal

1 month ago

How are you not running Cloudblazer and Reveillark? Easily some of the best cards in Brago, King Eternal decks, at least in mine. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is a reusable board wipe with Brago, King Eternal and a solid win condition. Act of Authority is a splendid permanent solution for, well obviously, Artifacts and Enchantments. The upkeep trigger can be nice in certain situations where, let's just say there is a Nevermore or Runed Halo with Brago, King Eternal name plastered all over them.

If you want to get douchier, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite shuts down a lot more decks than you might think, Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora slows down a lot of decks, especially big green ones, and seeing as you don't run a lot of Mana Rocks/Ramp yourself or a lot of instant speed removal, playing out your card draw or tempo/value oriented cards and holding up counterspells might be difficult.

Those are my suggestions at least. Some are cards I don't run myself, Deadeye Navigator for example is not a very welcome card in my locals/playgroups. I've tried taking that into consideration you might be dealing with more tryhardy strategies, especially then I'd consider the Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora as they get a lot more value/attraction than you might think they'd get.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Brago, Bringer of Sadness

1 month ago

Reality Acid is one of the most abusable cards alongside Brago. Flickering it forces your opponents to sacrifice any permanents you choose; the versatility and ability to take out indestructible targets is invaluable.

If you're looking for more ways to refill your hand, look no further than Mulldrifter. Definitely one of the best blue cards printed for EDH, AND it has synergy with Brago.

Flickering Lavinia of the Tenth shuts down almost all mana rocks, equipment, tokens, and other strategies that try to get around stax.

Peregrine Drake gives you additional mana or additional land ability activations, depending on how you use it. Also, I'm sure there's a way to generate infinite mana with it, but I don't know if you can fit it into your deck.

Panharmonicon gives you double mileage out of all your enters-the-battlefield abilities that Brago loves so much.

Act of Authority and Spine of Ish Sah turn into repeatable hard removal by flickering them with your commander.

Deadeye Navigator functions as a way to flicker something more than your commander would allow, for extra advantage.

Cloudblazer is another Azorius-colored option to Mulldrifter, plus it squeezes in some extra life.

Nevermaker can deny a player draw for the rest of the game if flickered constantly. Good way to keep oppressing opponents.

Stonehorn Dignitary ensures no single opponent will be able to attack you again.

Lazaro46 on Brago Flicker-Flight

2 months ago

Hey, I saw your post on reddit!I myself have a Brago, King Eternal deck that I have put a lot of effort on. It's not perfect, but I win games here and there.

Take a look at it for cards that may interest you: EDH - Brago, Blink Eternal

Overall, your deck is lacking lands. You still need lands, regardless if you are running mana rocks or not. Check a couple of youtube videos on manafixing for 2-color EDH decks. I can link you to one in a private message.

Also, something I have learnt after playing a lot with our commander... he is hated. People will inmediatly try yo get rid of him.This means two things.

One, you need ways to protect him both from targeted removal and board wipes. I see you have some stuff already, but consider Cloudshift, Essence Flux, Long Road Home and Faith's Reward.

Two, you cannot depend on him to be in play. Think of him as an extra. Because of this, you need other ways to blink. Venser, the Sojourner, Eldrazi Displacer, Deadeye Navigator, and other blink spells are my advice. These last two go very well with your Peregrine Drake for infinite mana too. Also related to this! I recommend removing cards that are only good with Brago, King Eternal in play... such as Act of Authority .

Finally, and what shocked me the most... no Strionic Resonator? That enables the infinite combo that wins you the game. You just need enough mana rocks to give you 2+ mana, and a win con, like Venser, Shaper Savant, Thought-Knot Seer, Reality Acid, Nevermaker, etc.Hit with Brago, King Eternal, then copy his trigger with Sol Ring + Strionic Resonator , flicker them together with a win con, and then copy the original trigger again. Infinetely! You can also use Peregrine Drake instead of the mana rocks!

bobnearents on Brago, King Eternal

4 months ago

Thank you so much for the recommendations! I definitely needed help with lands!And as far as artifacts go, I tend to forget about them pretty easily (been playing mtg for only 3ish months) which obviously does not work to my benefit. Honestly I thought I had Strionic Resonator and Act of Authority. Will update promptly.

In your opinion, what do you think the weakest cards in this deck are?

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