Demonic Pact


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Mythic Rare

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Demonic Pact


At the beginning of your upkeep, choose one that hasn't been chosen —

  • Demonic Pact deals 4 damage to target creature or player and you gain 4 life.
  • Target opponent discards two cards.
  • Draw two cards.
  • You lose the game.
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Demonic Pact Discussion

Grantley91 on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

Make a white card that is the opposite of Demonic Pact

skoobysnackz on Free Kittens!

1 week ago

AHighlyVisibleNinja, nice observation, I never noticed that! At the same time, I think the point of the card's name is that it's supposed to be ironic.

Exteez, I will definitely add it to the sideboard for game 2 against matchups that might board in Surgical Extraction, though I already have Sky Swallower as a backup. Immortal Coil also seems like a nice card to work around, but I think it might just be too much to set up and Demonic Pact is simply better. Furthermore, being a casual deck, I like Abyssal Persecutor better for flavor. I will definitely keep it in mind though, thanks for the suggestions!

rottenoysters, I'm not sure I follow what you are saying. Sky Swallower is not supposed to have any sort of interaction with Harmless Offering. It is in fact supposed to act as an alternate Harmless Offering on a stick (a big flying one at that).

CharonSquared on Free Kittens!

1 week ago

Countermagic seems pretty essential in this deck, because if they counter your Harmless Offering then you'll die to your own Demonic Pact. I would recommend some number of Mana Leaks and Remands. Probably cut the Vapor Snags because them losing a life isn't too relevant, and it doesn't let you bounce your Pacts when you need to.

Tays234 on Cao Cao Lord of Wei Discard EDH

2 weeks ago

GROSS! Love it!

I recommend adding Deadbridge Shaman and Demonic Pact

Funkydiscogod on Pact Swallowing

3 weeks ago

daseeker25 I think Persecutor and Swallower have a serious anti-synergy. Suppose you give them a Persecutor, and they're not dead. If you attack, they're guaranteed to chump with the Persecutor. Or, they'll attack, and if you block you lose the thing you wanted them to have, and if you don't, then it's only a matter of time before they stop attacking, and wait to block.

So, I've been toying around with a similar idea, but giving the opponent Immortal Coil instead of Demonic Pact, and running a bunch of graveyard hate and graveyard love. Immortal Coil incidentally hoses infect (and burn) while it's on your side of the battlefield, since they can basically only deal 10 (or 20) damage before running out of steam, you just play it once your life total is less than the number of cards in your graveyard. You can even run lands that effectively cause you to gain life.

Oloro_Magic on Red-Blue Counter Burn (The most cancerous deck)

3 weeks ago

Annoying eh... have you tried making a Harmless Offering deck. There is nothing funnier than giving a player Rust Elemental or Demonic Pact or Aggressive Mining or Embargo or Illusions of Grandeur (note you gain the life and then they have to start paying the cost when you give it to them and in case you don't know that upkeep cost increases by 2 each turn) or my personal favorite Steel Golem.

Homura_Akemi on Casual Fun vs. Competitive (open ...

3 weeks ago
  1. I would stop playing a certain deck or retire it when you get repeatedly bad results and lose most games. Back before Origins rotated in Standard, I played a UB Demonic Pact deck. Liliana was my favorite planeswalker who inspired me playing the deck and I would not splash red for Harmless Offering for flavor reasons (not a good choice). Anyway, I really enjoyed playing this deck, but I kept losing over and over again with it. My losses were either due to bad hands, bad luck with top decking, misplays, and/ or just how inconsistent and underwhelming the deck was to the other decks in the meta (how it weakened throughout the game). The games would always be close, and I always blamed the losses on a bad hand or me misplaying without realizing that the deck itself, although good, did not work well enough in that meta. I wish I had come to this conclusion at the time and made a new deck to do better in my matches, because most of my losses were due to just the weakness of the deck. It would have been a confidence booster to have had a more evenly matched deck that I would win with more, because I was piloting the deck to the best of my ability and it just wasn't enough to win.

Once you see a pattern in a certain deck losing, despite how much you like it, I would evaluate why it has been losing and if creating a deck better suited to your meta is the solution.

  1. This is an issue I have had for a while now. I am younger than most Magic players and have a designated play group for minors at my LGS. Although I have made good friends in the group, I win almost all of our EDH games. I played a Queen Marchesa deck for a while that was mostly commons from a Conspiracy 2 box with some better singles thrown in and beat all of them repeatedly with that deck. Yesterday, I brought my new Thrasios and Kydele deck and my win felt unreal. My deck was just so much more competitive than theirs and I really didn't have to manipulate any of their boardstates, just focus on building my own to swing in and win. I've been facing a dilemma for a while of what to do: (a) stay with my friends who are not challenging me or (b) play with a very competitive group of older men at my LGS that I don't know well. I also would have to adjust my schedule to them playing because they start more than two hours later than my current group. I don't think they would say no to letting me join their group, but it is a possibility too.

Anyway, I would either help or make my friends strengthen their decks if possible or join a new group and make new friends to play with that are better suited to my gaming needs. Tbh, the latter is the most logical choice. Another option is to set a budget for your deck in an attempt to make it competitive with less powerful cards, although that sounds strange too.

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