Rite of Flame


Not legal in any format

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Rite of Flame


Add (Red)(Red) to your mana pool, then add (Red) to your mana pool for each card named Rite of Flame in each graveyard.

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Rite of Flame Discussion

skibulk on Dragon Storm

3 days ago



Other great options:

SynergyBuild on Omnath, Locus of Armageddon v2.6

1 week ago

Well, if you want more god hands, run some of the god mana cards, like Boreal Druid, Carpet of Flowers, Mana Crypt, Chrome Mox, Elvish Spirit Guide, Simian Spirit Guide, Lotus Petal, Mox Diamond, Rite of Flame and any of the other options.

Even Orcish Lumberjack should be run if you want the super fast mana ramp.

Orcish Lumberjack is the fair (ha) version of Mana Vault meets Dark Ritual meets Birds of Paradise, good too, otherwise I can just imagine how broken it could have been, think:


Orcish Lumberjack

Creature - Orc

: Add three mana in any combination of colors.

, : Deal two damage to any target.

, : Gain two life.

Put a -1/-1 counter on Orcish Lumberjack: Untap Orcish Lumberjack.

( 1 / 3 )


No wait that's just Orcish Lumberjack meets Birds of Paradise meets Devoted Druid meets Deathrite Shaman. Ugh.

Anyway, even two mana ramp is considered quite competitive, Nature's Lore, the signets, talismans, Three Visits, Beastcaller Savant, the whole thing.

Use em' or not, but thats how I would build the deck, you clearly know more about than I do though!

Sal123 on Sliver W/U/B/R/G EDH

1 month ago

Hey I used to run slivers in modern and think your deck is really cool. You should use mana ramp like Rite of Flame and Dark Ritual.

Gracco on Emptiless Warrens

2 months ago

Yes. The Street Wraith are for the cycle. The biggest issue this deck has is getting the Skirk Prospector removed after it is played. Storming off into only 1 Empty the Warrens is not hard to do when you do not have the Fecundity. I actually played this deck in Legacy back in the day but with Seething Song and Rite of Flame in the list. The combo turn can take a while but it is not bad if you have proper counters to keep track of Storm count, mana, and the proper amount of tokens.

Force_of_Willb on Play your entire collection on turn 1 (ALL SPELLS)

2 months ago

Instead of 4x Chrome Mox maybe up Wild Cantor to 4x? this can help with consistency of turning a spirit guide into ritual without having to exile something from your hand.
With the extra spot(s) you can try Rite of Flame to get 4 mana on turn one a little more consistantly.

Kaleo42 on Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer

3 months ago

Apologies for the delay, I had to write this twice.One time mana sources make a lot of sense since you do need 11 mana to play your commander and equip all in the same turn.Basalt Monolith, Grim Monolith, Lion's Eye Diamond, Mana Vault, Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Seething Song, Lotus Bloom, Lotus Petal, Treasonous Ogre, Vessel of Volatility, Simian Spirit Guide

Rite of Flame is too weak and Mana Seism may be a bit too deep.

Good RocksChrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Mana Crypt, Mox Opal, Sol Ring, Coalition Relic, Gilded Lotus, Thran Dynamo, Everflowing Chalice, Mind Stone, Fellwar Stone, Metalworker

Ok rocks to cut if you need more slots.Worn Powerstone, Jeweled Amulet, Fractured Powerstone

EquipmentHammer of Nazahn, Helm of the Host, Lightning Greaves all good but how do you feel about Sword of Feast and Famine + Aggravated Assault backup strategy? Sword of the Animist is a good equipment for this strategy as well but depending on the table may not be fast enough.

Draw and tutorsSensei's Divining Top, Daretti, Scrap Savant, Tormenting Voice, Wheel of Fortune, Imperial Recruiter,

I do not like Gamble without reliable graveyard interaction and I generally dont like Winds of Change especially if your opponents have any graveyard interactions.

Love the counter package, no Dualcaster Mage?Fork, Burnout, Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Reverberate, Ricochet Trap, Glorious End, and of course Possibility Storm. Not a big fan of Veilstone Amulet in cedh but the makeup of your local meta will make or break this card. Active Volcano is probably too much.

Extra turns can be a big surprise win for this strategy. Love them. Final Fortune, Last Chance, Warrior's Oath

Artifact hate seems good but missing Vandalblast. By Force, Shattering Spree, Trash for Treasure.

Moon effects are strong but another meta call. Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon

Maybe too many colorless lands? I think you could cut one land overall but I understand you want to hit each land drop. Ancient Tomb, Buried Ruin, Cavern of Souls, City of Traitors, Command Beacon, Crystal Vein, Dwarven Ruins, Gemstone Caverns, 25xMountain, Sandstone Needle, Scorched Ruins, Sequestered Stash

Equipment assists seem good for faster hands but kind fragile. Brass Squire and Magnetic Theft

Dire Fleet Daredevil is a good card.Goblin Welder, Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer, and Welding Jar are all good.

Kuldotha Forgemaster is a good way to tutor the equipment into play.

Sphere of Resistance is a fantastic protection card but can make it easier for others to combo if you leave it out.

Spud9000 on The Indomitable Emrakul

3 months ago

The classic way to cheat out stuff would be Polymorph (check out my take on it if you are interested: Poly-bilities)

Your playing loads of stuff that let's you loot through your deck, which is nice, because it let's you pitch an Emrakul in case you draw one. Another option to get a finisher out of your hand would be Through the Breach. It's easier to cast should you decide on going multicolor.

As you are playing combo (kinda) it's always nice to have some control aspects. Maybee think about adding board wipes (Anger of the Gods, Pyroclasm). Those can be important in aggro matchups. Some "targeted" "removal" like Lightning Bolt won't hurt either (maybee in the sideboard).

In red, you have Pyretic Ritual, Rite of Flame and even Simian Spirit Guide to accelarate into your combo. I'd say add a few more of those.

MilesCorvus on making a Kilning Lightning Bolt fast (Turn 2-3)

3 months ago

also I think I won't use Simian Spirit Guide, no doubt it's a great card, but to maximise effectiveness I've traded it out for Rite of Flame for its extra mana and it being a spell means it can be used to buff up Kiln Fiend and help Thermo-Alchemist ping, so it would be useful for turn 2, but not as effective throughout any stage of the game or provide as much mana in the way Rite of Flame can.

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