Healing Hands


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Common

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Healing Hands


Target player gains 4 life.

Draw a card.

Healing Hands Discussion

Spell_Slam on Heal the Cat

2 months ago

Great deck!

I think Holy Light would be a great inclusion to the deck, as White has very few ways of dealing with masses of tokens efficiently. This card lets you do that without affecting your own smaller creatures.

You have Suture Priest twice in your list, under board control and Life Gain.

Survival Cache seems like a great card for your deck. You'll most likely be the player with the most life anyways, and this gives you two life gain triggers and will most likely draw you two cards.

I'm not sure how good something like Revitalize / Healing Hands / Renewed Faith would be, but getting a lifegain trigger and a card seems like a decent way to filter through your deck.

Children of Korlis could be a good "Fog" effect for you.

Exile seems like a good fit for removal in your deck.

Seems a shame to pass up on Martyr of Sands . It only gets you one trigger, but it's still a lot of life, which is worth something.

Seraph of Dawn is an absolute beast in this format. the big butt means it survives a lot of removal and combat, and putting equipment on it is amazing.

Along the same lines, Student of Ojutai really dishes out the lifegain for you on a great body, especially considering how few creatures you're playing.

I feel like most of your lifelink creatures are not really worth playing. They're going to be easily blocked and killed in most situations and not net you much of an advantage. I'd say only the ones that gain your some sort of card advantage are really worth playing. I could be wrong about Healer's Hawk, though.

Lastly, you have plenty of ways to protect your commander, but I would just like to suggest Angelic Renewal . You can play this before your commander and not have to hold mana up all the time for it. Same goes for Benevolent Bodyguard . This lets you play a much tighter, more efficient game plan.

Muggins84 on Tainted Beacon Combo

1 year ago

Cool deck +1. I had a similar deck except it had green in it. Healing Hands might be worth running. It will help keep you alive and it cantrips. Also once you have tainted remedy out 4 damage and a cantrip is also good. Rest for the Weary and Healing Salve are also duel use cards in this shell. Salve is like a white lava spike with prevention option and rest for the weary is a potential 8 gain or loss depending on how and when you use it.

octopimp on More Gain, More Pain

1 year ago

It looks like you're relying pretty heavily on your Ajani to gain life.

There's several cards you might consider, toward that end, such as Blessed Alliance, Congregate, Rest for the Weary, Perimeter Captain, and Healing Hands.

Rhox Faithmender would be a great asset as well. So would Sunbond and Archangel of Thune

ZackB on Playing with lives (ULTRA BUDGET)

2 years ago

thank you Funkydiscogod for your suggestions and here is what I think:

  1. I am going to keep Healing Hands instead of Survival Cache because of the easy flip of Lone Rider  Flip (also I really want to keep the card icon it looks really cool )

  2. i'm also going to keep Murder because I really need to be able to kill some creatures and not have them choose what I kill.

  3. Path of Bravery can definitely find a place in this deck. It could power up some weaker creatures and could solidify my place ahead however in an effort to keep my deck "ULTRA BUDGET" I am going to put it on the maybe board.

  4. Radiant Fountain could drift into the Scoured Barrens spot because it does not tap when it enters the battlefield and it gives you two life instead of one, it could also find a spot of its own, I will have to decide later.

Thank you for your valuable insight and may all of your opponents get only creatures.

Funkydiscogod on Playing with lives (ULTRA BUDGET)

2 years ago

Ooh...I love Ultra-Budget brews.

I've always thought Heroes Remembered would make a good 1-drop for a lifegain deck, but it seems to me that for your deck, it doesn't matter how much life you gain, only that you gained life. So, quantity over quality, shall we say.

Let me recommend Survival Cache as a replacement for Healing Hands.

I feel like Path of Bravery can fit in to your deck somewhere.

And even though Murder is the best targeted kill spell, there are some life-gaining kill spells that you might consider, like Tribute to Hunger, Consuming Vapors, Feast of Blood and Midnight Charm.

You might have enough generic costs in your deck to be able to support a playset of Radiant Fountain.

Anyway, I'm just brainstorming.

iAlchemist on Give and Take (Anti-Cure Control Deck)

2 years ago

The7thBobba, Thank you for the feedback so quickly!

To begin, when I was designing this deck I was initially going to opt in for blue with a higher emphasis on card draw, but I switched over to red when I realized it just had some good cheap damage with scry. My mentality was that I could use those cheap red cards to provide some scry advantage while also shutting down cheap creatures that my opponent plays. I figured the red additions would provide a sort of "tech option" since there isn't much card draw present in the deck, and I would rather use my major removal cards like Swords to Plowshares on bigger more threatening minions.

I really like Laquatus's Champion (The fact that the card isn't spelled Laquatus' Champion bothers me thoroughly) in this deck as the sort of "giant value beatstick" but I think it is really worth noting how sticky it is. Since this deck runs very, VERY few permanents, the ones in the deck are huge targets for removal. Luminate Primordial is an absolutely sick drop, but I think it would be removed very quickly. The champion is a threat that sticks around and provides some excellent burn when he's played and likely when he dies. Here's a combo to get your appetite wet.

Using Laquatus's Champion in the extra late game with Tainted Remedy in play could create some interesting plays. Firstly, you could kill it with your own removal, regenerate it, and kill it again for some insane burn. It would start at 6 damage, then die, deal 6 more, and then come back and deal 6 more. If that wasn't enough, you could potentially False Cure the 6 health heal and turn it into a 12 health burn, bringing the damage up to 24 in a single turn...I like that a lot.

Healing Hands will certainly replace Chaplain's Blessing, I had spent a short amount of time searching for cards to replace it, and I considered Rest for the Weary before, but I honestly forgot about it. I prefer healing hands because of the nice draw, which I think this deck could use more of.

Hope you enjoyed the short novel, with regards, Alch.

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