Radiant Flames


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Radiant Flames


Converge — Radiant Flames deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of colors of mana spent to cast Radiant Flames.

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Radiant Flames Discussion

weaselmonk12 on AER Grixis Control

1 hour ago

akprimape I think red is an important addition just because of Harnessed Lightning. Also, Weaver of Lightning in the sideboard definitely isn't bad and the third color lets you use Painful Truths to the fullest as well as Radiant Flames if you prefer more board wipe in your control brews.

wijohn on The Gearhulk Revolution

5 hours ago

Perhaps a weird suggestion for a deck that's called Gearhulk Revolution, have you considered cutting the gearhulks? I feel like what this deck really wants to be doing is playing cheap artifacts and then sacrificing them for value with Pia's Revolution, which I don't feel is super consistent with playing big artifacts that don't have recurable sac mechanics. Given that, I'd drop white all together and go RB. Bring in Syndicate Trafficker for the sac shenanigans, Inspiring Statuary for improvise on your non-artifacts and maybe Weaponcraft Enthusiast to get two early artifacts. Marionette Master might be worth considering for high end, it casts pretty easy with the statuary and it's just ugly with Pia's Revolution and sac outlets.

On a less radical note, have you considered using Quicksmith Rebel instead of Reckless Fireweaver? It's a little more expensive mana-wise but it makes your artifacts shocks on a stick, and it combos great with Paradox Engine if you're doing that (I swear I'm not trying to make your deck paradox RUG ;).

In the sideboard Yahenni's Expertise seems a lot better than Radiant Flames, especially if you're dropping white, and I'd bring in Shock in place of Declaration in Stone.

Revedeka on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo $50)

10 hours ago

@bewarekraken & Sorceress966, Take it to an FNM! It's so much fun to play and very affordable, let me know how well you do!As for the sideboard choices, as you might see, I changed them since you asked your question since it made me think about it more. A common mistake (of which im very guilty) is that people finish a deck, and then just quickly throw in a sideboard. For me, a sideboard should contain possible other ways to win a game, as well as answers for whatever your opponent throws at you. Granted, you can't be prepared for every deck with just 15 cards, but in general, removal is a solid answer to opponents, as there aren't many decks that doesn't play or rely on creatures. Also, similairly to the first point I made (a different way to win the game) a sideboard should be able to change the win condition of a deck, without changes its tempo. This is important for when your opponent has great cards in his sideboard for playing against you. I will give a quick break down of my current sideboard:

Battle at the Bridge - I really like this card in my sideboard, as it gives me a way to win vs decks that deal unpreventable damage, as in triggers like Reckless Fireweaver, a don't attack with regular creatures. Also, in this deck it's basicly a removal that dodges things like indestructability for only .

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - I've tinkered with planeswalkers like Saheeli Rai and Tezzeret the Schemer, but also thought Chandra, Torch of Defiance was superior for this deck. All her abilities help this deck a lot. The first one being card acceleration, or burn damage. This is great since there is a chance in this deck that you will get stuck, this chance is low according to my extensive playtesting, but it's there. This ability is great for that, and of course burn is amazing in a deck that mainly win cause of burn damage. Her second ability gives you 2 red mana, which is also amazing. This deck used to ran Foundry Inspector so things like Terrarion would be free to cast, but it was too much of an investment. You deal enough damage with the normal combo without having a bad draw in Foundry Inspector ealry, it just slowed the deck down. The point im trying to get to is that the combo will cost mana. Your opponent will most likely choose cards to get back in your hand, which thanks to the low mana cost of most artifacts in this deck, can be played another 4 times, dealing damage. If you can pump that number up by 1-2 its always welcome. Her third ability is some strong removal, 4 damage gets rid of a lot of annoying things, this deck doesn't have creature removal in its mainboard, so this is great. Her last ability deals 5 damage to your opponent whenever you cast a spell. In a deck where the combo relies on you casting a lot of spells, you can end the game the turn you use her last ability. In this deck, by the time you get to that last ability, you will be able to finish of an opponent. It also helps that her CMC is only 4, so it's not really hard to play.

Herald of Anguish - This card can be cast for in the later stages of the game, and is a very strong (5/5) evasive finisher. This card is an extra win condition, your opponent has to discard a card every turn, which in the time this guy gets on the field is extremely annoying, can be game winning by itself. And if that wasn't good enough he has a artifact sac function (which granted, cost mana, but you can't have everything. You will be able to cast it at least 3 times in the time this gets on the field) that is also a removal that goes through things like indestructible. It's just great! It's also a removal baiter, if thats a thing that exists. Also combo's well with Implement of Malice, your opponent won't have any cards in hand anymore. Always sideboard the Implement of Malice in if you sideboard Herald of Anguish in.

Implement of Malice - As explained above, only sideboard this in if you're sideboarding in Herald of Anguish.

Pia Nalaar - Don't really like this card that much, but if you don't have the time to get the full combo running, and you're playing vs a deck with very little creatures, you can sideboard this in and try to end as quickly as possible with Ravenous Intruder. Sac artifacts, make all your opponents creatures unable to block, and finish with Ravenous Intruder. This does cost a lot of mana and artifacts though, so its not really optimal.

Radiant Flames - Vs some mass tokens or fabricate deck, this spell can do wonders. I like that you can choose to deal 1,2 or 3 damage. Unlike Yahenni's Expertise it gives you the opportunity to save your own creatures while killing off some 1/1's on your opponents side. Sometimes, if you sideboard this in, and have a lot of artifact creatures and a Pia's Revolution together with Reckless Fireweaver on the field, you want it to kill all your creatures (except Reckless Fireweaver) so your opponent gets to choose between taking 30 damage or letting you cast 10 spells for 10-40 damage.

Hope this gives you some insight on my reasoning for my sideboard.

@PrettzyDizzy, Please do! it's a lot of fun to play. let me know how well you do with it!

bobano on Aetherflux Storm (Aether Revolt)

12 hours ago

Jonofresh, I honestly think the best bet to make this competitive is to toss in some counters and removal. Metallic Rebuke, Horribly Awry, Spell Shrivel, Void Shatter, Engulf the Shore seem reasonable, Radiant Flames if we splash red a bit, Yahenni's Expertise in black. And splashing shouldn't be too hard at all between Cultivator's Caravan, Prophetic Prism, and an easy Spire of Industry inclusion.

Another thing the deck needs is an alternate win, maybe using Key to the City to blast the opponent with unblockable Metalwork Colossus

I really like Inspiring Statuary, but probably not for this deck, as we're mostly running artifacts.

bewarekraken on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo $50)

14 hours ago

PrettzyDizzy In my version of this deck, my sideboard is built around creature removal, granted mine also is more midrange with gearhulks and less early board answers. I'm running Fatal Push, Hungry Flames, Unlicensed Disintegration, and Radiant Flames in the side. Can't really speak for his choices.

Ragham on Gruul Landfall

19 hours ago

The base creatures are good I think. Maybe remove 4x Jaddi as 0/3 seems to not stop early creatures and brngs only gain life. I would run not less than 25 lands, especially when you have 4 early tuto lands. Talking about it, why not playing 4x Attune with Aether. No need to tuto especially the woodland, so Attune is a turn one and also gives 2 energy, than can be synergise with 4x Harnessed Lightning for removal with your 3x Devour in flames.

Nissa, Vital force emblem is OP here, her +1 gives you a 7/7 haste with Sylvan advocate, so x2 copies I guess. I'm watching Ulvenwald Hydra a nice fit in this deck, allow you more threats. Chandra I start with 1 copy as a fit, I don't know how she works well here.

As sideboard, for first list to test, why not add 3-4x Shock vs aggro and CopyCat combo and similiar. Tears of Valakut or Plummet vs spirit, vehicles and Avacyn. Release the Gremlins or/and Appetite for the Unnatural for enchant/arto-hate. Seasons Past against control as your curve if very different, the card advantage may be real. Radiant Flames against aggro and gw token and similiar, don't know if it's good idea. As Blossoming Defense against control.

Vorpalizer98 on Your neighbor cat lady, Saheeli

1 day ago

Luckily I think Ceremonious Rejection will be enough to make any ramp deck think twice. One mana counter you 10 mana eldrazi....feels really bad for them. I'm not saying you won't see the deck but its much worse then ever before IMO. I am sure there is a way to make it good... as for Authority of the Consuls well...you either hope they don't play it or you have enchantment hate. after play testing a bit with a R/G/ deck i was totally off with Shock totally necessary. I would even suggest more somewhere. Perhaps not in the main but somewhere. Also, Radiant Flames is still a VERY good card for any deck playing 3 colors.

CthulhusNo1FavCultist on [AER Standard] Grixis Control

1 day ago

I'd put Thing in the Ice  Flip in the mainboard because it is simply amazing. Some cards to thing about adding are Fatal Push, Goblin Dark-Dwellers, Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, Radiant Flames, and Painful Truths.

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