Radiant Flames


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Radiant Flames


Converge — Radiant Flames deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of colors of mana spent to cast Radiant Flames.

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Radiant Flames Discussion

multimedia on New block, wait or start ...

1 week ago

I think you're fine to order the deck now. A competitive Temur Energy list right now is $200-$300 with half of this cost for a playset of Chandra, Torch of Defiance. This is cheap for a competitive Standard deck, let alone the current best deck, haha.

Glorybringer is at a very low $5 right now and so far nothing spoiled in Ixalan other than possibly Regisaur Alpha is going to take it's place. I foresee Glorybringer going up not down. Chandra is a little harder to predict as it's pretty expensive right now, but we've already seen the Ixalan Planeswalkers and they don't remotely compare with the power level of Chandra. Vraska, Relic Seeker is close, but she's six mana. Chandra could become the best Walker in Standard maybe even become oppressive.

You're pretty safe with energy because as long as it's in Standard it will be one of the best decks. Maybe not the very best, but it will always be near the top because of how powerful energy is.

Temur Energy loses very few main deck cards at rotation. Elder Deep-Fiend, but some lists don't even use him. Game Trail can be replaced with Rootbound Crag which is a far superior land. Currently there's not a replacement yet for Lumbering Falls.

The sideboard is hit the most by rotation especially Tireless Tracker, card advantage in a can. Currently no replacement for her yet, doubt there will be. Chandra, Flamecaller rotates, Hour of Devastation could possibly replace her. Radiant Flames can possibly be replaced by Sweltering Suns, but the double red casting cost may make it uncastable in time to use it to stop aggro.

So far new spoiled Ixalan cards that I think can fit into Temur Energy are for sure Lightning Strike and Spell Pierce as sideboard options. Strike may even replace Abrade or Magma Spray main deck since it can hit a player, but I think it's safe to just get a playset of each Abrade, Strike and Spray. If artifacts continue to be a problem use Abrade otherwise use Strike. Spray is played because it can exile the creature it kills, but this might not be needed post rotation.

Other Possible new cards so far in Ixalan that might fit are Opt, Siren Stormtamer, Chart A Course and Sorcerous Spyglass.

War1412 on Grixis gods

3 weeks ago

Sweltering Suns will be able to replace your Radiant Flames on rotation, but for Grasp of Darkness I'm not sure. Maybe Hour of Glory?

Love the deck!! Very similar to mine. I'll definitely look into some of the stuff you've got going on in here.

PG7m on Cloudy with a Chance of Elfball (865 ON T4!!!)

3 weeks ago

I like the direction you've taken with elves even though it's my second least favorite deck to play against. Curious to know how to do in games 2&3 vs wraths. I recently played an elves deck and Radiant Flames worked out very well for me. I would suggest Heroic Intervention if it is a problem. +1 from me!

NobleGhost117 on Ramos' Rainbow

3 weeks ago

You already have a couple converge cards in here, so you may have already considered these cards, but Painful Truths, Exert Influence, Radiant Flames,and Woodland Wanderer are all good cards to throw into your deck. Painful Truths gives you card draw (3 cards for 3 mana!), Radiant Flames wipes out mana dorks and tokens, Exert Influence can steal your opponents cards (imagine taking a platinum angel or something of that likeness), and Woodland Wanderer is a strong 6/6 Vigilence Trample for 4 mana.

djnewellmit on All Things Pummeler

1 month ago

Well done! I managed a third place finish with mine, lost my first match to WB Zombies, 2-1, because I didn't side in my Radiant Flames.

My best moment was a topdeck to win my final match against mono-red Eldrazi, drawing an Invigorated Rampage for my Pummeler with 12 energy and only 4 life left against my opponents board of Glorybringer, Thought-Knot Seer, Hanweir Garrison, and Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

I also traded my top-8 promo Adorned Pouncer away for the more useful promo of Abrade.

Hobbez9186 on The Gruul Aid Man

1 month ago

So here's a fun trick from my landfall Commander Deck:

Turn 2 play Scouting Trek, pull 20-30 basic lands and put them on top of your library.

Turn 3 play Countryside Crusher.

Turn 4 all of those lands will drop into your graveyard from the Crusher who is now massive. Hopefully you can play Mina and Denn, Wildborn (who I'd recommend as your commander. Leave some basics in your library just in case nobody kills him because you'll mill yourself out, but a 30+/30+ on turn 4 draws a lot of attention. Let him die, feign disgust, he's done his job. You'll seem like you aren't a threat anymore and you'll have a few turns to make your next move.

Now that your deck is thinned you should be able to get to Omnath, Locus of Rage quickly. Make sure you can follow it up with Splendid Reclamation to drop 20-30 Elemental Tokens. Even better if you also have Zendikar's Roil to also make a ton of 2/2's. Now you are a ticking time bomb. A board wipe will kill everyone but you. If you have Radiant Flames or Breath of Darigaaz or even Hour of Devastation you can detonate everything yourself. Of course you can also just attack... but that's no fun.

Rampaging Baloths is almost just as good as Omnath at making a gigantic pile of creature tokens.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle can also just explode with that same trick, as can Tunneling Geopede.

Another fun way to sustain drops is with Crucible of Worlds and the new Ramunap Excavator and then Seismic Assault to throw and play land from your graveyard to get damage and landfall triggers. Some way to sacrifice land again to continue the cycle helps like Cosmic Larva, Devastating Summons, and Greater Gargadon.

Anyway, just a few things to chew on. Decks like this really want at least 40-45 land. Seems high but you want as much as possible. Good luck :)

ChubyCryBaby on Gearhulk reanimator

1 month ago

Radiant Flames to Lightning Bolt , Blood Crypts, Dragonskull Summits, Sacred Foundry are just some of the few I can think of

kingalvin on Bolas' Unending Control

1 month ago

Ambejian, I don't think any more artifact hate than the Abrades I already have are necessary after seeing the decks from the Pro Tour. Hyperalgialysis, I've been thinking about adding at least 2 more sweepers, I'm trying to decide between Bontu's Last Reckoning, Yahenni's Expertise, Radiant Flames,and Sweltering Suns. Pskytzo, The Scarab God has actually won me games with its ability against red decks and zombie decks, especially when paired with Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, which I moved to the mainboard. I actually just took 1st in FNM with this deck this past week.

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