Welcome to a primer on God-Eternal Kefnet   

The main goal of the deck is to control the board long enough to deploy our commander with reasonable protection, and a few early Stax pieces with plenty of interaction in the forms of counters and bounce help us get there. Once the board is under control, it's easy to take infinite turns and win with commander damage.

  1. Is blue your favorite color?
  2. Do you like having answers to everything?
  3. Oh, so you like control to then?
  4. Do you like infinite combo win-cons too?
  5. These 4-color partner commander piles aren't really your jam?
  6. Sweet, read on.

This is how we will win the game once an opening presents itself. We are not rushing into this combo like some other decks. We plan to stabilize and control the board, then finish with these.

Main Combo:
With God-Eternal Kefnet out, Scroll Rack / Jace, the Mind Sculptor / Narset's Reversal or Brainstorm on Isochron Scepter + any extra turn spell = infinite turns
From here the main plan will be to beat down with our commander. If that is an issue, there is plenty of removal in this deck to ensure we can get our 4/5 flier through.

Alternate win if you don't have God-Eternal Kefnet:
Dramatic Reversal on Isochron Scepter with at least 3 mana produced from rocks = infinite mana
From here, with Sensei's Divining Top we can draw our deck, and procede to the original plan.
Since we are in mono-blue, we have to utilize some tutors that most other decks wouldn't run. Our main combo focuses on Scroll Rack, so we have a multitude of ways to find it specifically:
Tribute Mage
Whir of Invention
Muddle the Mixture
Transmute Artifact
Inventors' Fair

These all also find Isochron Scepter if we are going that route. Don't forget, with God-Eternal Kefnet's and Baral, Chief of Compliance's discount on instants and sorceries and also Sapphire Medallion, often a few of these more expensive tutors will be discounted.

We have redundant 5-mana extra turn spells (3 total) for the combo, but also have a couple of tutors to find them:
Mystical Tutor, Personal Tutor

Trinket Mage has a few nice targets in this deck. Enough to where I think he warrents a slot. Obviously this card is a bit dependent on the situation, but the primary targets are:
Mana Crypt
Sol Ring
Grafdigger's Cage
Sensei's Divining Top

Lastly, we have Long-Term Plans which can find whatever we made need. This card is too expensive and not worth it for most decks, but with our discounts and top-deck manipulation, this card finds a home.
High Tide
This is a fantastic ritual in a mono-blue deck. The main purpose of this include is to produce enough mana for a big turn. We aren't storming out, but this can give us huge value in a single turn.
Dramatic Reversal
This card isn't just here for the combo lines. Untapping a few mana rocks for a big unexcepted turn can be huge.

Stax Pieces
This is a special card that not many decks can run. Since we have so much top-deck manipulation, we can make better use of this card than almost every other deck in cEDH. Most decks are very focused in the 1-2 mana area, so keeping those cards on the top of our deck with Top or Soothsaying can shut people out of the game.
Back to Basics
Hardly affects us and can really put a damper on all of the 3+ color decks running around in cEDH.
Cursed Totem
Stoping mana dorks and various other value creatures is huge. This card has ZERO effect on us and it is one of the best "Stax" pieces in the format.
Grafdigger's Cage
We don't care about our graveyard, but many other players do. Run it if you can.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Yes, this card is expensive at 4-mana. However, he is the way to execute our extra turn combos through all Null Rod affects. Potentially a meta call if you do not see those effects, but I find them to be quite prevalent.
Other control decks. Fast Combo decks.

We play a ton of interaction and Stax pieces. Most other decks are one or the other, which puts us in a pretty advantageous position. This lets us stop early combo attempts and lock down the game the later it goes.
Fast aggro. Creature based strategies.
Looking at you Tymna and Najeela

Though we try to sure this up with removal, an abundance of creatures can definitely swarm us. On the plus side, there isn't too much of that going on in cEDH and our commander is a great 4/5 flying blocker.

Stranglehold is a huge problem. It stops our tutors and our turns. Don't let it resolve or bounce it at the last possible moment before going off.

1. With God-Eternal Kefnet out, you can play sorceries at instant speed provided you can draw a card. Let's imagine this scenario:
You know what is on the top of your deck, which is pretty common in this deck. It's Fabricate. On an opponent's turn, you cast Opt and are able to cast a copy of Fabricate for only one blue mana. Then you get the Fabricate in your hand for later.

2. With God-Eternal Kefnet out, you can play counterspells from the top of your deck. Here's the scenario:
You know what is on the top of your deck. It's Counterspell. An opponent tries to cast something you don't like at all. You tap Sensei's Divining Top to draw a card. You draw and cast a copy of Counterspell. Then you get it back in your hand for later.

3. Don't forget about the last line of text on God-Eternal Kefnet. If he is removed, it is generally the best course of action to put him 3rd from the top of your library rather than back in the command zone. That is because this deck has so many ways to manipulate the top of the library, that he will likely be back in your hand by your next turn. On very, very rare occasions, someone will have a way to shuffle your deck with him in there. This will make us very sad.
They make the deck better by shuffling the top of the deck, but you do not need them to function. They also help you find Mystic Sanctuary at instant speed to put an Extra Turn spell on top of your deck (we like that). However, basic island is the best card in Magic, they're fine if you can't afford fetches.

Fast Mana Rocks
Yes, your deck will be faster and better with Mana Crypt Mox Diamond and Grim Monolith but again, this deck does not need them to function properly. Any decent mana rocks can get the job done.

Some feasible alternatives:
Everflowing Chalice
Mind Stone
Sky Diamond

Seriously, who owns a Timetwister? You can replace this with a piece of interaction like an additional bounce spell or counter and it will play just fine.
ShaperSavant's Orignal List:

Kefnet Turns

A nice little video by cEDH_TV, though our builds are a bit different:


This one too by The Trinisphere:


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