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This is a deck designed to combo off on or before turn 8, with a variety of ways to do it. Some games go quite a bit longer (if we draw absolutely awful), but usually because of interaction from opponents. This deck usually ends up winning if you give it time, as it has a high enough density of combo to give very good odds of having something available. Tatyova offers a pretty non-threatening boardstate for the early game, but can quickly gain a lot of steam if not interacted with. It does have some countermagic to use, mostly to protect our win attempts. There is a reasonable amount of interaction in this deck to try spannering the works of someone else's combo, but not enough to deal with Stax, which the deck also doesn't love. I'm not sure how I'd rate the strength of this deck, but it's a bit like a steamroller, in that it's slow but fairly guaranteed the win if you give it enough time, almost regardless of what you set up to interfere, short of actual removal. I find this deck quite fun, and I feel like it's pretty fair for infinite combo, and that most decks should have a fair chance against the deck. In 1 v 1 it tends to win a lot of games, but in larger pods it wilts quite dramatically to any sustained attention (2 cycles of everyone swinging at you and you're probably out, as you likely can't block with this deck), again making it feel more fair arguably. This deck wins in part by not becoming the arch-enemy, so I tried to avoid stax or obnoxious effects. It's probably not a bad thing to be able to say you're not running Cyclonic Rift if it makes anyone less likely to target you early. Compared to many playgroups, this isn't an especially expensive deck, but I hesitate to call it truly low budget, as cheaper options exist for some finishers. Looking innocuous is probably your best bet at staying alive, but it does have some early combo potential snuck in.

I have done preliminary Custom Headings to sort the deck somewhat, and make it more clear what things are in here for. As a great many cards fill multiple roles, it has a lot of cards listed (way over 100), and can be confusing as well, but less so I hope.

These combos are the main win cons of the deck. I felt like it might help people get what I'm trying to do a bit better. As noted, this deck isn't especially fast, but it is thorough. If it goes infinite, even if it's been milled a bunch it can still win in plenty of cases.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid + any of the many dorks that put a land into play + Any of the 4 ways to untap a creature repeatedly + Any of the ways to repeatedly bounce lands is pretty much game over. It is a lot to get out, but the deck features 4 ways to do the hardest thing, the untap, though 3 of them require U to work, which can necessitate the addition of Lotus Cobra or Stone-Seeder Hierophant. Of interest is Ashaya, Soul of the Wild for untapping, as my creatures become forests, and can be untapped as lands. This adds more untapping options, and adding Mind Over Matter will add another very strong one.

Variants include using Simic Growth Chamber, which can make the combo tighter, and using Patron of the Moon can also work, but might need Amulet of Vigor to truly shine. There is also Ghost Town for infinite bounce, though it'll be on an opponent's turn, so you probably want Alchemist's Refuge to make use of your cards and mana right away.

Freed from the Real + Ley Weaver + Lore Weaver is infinite cards and mana, which should end the game. This can come out early enough to be relevant in a higher power meta actually, but I only have 2 enchantments to untap. In the event you just want to end the game immediately, you can deck everyone else rather than bothering to draw, since Lore Weaver can target anyone, rather helpful! Ashaya, Soul of the Wild + Ley Weaver + Lore Weaver is also a working combo, and since it only uses creatures, is much easier to fetch, making this pair much stronger.

Another decent use of the untap enchantments is in combination with Stone-Seeder Hierophant, either on the Hierophant for infinite mana, or if the Hierophant is out I can just put the untap enchant on a Llanowar Scout type card and Hierophant's ability can pay for the untap (or better if I have a 2 or 3 mana land), and this can go infinite.

If I have out War Room, it can be worth untapping if I have infinite mana and enough life to draw some cards. Hierophant more or less needs to have Lotus Field out as well, but I do have redundant land tutoring, should this happen. Ley Weaver works better with War Room, but it's not as good as her partner would have been, costing me life to draw.

Using Mystic Sanctuary to recur my extra turn spell can win the game. I am less fond of this method of winning because it is very open to being interfered with, but once it is set up, if nobody can do anything, I definitely win.
Ashaya, Soul of the Wild works very well with anything that can untap a land, as I can then untap any non-token creature. Thus, a creature that can untap 2 lands can untap itself and a land, giving infinite mana/untaps. It also means Oboro Breezecaller and Stone-Seeder Hierophant can untap a Land Into Play dork, helping me go infinite. I will likely add Argothian Elder at some point, but I'm not sure what I'll pull yet! Ley Weaver obviously loves Ashaya desperately, and since she finds Lore Weaver you should be set to win as soon as Ley can be tapped. This is probably a 'better' combo than my lands into play shenanigans, but it's parts synergize with the Commander even when it's not yet an infinite combo. Still, could be worth leaning harder into Ashaya.
Various cards that can be used to win the game, or thoroughly take control over it.

Altar of Dementia Show

Psychosis Crawler Show

Lab Man Show

Field of the Dead Show

Sunscorched Desert Show

Memnarch Show

Capsize Show

Scute Swarm/Roil Elemental Show

Elixer of Immortality Show

The Great Aurora Show

Temple of Mystery Show


Updates Add

So, looks like I need to add Tidal Bore very badly, because that doesn't even need an untap or bounce, just a land into play dork and Tatyova to draw off of Mystic Sanctuary, to draw Bore so I can replay it. If I have any land fall payoffs, they go infinite, which seems like a near optimal combo piece. It also generates infinite U on it's own if I don't need to pay to untap, which is usually the colour I want to go infinite with.

Daze might be a must-include in here; I can use it, a land dork, Tatyova, and an untap effect to generate infinite counter magic, possibly extra mana and cards, and then just win whenever is convenient. The counter lock can be set up pretty early, and can lock a game pretty solidly, making this feel pretty strong.

Gush is also incredible in here, since it'll serve as a backup Commander in a pinch, and can do so with less resources if I manage to get out a mess of islands early. Gush only needs a land dork, an untap effect and the islands to give infinite cards (and probably infinite mana), so this combo can be set up on turn 3 I think if I draw well.

I'm also planning to put in Mind Over Matter, for it's dual purpose of discard outlet and untap. Free discard outlets aren't overwhelmingly common, and getting one that's also an untap effect is exactly what the deck needs. The other change will likely be Scute Swarm replacing Rampaging Baloths because it can go far wider quite easily, and can sometimes win games by just making a lot of tokens, even if I can't draw a combo. It is also better at making chump blockers/dodging removal, so this seems like a solid step up ultimately.

Edit: I wonder if I can fit a Dust Bowl in here? It's probably better than Field of Ruin, which isn't saying a lot. The deck can generally get a lot of lands out, and I can recycle my graveyard a couple ways if necessary, at which point everyone else is digging for lands as well. It requires way less work arounds than Stripmine, I think I wouldn't need any more changes to make Bowl work, while Stripmine would need it's own support tree, potentially clogging up the deck.

If I decide to go harder on Mystic Sanctuary, I wonder if I need more ways to dig for it/find it? There are other land tutors out there. That's the upside of the Moonfolk, they work with any lands, the spell options require Sanctuary to work. Daze and Gush still look good though.


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