Spidersilk Armor

Spidersilk Armor


Creatures you control get +0/+1 and have reach. (They can block creatures with flying.)

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Spidersilk Armor Discussion

gemmillion on Hapatra -1/-1 Combo

1 month ago

oddzac Thank you for the suggestion :), Spidersilk Armor is a good recommendation, but I decided against it as flying isn't too big of an issue in my meta. Like Gidgetimer said, the Mikaeus is there for the combos not just the value.

oddzac on Hapatra -1/-1 Combo

1 month ago

Spidersilk Armor is one that I run

Darwinscarecrow on COWABUNGA!!!

6 months ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi Haha! yes it was awesome! Got Spidersilk Armor down on turn 3, those soft little fairies couldnt do a thing, but now my wife is side decking a full set of Disenchant so i might have to side deck some counter! Ah i love magic.

carpecanum on Lathril larpers

7 months ago

Alpha Status , Forge of Heroes

If you can't get off the ground as fast as you want you need to have a way to slow the game down or to block damage while you build up. You've seen me do this in half my decks. Bubble Matrix or Vigor means anybody can block. Spidersilk Armor . Silent Arbiter would be good, you build up guys and tap, who cares if you attack?

RandomDodo on Like Talking to a Wall... [Extrem Budget!]

8 months ago

Thanks Grind! Glad you like it :)

I think Spidersilk Armor can be integrated well to buff all defenders like you said. Mnemonic Wall on the other hand has a too high cmc for the deck in my opinion. Our creature have a maximum of 3-4 cmc to make sure we can play multiple defenders in one turn. Also, we don't run many instants or sorcerys in the deck, so i think the extra cost of this wall isn't worth it.

Thanks for the suggestions! Have fun with the deck!

Grind on Goreclaw: Green Devotion Beatdown

8 months ago

sweet deck!!
mono green is the best.
Sylvan Scrying is another option to fetch up your nykthos in case you want to.
also i really like Regal Force and Impervious Greatwurm but thats just me.
i found my mono green deck was susceptible to flying commanders so i started running Spidersilk Armor .
cheers and have fun!

Grind on Like Talking to a Wall... [Extrem Budget!]

8 months ago

cool deck!
Mnemonic Wall is useful maybe, and Spidersilk Armor buffs all your walls and gives them reach.

Grind on Arcades - i can see walls attacking

8 months ago

Sweet deck!!
Any thoughts about Spidersilk Armor or Mnemonic Wall?

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