"Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat." - Dr. Henry Wu, Jurassic World

If you feel the ground quake, run. If you hear its bellow, flee. If you see its teeth, it’s too late.


When the spoilers for Ixalan were "released" early, and I saw the dinosaurs, I knew I just had to make a dinosaur deck. I have always been a fanboy of dinosaurs since I was a child. Growing up I actually wanted to be a paleontologist (but I grew out of that and now I am an Armed Messenger for Brinks). As more and more spoilers were released for Ixalan, my inner child just grew out of control. Dinosaurs are a very powerful tribe that are a lot of fun to play.

My only complaint about dinosaurs is that they weren't Jund. Naya colors are good, but I like black with all the tutors, but I can make Naya colors work. A friend of mine is a Naya commander, and he has helped me out greatly in learning the philosophy behind Naya and how works great together.








Updates Add

So with All Will Be One and March of Machine released, I finally made a MAJOR update to the deck.

The first two minor updates; I foiled Arcane Signet and finished my dino lands.

Now for the switches:

  1. Took out Polyraptor because yes he goes infinite, but has no trample and costs a lot. Added Tyrranax Rex
  2. Took out Taurean Mauler because it didn't have trample. Added Rampaging Raptor.
  3. Will be upgrading Etali, Primal Storm to Etali, Primal Conquer once I get it in the mail.
  4. Took out Garruk's Uprising because most of my dinosaurs already have trample, and they don't all have power 4 or more, so I won't always draw a card. Finally added Scroll Rack.
  5. Took out Trapjaw Tyrant because... I needed space. This was a very hard choice. Added Ancient Imperiosaur.
  6. Took out Wakening Sun's Avatar because I almost never hard cast her, but it was a hard choice. Added Invasion of Ixalan  Flip. Mainly added this for flavor, for Ixalan is my favorite plane.
  7. Took out Siegehorn Ceratops because she never got really big and didn't have trample. Added Rampaging Geoderm.
  8. Took out Silverclad Ferocidons because when it comes to forcing sacs; people rarely choose a perm that I want. Finally added Unnatural Growth.
  9. Took out Deathgorge Scavenger because I rarely used it. Added Ghalta and Mavren.

As of right now, this deck is slowly turning into trample dinosaurs. When we go back to Ixalan, I might have to make a second dinosaur deck. I doubt it will be as special as this one is to me. Hopefully there are more enrage dinosaurs on our second trip to Ixalan. I do know one thing for sure.... It's getting really hard to take out cards and replace them. -.-

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