I wanted to make a Medomai the Ageless deck, however, I didn't want to make the typical extra turns deck, so I thought why not do some dumb s*** and mess around with charge counters; thus Darksteel Reactor became my win con along with Azor's Elocutors and Mechanized Production to back it up.

Disclaimer: I build my decks with the main goal of having a good time while playing and not necessarily optimizing them to win. Regardless of what you are looking for I hope you enjoy the deck! (Just a heads up, this one is jank af.)

You may think "Why not Narset, Enlightened Master?" or "What about Meloku the Clouded Mirror?" for other options for a turns-based build. However, we already have a Narset deck in our playgroup that kinda does that already. Meloku on the other hand seemed interesting too but considering I'm making a deck for each version of Omnath (some in the works) I have enough land nonsense going on already. That left me with the obvious choice of Medomai the Ageless and this left me open to make this turns build into a lightly degenerate charge counter-based Darksteel Reactor deck, because honestly why not?

Umm yeah so for this one ya kinda just go with what you get in your opener...

Everflowing Chalice, Astral Cornucopia, Energy Chamber, Coretapper, and Vedalken Infuser are some good cards to start off with to help ramp and begin building your charge counters.

Next get Medomai the Ageless out, great to have a Swiftfoot Boots here too or Battle Mastery

Then try to get a win con down such as Darksteel Reactor, Azor's Elocutors, and Mechanized Production and go off with extra turn spells.

Another option is to take infinite turns with Thopter Spy Network, Court of Grace, Chronozoa, or Mirror-Sigil Sergeant and then attack.

Personal choices:

  • Price: I typically don't buy cards over $20 so anything over that has usually been traded, gifted, or opened (unless I've sold cards in order to justify price) so you won't being seeing any Underground Sea or Moxen around here

  • Tutors: I get that tutors are good, I very occasionally use them however because it feels cheaty to me and I prefer the randomness of drawing off the top, uncertainty is all part of the fun for me!

  • Infinite Combos: They are allowed in my playgroup and it varies how often they show up in my decks. Winning with one is kinda boring though so I prefer to limit them (another reason I don't prefer tutors - sometimes they just say "grab a combo piece and win the game"). However. randomly drawing into an infinite doesn't feel as bad.

Most of the lands are pretty self explanatory...

These are no easy little two card combos such as Sage of Hours and Ezuri, Claw of Progress. Nah, not here, it's gotta be janky. The first combo allows you to win only if you have Thopter Spy Network, Court of Grace, Chronozoa, or Mirror-Sigil Sergeant out on the battlefield whereas the other two are outright wins. *Turns out one is just a simple two card combo, but I didn't realize it was even a combo 'til later so doesn't count lol

God-Eternal Kefnet + Hidden Retreat + an extra turn spell on top of your library.

When you draw for turn, you reveal it and cast the copy off of God-Eternal Kefnet giving you an extra turn. Holding priority, you then put said extra turn spell using Hidden Retreat's ability to prevent all damage that would be dealt by the copy of the extra turn (this is possible even though it deals no damage). The reason this doesn't win us the game is we never see the rest of our deck because we always draw the same extra turn spell each turn. For that reason, we can only win the game if we have one of the aforementioned cards out. *If done with Expropriate in a multiplayer game you take infinite turns and take all your opponents' stuff if they never pick time!

Magistrate's Scepter + Coretapper + Tezzeret the Seeker +

This combo gives us just straight infinite turns. First, we use the to put a charge counter on Magistrate's Scepter, tapping it. then we tap Coretapper to put another charge counter on it. The we use Tezzeret the Seeker's +1 to untap both Magistrate's Scepter and Coretapper. Then we tap Coretapper to add the third and final counter on Magistrate's Scepter then tap it and remove all three to take an extra turn. Rinse, wash, repeat. Fun fact: I got this combo my very first time I played this deck :)

Magistrate's Scepter + Coretapper + Teferi, Timebender + + Vedalken Infuser or Energy Chamber

This combo is even more complicated, but also gives us infinite turns. At the beginning of our upkeep, Energy Chamber or Vedalken Infuser will give a charge counter to Magistrate's Scepter. The we will use Coretapper to add a second charge counter and finally we will use the to add the third and final counter. Then we can use Teferi, Timebender's +1 to untap Magistrate's Scepter to take an extra turn.

Followed Footsteps on Timestream Navigator

This combo requires that Followed Footsteps be activated twice before going infinite. We cannot use the initial copy of Timestream Navigator as it is the one producing the token clones. And we need one turn for summoning sickness to wear off so the next turn we produce a second token clone and use the first to take another turn. Rinse and repeat. (This can be done without waiting a turn fi you have Swiftfoot Boots in play and equip it to each new token each turn.) This combo also wins us the game as we can go through our deck until we find our win conditions.

Playgroup bans:

  • Nevermore: The reason being is we play commander to play with commanders believe it or not and we feel this is just unnecessary.

Playgroup Allowances:

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Thanks for checking out the deck! Y'all can check out my other decks here! Draw well!

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