Oracle's Vault

Oracle's Vault


, : Exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card. Put a brick counter on Oracle's Vault.

: Exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card without paying its mana cost. Activate this ability only if there are three or more brick counters on Oracle's Vault.

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Oracle's Vault Discussion

Massacar on Use My Hand? Why?

4 months ago

Uba Mask is the big brain card for this deck. Not only does it allow you to milk triggers from Vega, but it also acts as mill protection.

Urza, Lord High Artificer can act as a mana sink to play from exile.

Oracle's Vault can be a handy cast from exile tool too.

Isochron Scepter/Elite Arcanist can act as a huge engine for this deck. Obviously you can run the combo with Dramatic Reversal, but you can also get value from imprinting other nonbos too.

If you want you can also check out my own list, which is in a more artifact direction, here Vega Finds the Center of the Tootsie-Pop.

Massacar on Everywhere but your hand! Vega, the Watcher EDH

4 months ago

Mind's Desire could be a good payoff card

Urza, Lord High Artificer his ability works directly with Vega

Oracle's Vault for regular use

Talent of the Telepath and Temporal Aperture

Honestly, now I'm planning on drafting my own Vega deck built around artifacts.

KorgK on [EDH] Eldrazi Kozilek Deck

6 months ago

I moved some more to the maybe list. Still four left to go. I'm thinking about moving Staff of Nin and Oracle's Vault too.

What would you suggest?

PrestonShilling on JLK's Tim Deck l Game Knights #35

7 months ago

I don't see the reason for Oracle's Vault or Willow Satyr... can someone explain?

Phantasy on Aminatou

1 year ago

Oracle's Vault also cool

burferking on Mathas, Bitter Hugs

1 year ago

I like your deck! It has a similar flavor to my Grixis Twisted Group Hug (No Pain, No Gain!), where I can help with cards and effects, but at a cost. The idea was a Zedruu the Greathearted , but with black, black being my favorite Mtg color. I invite you to take a look at my deck and draw some inspiration from it. One of the principles of the deck is that I don't target destroy/exile/counterspell anything; "that wouldn't be nice, from a good guy that helps you, eh?". I personnally found that Illicit Auction and Pain's Reward are such fun cards and can hurt a player so bad at the same time ! You could also consider any cards with the Join Forces and Tempting Offer mechanics. If I do help someone, it is not everybody, like I originally would have like. So to be honest, I may rename my deck "Grixis Bitter Hugs" -because I think it is more accurate than "Grixis Twisted Group Hug"- if you don't mind. While commenting, I took time to update my deck's description, which was pretty much empty before lol

You could also add Anvil of Bogardan , Oracle's Vault , Outpost Siege , Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip, Bloodgift Demon , Indulgent Tormentor , Well of Lost Dreams ... Phyrexian Arena is a must, Rhystic Study is a beast (but pricy $), Mystic Remora is great and you could add also Braid of Fire , comboing with Luminarch Ascension . For more lands, add Land Tax , Knight of the White Orchid , Weathered Wayfarer , Sword of the Animist , Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Journeyer's Kite ...

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