(Note: Attempting to gradually turn this into a primer. Please bear with me.)

Literally the first Commander/EDH deck I've ever built. Not trying to be tournament quality, just trying to beat my friends, but constructive tips/advice on how to make the deck stronger are always appreciated.

I've noticed, over time, that this deck functions differently, depending on who I decide to run as the commander. With Krenko, Mob Boss as the commander, the deck functions more as a swarm deck with a swing wide approach to winning, with damage from Impact Tremors and Purphoros, God of the Forge being added bonuses, if they even see play. But if you swap it around so that Purphoros is the commander and Krenko is just one of the 99, then, with all the ways to get absurd amounts of goblins onto the battlefield, the deck takes on more of a group slug approach via noncombat damage that hits every opponent at once. On a personal note, I tend to leave Purphoros as the commander, just to differentiate the deck from my other GW tokens deck.

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