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The Statistically Most Unique 5 Color EDH Deck

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Explanation of the Deck's Strategy

This deck is a non-competitive combo deck; it is designed to be fun to play, hopefully resilient to boardwipes, and explosive in the endgame. The primary goal is to get as many of the manadorks online as possible and then cast Jeskai Ascendancy followed by any non-creature spell. This should lead to a chain reaction of drawing cards and untapping the manadorks, floating immense amounts of mana, leading up to a Villainous Wealth to exile two opponents' entire libraries by copying it with Cloven Casting. Life makes all your lands into creatures so they can untap with the Jeskai Ascendancy trigger too, accelerating the mana buildup. Furthermore, Cryptolith Rite makes all your creatures into manadorks to help contribute even more to the mana buildup. A good example of going crazy with this deck is having Mana Reflection in play with Bloom Tender, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, and Progenitus. Bloom Tender will tap for double , then Selvala will tap for 30 mana of any color. There are a number of cantriping engines to ensure you keep drawing fuel to build up the mana: Zendikar Resurgent and Temur Ascendancy to draw you cards when you cast creatures or big ones enter the battlefield (Knight of New Alara will even help make your small creatures big enough to draw off of Temur Ascendancy), The Gitrog Monster to draw another card when you discard a land from the Jeskai Ascendancy trigger, Selvala, Explorer Returned does double duty as a big mana engine, although only green, and also drawing you a card for each Jeskai Ascendancy trigger (since she untaps each time).

Explanation of the Title

It has been pointed out that this deck is not unique because there are other 5 color decks, some even run Progenitus as the general. I'm not trying to refute that point, since it is fairly obvious, but instead I'm trying to demonstrate that my deck is fundamentally different in its goals. There are good creatures in this deck but the only ones really meant to attack are Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder and Maelstrom Archangel. Rafiq of the Many and Finest Hour are in the deck purely to makes the two previously mentioned cards even better or to be an emergency kill switch with Progenitus to eliminate a player who is being degenerate or about to win. The final alternate wincon is using all of that mana to activate Legacy Weapon X times where X is the number of permanents your opponents control.

Why should you Upvote or care about this deck at all?

Because it's probably one of the most unique and fun decks ever designed and certainly one of the most innovative on Tapped Out. I'm not trying to brag about the deck, these descriptions are objectively true: it is extremely fun to play, I've personally never seen anything remotely similar to it in the nearly 3,000 games of EDH I've played and if you look at every 5-color deck on Tapped Out (I did in late 2016), none of them remotely resemble this deck (having a few cards in common or running Progenitus as the general don't count).


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