Legacy Weapon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Rare
Apocalypse Rare

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Legacy Weapon

Legendary Artifact

WUBRG: Exile target permanent.

If Legacy Weapon would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, reveal Legacy Weapon and shuffle it into its owner's library instead.

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Legacy Weapon Discussion

Daedalus19876 on Walking Fridges And Stuff

2 days ago

Amazing deck. Horrible page layout, no offense - the transparent comments make the text really hard to read against the background.

It's a shame you can't play the Legacy Weapon here :(

MrAwesomeSocks on Who shall I be when I devour your soul?

3 months ago

zeteta: Legacy Weapon works fine, as long as you don't mind paying the cost to activate it. One upside Legacy Weapon has though is the ability to activate it at instant speed. Just be sure to leave mana open for Scion of the Ur-Dragon activations.

zeteta on Who shall I be when I devour your soul?

3 months ago

MrAwesomeSocks: Yeah I know that the option of doing it again is really good but, unfortunetely, both karn and ugin are out of my budget. As another option maybe Legacy Weapon because it let's me do it again kinda like the planeswalkers, it's just expensive to play and to activate.

Anarrandir on Draconomicon

3 months ago

Your first real attempt a a commander deck is five color? That's quite ambitious.

If you want to go a fun Timmy-style tribal, it might be worth considering stuff like Brass Herald, Tribal Unity, and Door of Destinies. In terms of just great five color cards, All Suns' Dawn, Door to Nothingness, and Legacy Weapon are super fun and useful (Door to Nothingness might get banned by your meta, judging by how strict they seem). Other stuff you might want to consider:

-Bringer of the Black Dawn

-Swords to Plowshares

-Distant Melody

-Dragonlord's Servant

-Slumbering Dragon

-Thunderbreak Regent

EternalBrewmaster on The Statistically Most Unique 5 Color EDH Deck

4 months ago

I counted up 30 cards that should trigger Jeskai Ascendancy, which seems more than plenty to me, especially with Captain Sisay tutoring for a legend every JA trigger (Legacy Weapon is a legendary non-creature spell too). She can also just grab me creatures to get me some draws off of Temur Ascendancy or Zendikar Resurgent and once I get Sphinx's Revelation I should be able to just draw as much as I want.

Smokus_Krakus on

4 months ago

Legacy Weapon is cool

Woolly1 on i am the keymaster. are you the gatekeeper? help

4 months ago

Instead of trying to mana ramp up into Door to Nothingness, why don't you do the opposite, and slow everything down? That way you could cut the keyrunes, and just use Myr Galvanizer and a bunch of myr mana dorks to power your game ending door.

It seems to me that although you are not getting a lot of value out of the keyrunes anyway, because although you can tap them for mana, you need to pump mana into them to turn them into a creature and make then an effective attacker or blocker. I think you might be better off playing a lot of artifacts that negatively affect your opponent'sboard state instead (stuff like Lich's Tomb, for example), somewhat similar to what you are doing in playing Ensnaring Bridge, and then turning those artifacts into attackers with March of the Machines, or a similar effect. With a lot of artifacts messing with your opponent's board, by the time March of the Machines arrives, things will likely be to your advantage.

Instead of playing Planar Portal to tutor for a particular card, (which is expensive to cast, and would seem to arrive later than what is useful), why don't you just focus on raw card advantage instead, and play a cheap, repeatable draw effect, like Mask of Memory, in its place?

Also, I suggest doubling-down on your myr sub-theme and take full advantage of Myr Galvanizer. If you were to go down the "artifacts to muck with my opponent approach + March of the Machines" plan Amoeboid Changeling and Mirror Entity might be worth considering as well, as they would untap as a result of Myr Galvanizer's ability. What's more, if DtN is a creature the turn it arrives on the battlefield, although it comes into play tapped, Amoeboid Changeling can make it a myr, which would allow Myr Galvanizer to untap it...

A playset of Make a Stand may be a better choice than Darksteel Forge for you, giving you a combat trick and considering how much the Forge costs to bring onto the battlefield.

One last thing. It seems like the whole idea of your deck is focused on getting Door to Nothingness to activate. If you are willing to change your win-con, Legacy Weapon might be just as back-breaking for your opponent, at a cheaper mana cost. Additionally, Legacy Weapon can be activated the turn it comes into play without assistance from other cards.

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