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Ever since I learned what the Commander format was, the first thing that came to mind to build was a Sliver based Commander deck.This is my attempt with cards I actually happen to have already in my collection.Suggestions are always welcome, and flames will be Douse d.

I've decided that I wanted to be able to respond to Triggered and Activated abilities, as they are very prominent in my local meta. The only card I'm missing for this is Trickbind .

Full Set of Shock lands and an almost complete set of old Dual Lands, with the Mirage set of Fetch lands make the manabase of this deck.

Like any Sliver deck, the obvious combo is Ashnod's Altar + Heartstone + Sliver Queen for infinite life via Darkheart Sliver or board wipe with Necrotic Sliver or damage with Acidic Sliver


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I've done some changes and streamlined my approach to color distribution, and getting some of the cards that were suggested before.

If A card you'd put in here isn't in this list, assume I don't have it in my collection and is the reason why it's not there.

Again, constructive advice would be very welcomed! Flames will be Douse'd


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