Old-Growth Dryads


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Old-Growth Dryads

Creature — Dryad

When Old-Growth Dryads enters the battlefield, each opponent may search his or her library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

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Old-Growth Dryads Discussion

Slate_Steel2 on Special Lil Guy's First Standard Deck

1 month ago

16 lands is far too few, you probably want to run along the lines of 20-24 in this deck. Also Old-Growth Dryads and Enter the Unknown are pretty terrible cards. I wouldnt recommend playing either. Youve got the right idea though. Keep tweaking it, play some games by yourself and see how the deck pans out.

Hans49163 on Multani's little helpers

1 month ago

so first off lets talk about your mana-base. Evolving Wilds is great in a multi-colored deck, as it allows a cheap alternative for duel-lands, but in a mono colored deck they are useless other then having your land entering tapped, slowing you down a turn. Although it slightly helps out Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar graveyard ability, the bonus isn't worth slowing down your deck. If you want lands that add overall value i would recommend 2x Arch of Orazca as they are great during late game if you burn out. ok so your all-star turn one play is Llanowar Elves but if you don't have that in your opening hand your going to be doing nothing turn one, i would highly recomend at least 2-3 more 1 drop creatures. The key to one drops is them not losing value during the late game but still being awesome early game. I would recommend either Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter(shes really awesome because she can generate loads of creatures when your hand is empty), Old-Growth Dryads (a 3/3 for is absolutely insane, and pairs great with Ghalta but giving your opponent an extra land can give them a big advantage over you), or Narnam Renegade (he keeps the elf tribal going, and at the same time offers a death-touch body that people don't want to mess with, who can potentially be a 2/3). it comes down to your choice. but i would add 2x-3x of any combination of these guys. your 2-drops are also kind of weird i dont like either of your creatures that you currently are running. Elfhame Druid is good ramp, but you have no kicker spells to maximize its potential. so its ultimately just a worse version of Llanowar Elves i would drop him completly. also i don't think Llanowar Scout is making the best use of this spot. although he can get you ahead in terms of mana, you wont be able to use that ability for long, and he becomes useless in a long game. One card i would definitely run 4 of is Merfolk Branchwalker she is awesome in the sense that she can help you draw, can let you basically scry, and can potentially have a +1/+1 counter when she enters. all around great 2-drop that wont be terrible if you draw her turn 5 or 6. your 3-drops are pretty solid, i would only drop Grow from the Ashes because of your multiple other options its basically a Wild Wanderer without the 3/2 body attached, its just too slow for this deck style. other cards that i think would look very good in this build are Territorial Allosaurus, Rhonas the Indomitable, and Jadelight Ranger. its ultimately up to you if you put any of them in, but they all offer some serious value and i would look into all of them

ArchonBlue on Liliana's Reaver

3 months ago

Here are my suggestions, based on our talk and your budget. Out: 1. 1x Daggerdrome Imp 2. 1x Deeproot Warrior 3. 2x Old-Growth Dryads 4. 1x Sengir Vampire 5. 2x Thrill-Kill Assassin 6. 2x Doom Blade 7. 2x Rancor (you'll have less creatures to target for this) 8. 1x Duress (2 is fine) 9. 1x Liliana, Death Wielder

In: 1. 4x Inquisition of Kozilek 2. 1x Liliana Vess 3. 3x Fatal Push 4. 2x Bloodghast 5. 2x Grim Flayer

You'll want to up your lands to about 21 at least I'd say. Some decent budget lands in your colors include Llanowar Wastes and Blooming Marsh. I'd really strongly advise running fetch and shock lands if/when you can afford then though.

Argy on Merfolk Buff deck!

4 months ago

Take out all the Old-Growth Dryads, and replace them with whatever you want.

Argy on Merfolk Buff deck!

4 months ago

I playtested this against Stompy Whompy Dinos.

Old-Growth Dryads was straight out bad.

It got no buffs, and helped the Dinos Ramp a lot faster.

In my opinion you'd be better off with Jadelight Ranger in your deck than Enter the Unknown. You get two chances to hit stuff, PLUS a body. You probably only want two or three copies.

Shaper Apprentice worked surprisingly well. I haven't seen that many people using it, so good thinking on its inclusion.

Once the 12/12 with Trample Ghalta, Primal Hunger hit the field you had to start blocking with your Merfolk, and losing them, or go down to nought.

I have seen people Mainboard Unsummon to help with that problem.

I don't understand why anybody builds a Merfolk Deck that doesn't include Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca.

Thing is a straight out win condition boss.

Unblockability, draw, or +1/+1 Counters?

Sign me up!

It also gets around cards that deal three damage to Creatures, like Abrade, Harnessed Lightning, and Lightning Strike, which are all over the meta, at the moment.

Use three or four copies of it.

The argument about wanting games to be over by Turn 4 or 5 just doesn't wash. With so much removal floating around, that ain't gonna happen.

Here is a link to what I consider to be an excellent Merfolk deck.

Rivals of Ixalan Merfolk by Corbin Hosler

That might give you some ideas on how to shape your build a bit better.

KaladeshFavorer on 12/12 Trample on Turn 4!

4 months ago

I know Old-Growth Dryads is bad, i put him in while trying to find a better card. I'm sure if you had the right cards you probably would've done better to. Do you know a better one drop to replace Dryads with? By the way, this isn't a super competitive deck, but is fun to play with. Thanks!

jellowsmurf on

4 months ago

Idk why you'd rather have Ghalta out a turn later, but that's probably what's going to happen. It's very unlikely that you'll have Ghalta on T3 unless you put in another 1-drop.

Specifically Old-Growth Dryads would double your chances, but you'll be ramping your opponent. Altho, it's hard to deal with 12/12 on T3 so idk. Might be worth the risk.

Personally I like the other color in the board, but you might be trying to be too cute. It's never worked for me, but I hope you have more success. What I would take out is Field of Ruin. Destroying non basic lands isn't where you want to be for 2 slots in your board. Fit them in the main, or leave them out.

I would also advise having the Fatal Pushes in the main, and board Duress or something for the control match ups.

Thuking on 12/12 Trample on Turn 4!

4 months ago

Went to a standard showdown tournament got last place but mainly because I was screwed with bad hand, no lands or just bad hands in general.

This was the deck I used Fling I think Old-Growth Dryads is a very bad card, it puts the opponent 1 turn ahead and they can easily get rid of it with something like Fatal Push same with Bloodrage Brawler.

I had 2 Wayward Swordtooth out at one point but because it wasn't ascended I couldn't do anything with it.

I was using Reckless Rage instead of Blossoming Defense because I don't have the cards yet, too expensive.

I also don't have Forerunner of the Empire because the place I bought the cards from sent me Forerunner of the Heralds by mistake.

I also put Zacama, Primal Calamity in for fun, but this was probably a bad idea as it screws with the mana, didn't manage to play this card so its a waste really.

Whenever I got this card out Rhonas the Indomitable I never had a creature with 4 power or more for some reason, just bad luck probably so never got to take advantage of it.

Most of the games I lost was because I didn't have enough lands, literally only had 2 lands for 5 games unbelievable luck and could only play Old-Growth Dryads puting the opponent further ahead.

I'm not giving up with this deck needs a lot of work and I really want to pull of the Ghalta, Primal Hunger Fling combo, the decks that abuse the explore mechanic and artifacts seem really strong though.

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