Nether Spirit


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare

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Nether Spirit

Creature — Spirit

At the beginning of your upkeep, if Nether Spirit is the only creature card in your graveyard, you may return Nether Spirit to play.

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Nether Spirit Discussion

B0effe on Bontu, the Unstoppable Sac

5 months ago

I've always had a thing for mono-Black decks, and this looks fun. I have a lot of suggestions, which i'm taking the liberty just to provide, without suggestions for what to take out. But the main focus of my suggestions is that I think you really need to have more creatures, which can come back by themselves. Preferably you could take out some of the eqiupments?


Relentless Dead - Very easy to get back = great for sacrificing.

Shriekmaw - Lets you kill something off of your opponent and if you use the evoke cost, you activate your commander as well.

Reassembling Skeleton - As I see it, this is a must have in your deck. It is clockwork for sacrificing.

Nether Traitor - Functions very well in this deck, as it can make it easy to have multiple creatures being sacrficed cheaply. Maybe this actually also a must have.

Bloodghast - Very easy to get back into play, and with some card draw its almost destined to crawl back from the grace once wach turn; Especially if you put in some fetch-lands.

Some of the more utility minded cards:

Crypt Ghast - Very good in mono-black.

Dark Prophecy - Very efficient card draw.

Some of the more tricky cards:

You can also put in Nether Spirit, Nether Shadow, Death's Shadow and Haakon, Stromgald Scourge but they require a little more to get working.


DiscardDecard on Smallpox

9 months ago

Love smallpox!

I also run a smallpox deck, though for modern: Orzhov's Purulent Plague! If you wouldn't mind taking a look at it :)

Why do you run Nether Spirit over say Bloodghast or Gravecrawler?

+1 from me, go smallpox!


  • DiscardDecard

Mswig on Best Cards for a B/R ...

1 year ago

As for Graveyard cards, got to love Bloodghast. Exhume if you are looking for a fast win. Nether Spirit as well.

Erich_Zann on Legacy Pox

1 year ago

Infect would make the deck really jank. The reason why we benefit off of Mishra's Factory so much is not only can we pump them up to obtain a quicker clock and avoid losing multiple copies at points, it synergies with the rest of the win conditions this deck has. Keep in mind that you need 10 venom counters to win with Inkmoth Nexus, so 10 separate attacks from a singleton Inkmoth Nexus, because infect deals damage in counters and not life. Mishra's Factory can win off of life which has its benefits mid-late game. In between mid and late game, the opponents life shouldn't be at 20. People play fetch lands which eats at life, Griselbrand is a thing, and we play Smallpox, and Cursed Scroll, so between those two and maybe a Nether Spirit it will take less than 10 swings from a singleton Mishra's Factory to obtain the win. Our early game is our setup period where we set up for control and slowly thrash away with 2/2's and try to get a win before we lose steam. Inkmoth Nexus will ultimately shut down Pox's game plan by lengthening the time we need to win in order to setup its own win condition which doesn't support the main win cons of the deck. I'd advise against the idea of Inkmoth Nexus. As much as possible.

thecakeisalie42 on A Blue Deck Without Any Blue

1 year ago

I did indeed consider Banefire. However, I decided on Fireball for two reasons. First, it is versatile, as I can split the damage. Second, I am perfectly ok with my Fireball being counterable. My opponent will usually not be able to counter it because they will have no cards in hand. If they have cards in hand, I will cast a discard spell before casting a Fireball. If they counter it, I still achieved my goal of keeping their hand empty and also now they are short one counter for my fireball ;3 So I am fairly strong against countermagic.

What do you think of Nether Spirit as a finisher?

0verlord on A Pox upon you

1 year ago

read Cursed Scroll now look away for a second. Now go read it again. Now look away again. now google mtgtop8 and look up legacy decks and opens. now look away. now look back at the webpage now look under the category labeled pox. not all decks in the archtype even run this many win cons. some will run Bloodghast over the Nether Spirit the template is not something that is just made up off the cuff, but something that sees a ton of play. Even the general play style with the low number of wincons. For real just look at what actual competitive legacy decks look like. If you were actually going off and using what little land you had left to blow up the factories you were playing both decks very very wrong

huschli on A Pox upon you

1 year ago

how can you win? your only wincondition is Mishra's Factory and Nether Spirit.if they got exiled or Ghost Quartered and Extirpated, it's over.

try playtesting Schwarze Sonne vs. death & taxes

Blackerlotus13 on Chicken Pox - Maralen

1 year ago

I think Buried Alive would actually hurt more than help due to Nether Spirit's condition. Although Buried Alive would be great for Alesha, Who Smiles at Death. But thank you for the suggestion :D

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