Simple, But Effective

Welcome to my primer for the one and only Kamahl, Fist of Krosa. It doesn't really get more straightforward than how this deck works: Ramp, play creatures, buff them, and swing. I've opted to keep it classic in a sense, so no Eldrazi, and no Infect. This deck is a blast to play with and at least within my playgroup and at my LGS, it's a force to reckon with.

I chose Kamahl as the commander because he epitomizes what green does best. He's a great mana dump, can make creatures from lands for both offensive and defensive purposes, and can Overrun at instant speed multiples times each turn. He's been one of, if not, my favorite card ever printed. He was the first legendary I ever pulled out of a pack, and with commander, I finally found a great way to make him usable and abusable.

My meta mostly consists of creature heavy decks, so some choice of cards might seem like a waste, but they always perform. Several card choices, like the many fog type spells, are specific to my meta and are useful every game a play and have saved my ass numerous times. As I stated earlier, there are no Eldrazi and no infect in this deck. The reason being, Eldrazi are not green creatures and I want this deck to be mono green in the truest sense. The only reason I run Karn Liberated is because green lacks in good removal and Iona, Shield of Emeria is a thing. And I refuse infect because it's pointless when I have a commander that buff my creatures the way Kamahl does, I would be better served to use a different commander, and I don't want that.

My friends and I like big group games, 5+ players, and that's where this deck really thrives. It does great in 2-4 player games, and can do 1v1, but against combo/control it has to have an explosive start or it will fall behind quickly.

  • Defense Grid - Help hinder counterspells and big bounce effects like Cyclonic Rift
  • Vigor - Prevents damage to all my other creatures while simultaneously making them stronger
  • Heroic Intervention - Life saver from board wipes. Also can be used offensively to protect my creatures from deathtouch when attacking
  • Boseiju, Who Shelters All - Keeps people from countering important spells like Genesis Wave, Heroic Intervention, and any of my fog type spells
  • Miren, the Moaning Well - great way to keep my health up, and an excellent sac outlet to avoid having a big creature exiled
  • Karn Liberated - Colorless removal, even though he's expensive to cast, does so much to boost removal for mono green
  • Vivien Reid - she provides great utility. Her +1 gives me card advantage, her -3 Is great removal without having to use mana and her -8 helps boost my offense with the added bonus if vigilance and indestructible
  • Constant Mists - Fog spell with buyback, combos well with Ramunap Excavator
  • Krosan Grip - uncounterable removal to help get rid of pesky artifacts and enchantments
  • Moment's Peace - Fog with flashback
  • Asceticism - Hexproof for my creatures and can regenerate any creature in play
  • Hall of Gemstone - This locks non green players out of my turn and screws over multi colored decks. And since I run so many mana dorks, the negative impact is really small.
  • Nature's Will - Locks out opponents out of my second mainphase while giving me more mana simultaneously.
  • Nevinyrral's Disk - The only boardwipe I need, and with Kamahl, I can wipe out opponents lands to secure the win.
  • Scavenging Ooze - This is a great little hatebear that provides much needed graveyard hate and potential lifegain.
  • Seedborn Muse - Can't say enough about this card. Gives me blockers every turn, gets around stasis type cards, gives me mana to either cast removal or fog type spells, or turn lands into creatures in response to a boardwipe
  • Spore Frog - One of my favorite creatures, fog on a stick that I can tutor and get back
  • Unravel the Aether - Gets around indestructible artifacts and enchantments
  • Winds of Qal Sisma - Fog that lets my creatures still do damage, can be used defensively or offensively
  • Woodfall Primus - Removal on a solid offensive body
  • Eternal Witness - grabs any card I need and it's tutorable
  • Creeping Renaissance - Being able to grab all of one permanent type is really good, and with flashback makes this a great way to recover from a boardwipe
  • Praetor's Counsel - All cards back and unlimited handsize. It doesn't get any better than that
  • Regrowth - Great card to get back anything I need out of the graveyard
  • Dryad Arbor - 0 cost mana dork that will hopefully help my early game, pairs with Green Sun's Zenith for a nice turn 1 cast
  • Elvish Harbinger - Mana dork that lets me tutor other mana dorks
  • Elvish Mystic - turn 1 mana dork and potential offensive threat with kamahl
  • Llanowar Elves - same as Elvish Mystic
  • Karametra's Acolyte - I'm running a mono green deck and this gives me mana equal to my devotion, no brainer
  • Lotus Cobra - Extra mana for every land drop? Net mana when they come into play tapped too? Yes please!
  • Oracle of Mul Daya - extra lands per turn and play off the top of the library. It's the evolved form of Courser of Kruphix
  • Priest of Titania - I run 8 elves so on average, this net me a good amount of mana, plus bonus mana if any opponents have elves
  • Ramunap Excavator - Doesn't ramp per se, but allows me to recover from land destruction and will work well when I add in Fetchlands in the near future
  • Selvala, Heart of the Wilds - She's a perfect fit for this deck, scales with my creatures, and I can use a bunch of mana to pump my creatures and attack, then use the mana I generate from her in my second mainphase
  • Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger - MVP right here, lots of extra mana while potentially crippling my opponents mana production
  • Wood Elves - Gives me a body to block or potentially attack with while grabbing me a forest
  • Boundless Realms - Can't go wrong with something that doubles your lands
  • Cultivate - 1 land in play and 1 in the hand
  • Nissa's Pilgrimage - Same as cultivate, but I can potentially get 2 lands in my hand
  • Skyshroud Claim - 2 lands into play UNTAPPED. Huge benefits from that, leaves me open to play a fog spell or any other important 2-drop in my deck
  • Sylvan Scrying - Lets me grab any of the big lands, which is huge even if it only puts them into my hand
  • Gaea's Cradle - The big gun for mana production in the deck. Pretty much guarantees I'll trample over everone in a turn or 2
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Another big mana producer which will help end the game quickly
  • Deserted Temple - Doubles up one of the big lands, can't convey how huge this has been since I added it
  • Mana Reflection - The greatest mana accelerator in the deck. Doubles EVERYTHING I tap. The ends are near limitless
  • Rings of Brighthearth - Creates an infinite mana combo with Deserted Temple and Gaea's Cradle/Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. Also pairs well with Kamahl's overrun ability to save me mana or generate huge buffs.
  • Staff of Domination - Creates an infinite mana combo with Priest of Titania, Selvala, heart of the Wild, and Karametra's Acolyte. Also goes infinite if I use Kamahl to turn Gaea's Cradle or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx into a creature for the turn. And with infinite mana, this card gives me infinite health and card draw as well.
  • Beast Whisperer - Net a card for every creature I cast, does't pair with any cheat effects, but still effective nonetheless.
  • Regal Force - Replenishes my hand and then some when it drops.
  • Soul of the Harvest - Net a card for every nontoken creature, whether I cast it or not
  • Rishkar's Expertise - Nets me a huge amount of cards and almost always get a free card on the battlefield from it
  • Garruk, Primal Hunter - He's a great token generator, but more importantly, I can draw a ton of cards off his second ability
  • Reliquary Tower - No maximum handsize. 'Nuff said
  • Greater Good - Sac outlet that nets me huge advantage, and since I'm running Ramunap Excavator, it allows me to discard land cards and play them out anyways.
  • Myojin of Life's Web - My go to for recovering from board wipes, I can use Creeping Renaissance or Praetor's Counsel to get all my dead creatures back and instantly get them in play
  • Genesis Wave - Works as a wincon as long as I get something to give my creatures haste, otherwise puts a short clock for everyone
  • Green Sun's Zenith - Reusable tutor that puts the creature into play, one of my favorite cards
  • Selvala's Stampede - This card is amazing. It gets stronger the more players there are when you cast it, because no matter what you get either a creature from your library or something from your hand into play for every player, reguardless of how they vote
  • Defense of the Heart - Any 2 creatures I want into play, the combo options are endless
  • Lurking Predators - Either a free creature or a free scry, this card is just awesome
  • Avenger of Zendikar - Huge token generator and makes those tokens stronger. This guy has singlehandedly won me a countless number of games
  • Craterhoof Behemoth - Wincon card, and a great backup if Kamahl is locked out of the game
  • Hydra Omnivore - Monster damage producer, that can potentially kill all opponents with one swing
  • Nacatl War-Pride - My favorite card in the deck and the underrated mvp. Pairs amazingly with Kamahl when I turn opponent's lands into creatures. Pairs with Gaea's Cradle and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, so I can pump those tokens and all my other creatures. And makes my other creatures attacking the same player unblockable in most cases. This card does it all, now if only they would do a reprint so I don't have to look at that ugly Future Sight frame, lol
  • Pathbreaker Ibex - Although not foil, this card is too good not to include in the deck as instantly buffs all my creatures, gives trample, and pairs really well with any big body I have on the board already. It also lets me make absolutely monstrous creatures with Kamahl, or save mana to use defensively.
  • Rampaging Baloths - good body that produces good sized tokens. Perfect for my deck
  • Overwhelming Stampede - Works well with Kamahl to potentially more than double what I can do with him, or acts as a replacement if he is locked out of the game
  • Akroma's Memorial - Gives everything I need to give my creatures the edge in combat, but most importantly, give me haste.
  • Concordant Crossroads - The only group hug card I run, and it's because it doubles my chance of giving my creatures haste off a big Genesis Wave

I'd like to thank everyone who has given this deck a +1 over the years, it is currently the #1 rated Kamahl EDH deck on the site. This deck is my pride and joy, It's super fun to play with and I'm always looking to improve it, so please give me any suggestions that can help to make it more efficient or deadly, and +1 if you like! :D


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