It's as straight forward as you can get with this resilient little forest dweller. This deck uses stax pieces to try slow down faster decks while using Yisan's tool box to tutor for further potential answers as needed, depending on the board state. A good balance of removal and overall responses that have proven to be very handy against a variety of deck styles.

Typical goal is to mulligan until able to cast Yisan turn 1/turn 2 and start generating mana and untappers for faster verses until swinging hard with Craterhoof. Can go infinite in multiple directions like Ashaya + Quirion Ranger + mana generator (2+ mana), Umbral Mantle + mana generator like Priest of Titania (4+ mana), Staff of Domination + mana generator (5+ mana), Temur Sabertooth + Wirewood Symbiote + mana generator (5+ mana) + 1cmc elf. There are also other combos that can be utilized with Temur for ETB effects. See what's in hand and what answers you can verse out to have one hell of a consistent toolbox deck.

Very easy to drop the price down to a budget level too and it still be pretty consistent. Budget Deck Here


Updates Add

Lotus Petal -> Chrome Mox . Another straight up upgrade. Lotus is great, Mox is better.

Road of Return -> Crop Rotation . While Road has had its place, it's really not been utilized as much as I predicted. The deck is pretty resilient at recovering from removal so the need to pay for graveyard recursion ended up being not as dire given how many different ways to win the deck has. Crop allows me to get those always useful sexy lands.



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