Main source; Wanderer's Song

  1. tap dorks (producing )

  2. cast Great Oak Guardian ()

  3. on ETB, Great Oak Guardian untaps creatures and provides +2/+2 buff

  4. activate Temur Sabertooth to bounce Great Oak Guardian ()

Repeat 1.-4. for:

  • infinite power/tougness buff for every one of your creatures

  • infinite untaps

  • provided your dorks provide , infinite

  1. cast Beast Within to destroy a permanent controlled by your opponent

  2. cast Eternal Witness

  3. Eternal Witness etb trigger returns Beast Within to your hand

  4. activate Temur Sabertooth to bounce Eternal Witness

Repeat 1.-4. until your opponents don't have any non-beast token permanents

  1. cast Sombrewald stag

  2. Sombrewald stag etb trigger, stag fights a 3/3 beast token, both die

  3. cast Eternal Witness

  4. Eternal Witness etb trigger returns Sombrewald stag to your hand

  5. activate Temur Sabertooth to bounce Eternal Witness

Repeat 5.-9. until your opponents control no permanents.

  1. (optional) cast/have out Sphere of Resistance/Trinisphere

Repeat steps 1.-4., then 5.-9. on every turn for a hard lock. Temur sabertooth beatdown for the win.

  1. cast Regal Force

  2. Regal Force etb trigger draws cards

  3. activate Temur Sabertooth to bounce Regal Force

Repeat 1.-3. to draw your deck

  1. cast Craterhoof Behemoth

  2. Craterhoof Behemoth etb trigger provides +X/+X buff and trample

  3. activate Temur Sabertooth to bounce Craterhoof Behemoth

Repeat 1.-3. to grant your board infinite +X/+X buff and trample

  1. tap Karametra's Acolyte/Priest of Titania ()

  2. activate 3rd effect of Staff of Domination, untapping Karametra's Acolyte/Priest of Titania

  3. activate 1st effect of Staff of Domination, untapping Staff of Domination

Repeat 1.-3. for:

  1. equip Umbral Mantle to Karametra's Acolyte/Priest of Titania

  2. tap Karametra's Acolyte/Priest of Titania ()

  3. activate Umbral Mantle's 1st activated ability to untap Karametra's Acolyte/Priest of Titania

Repeat 1.-3. for:

  • infinite mana

  • infinite untaps (by switching Umbral Mantle to another creature and activating the 1st activated ability)

  • infinite +X/+X for all of your creatures (by switching Umbral Mantle to another creature and activating the 1st activated ability)

Comparison to Wanderer's Song

Wanderer's Song is my primary source. I really appreciate the work Shaper has put into his list. If you like my list or even take my list for any kind of reference, I'm flattered, but it's basically just a variation on Shaper's list. However, there are a few differences between our lists. In case you are wondering why I removed or added a particular card, I thought I'd go over those just so that this list might be of more use to you. Most cards I'm not playing from his list aren't in mine simply because I don't own them. And cards I play instead of those are usually meta calls.

  • Gaea's Cradle - this one is out due to my budget constraints. If you can get your hands on one, by all means just take out a Snow-Covered Forest for this one. Growing Rites of Itlimoc   looks like a great budget alternative at a first glance, and it indeed is a good card. However, in competitive games 3cmc can be a lot, especially here where 3cmc can be used to verse out a creature of our choice without the need to cast anything (noteworthy due to our stax). Being at 3 cmc also means that it competes with Yisan for our t2/3 drop. Taking into account its flip clause means it's near-useless early game. However, in (more) casual metas, especially those lacking boardwipes, this might be fine. The deck works well even without Cradle, so don't break your back trying to replace it.

  • Cavern of Souls - (a friend borrowed me a copy for a predefined long period of time. I currently play it, but I'll still discuss it here bc I don't own it) as with pretty much all the good utility lands; this one has a decent ceiling, especially in predominantly metas, while having a pretty high floor. However, it's out of my budget. I am eyeing a copy for a good price potentially, but it's not worth its market price to me on my budget and in my meta. But if you have it, by all means play it! Also, if you're in a predominantly meta, this one gets significantly better. It's still not a must, but since counters are pretty much useless against Yisan, blue decks will aim to counter him whenever possible.

  • Survival of the Fittest - I owned one and I sold it away because I was stupid. I might buy it back at some point in the foreseeable future though. That out of the way, it's a great card to fish out an off-verse (combo) piece or two, turning dead draws into game-ending stuff. Nevertheless, the deck is perfectly playable without it.

  • Mirri's Guile - not insanely expensive, but I don't own a copy yet. For it helps us filter our draws, and since the deck doesn't have much in the way of card draw, making that little draw we have access to more relevant is more useful here than it is in many other (competitive) decks. It’s a flex slot card I’m in no rush to get. But if I come across a cheap copy, I'm getting it for sure.

  • 2x Snow-Covered Forest - simply put, the deck works fine at 34 lands; we want to play the long game. Since Yisan himself is a mana sink and because green offers a few outlets that lets us ramp using lands from our hand, I myself didn't have any flooding issues at 34 lands. Now, since I removed 2 lands from Shaper's version, I have to replace them with 3 lands. There are simple, but they do their job really well. I toyed around with Scrying Sheets for a while, since I have a spare copy, but it turns out that the value it provides us is really minuscule and not really worth the opportunity cost of not having a green source in its place. Plus it gets worse the more (better) utility lands are added in place of basics.

  • Lightning Greaves - much like Autumn's Veil, this one is here to protect my key pieces. Finding an opening to stick it can be tough if the board is already under stax, but if it sticks, it helps me protect my key pieces . It also helps me recover from (mass) removal by giving all my dorks haste and allowing Yisan to start versing right when he hits the board.

  • Great Oak Guardian - this is a combo piece and a wincon packed in one. In conjunction with Temur Sabertooth, it can buff my board to infinity if my dorks can produce (and even produce infinite mana and infinite verses if my dorks produce at least more). In case my entourage of dorks can't support such an endeavor, on ETB it also untaps Yisan, making it possible for me to verse further into Craterhoof Behemoth for the win. Last, but not the least...hardcasting something for isn't that much of a problem here. Considering that it usually pays for itself in untapped dorks while untapping Yisan, its floor is really high. Even without Sabertooth, its +2/+2 coupled with its untap effect makes it a mini-choof in my meta (notably Tymna&Tana, Najeela, Yuriko and Shimmer Zur), for someone is usually low enough on life that a board of 5-6 3+ power creatures can be relevant.

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