This is my first take on building a competitive Modern deck so I'm sorry in advance for any oversights that may exist. That being the case, I still feel this is a unique, fun and powerful deck so I hope you enjoy it. : )

The name of the game is attrition. In the current Modern meta, hyper fast decks tend to soar above the others, being able to outpace many a deck before they can even get on their feet. This deck is not a fast one, but it does have some key pieces which allow for it to keep up to pace with/to fend off these hyper aggro decks without needing to compromise its ability to deal with other archetypes.

Two key pieces of the deck are Bitterblossom and Impact Tremors, which are a great value engine for the deck. When paired together, they provide both a nice board presence and direct damage to opponents over time. Being enchantments, they are also somewhat hard to deal with.

The Soul Sister cards (Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant) help to further the value provided by this engine, giving us enough life gain to often exceed the life loss and pad our life total.

Corpse Knight allows for us to more consistently get an Impact Tremor-esque ability on the field and also comes with the upside of having a body itself to activate enter the battlefield triggers/to be able to block and attack should we need or want to.

Mentor of the Meek allows for good card draw off of all the lower attack valued creatures in the deck and Giver of Runes helps to save important creatures, push through damage and stop damage from coming through.

Seasoned Pyromancer allows us to get through cards we'd rather not have in hand and to get to what we want in hand more quickly. It also has the nice benefit of triggering Impact Tremors an upwards of 3 times, providing several bodies to draw cards off Mentor of the Meek and being a nice blink target.

Eerie Interlude helps to protect our board from board wipes and targeted removal (except for our poor tokens, but they will be back) and also seconds as a way to trigger more enter the battlefield effects/tank our opponent's life total.

Felidar Guardian and Restoration Angel serve a similar purpose as Eerie, blinking creatures for value but they can also create an infinite combo blinking each other to end the game when left unanswered. Plus, they can be used to draw a bunch of cards off Mentor of the Meek (as Felidar has a low power) and can gain us infinite life along side the Soul Sisters. There are only two Restoration Angels in the deck as it can't bounce other angels and I'd like to keep the janky combo at least somewhat consistent. ; )

Finally, we have Lingering Souls which is just a card that oozes with value. It not only provides a couple triggers for our enter the battlefield effects but it also gives us more flyers to work with. Additionally, it can be cast again from our graveyard and is able to be dumped with Seasoned Pyromancer for some great value. This card really helps in more grindy match ups but works well even outside of those.

In the land base, I included a nice package to consistently get the types of mana we need while having enough basics to push through Blood Moon should we need to. Also, due to the relatively low restrictions on our cards' mana costs (with the worst being Seasoned Pyromancer's double red and Corpse Knight's white/black) including a utility land seemed like a good choice so I picked Hall of Heliod's Generosity to get back any of our mass number of enchantments that might get destroyed.

The sideboard I crafted to have options for multiple popular archetypes in Modern including Rest in Peace to deal with graveyard decks, Stony Silence to stop artifact shenanigans, Damping Sphere to mess with spell-slinging decks and Tron, Thoughtseize and Kambal, Consul of Allocation to hurt control and heavy spell-slingers and lastly Wear / Tear as a general catch all to artifacts/enchantments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to see the deck I've pieced together and for reading all I had to say about it. I hope you found it interesting and that it might inspire you to give it or a similar deck a shot. I have included a pretty darn large set of cards in the maybe pool that I thought might be good includes (and that could help in the creation of different variants of the deck) should anybody want to mess around with the deck themselves. As it is my first deck, any feedback would be much appreciated so thanks in advance. I hope you have a nice day and a fun time playing Magic. : )


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