Alpine Moon

Alpine Moon


As Alpine Moon enters the battlefield, choose a nonbasic land name.

Lands your opponents control with the chosen name lose all land types and abilities, and they gain " Gain one mana of any colour."

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Alpine Moon Discussion

Darth_Savage on Boros Recursion

1 month ago

Personally, I'd cut the 4x Charming Prince for 4x Showdown of the Skalds partly as it gives you another red spell and partly because it provides card advantage, it also works with Brought Back... You also need a sideboard, as a starter; 3x Alpine Moon 3x Wear / Tear 3x Tormod's Crypt 2x Pithing Needle 2x Kitchen Finks covering the basics of land hate, artifact/enchantment hate, graveyard hate, with Needle for abilities and Finks for burn/prowess...

zapyourtumor on Branding of doom [[need sideboard help]]

1 month ago

For the SB, I'd cut wildfire and run Alpine Moon which is faster, Stone Rain's sagas, and stops tron. For grave hate I think just straight up Leyline of the Void would be better than spellbomb. You can always discard it if it's a dead draw. Chalice of the Void is more fast stuff to slow down rhinos and living end. Plague Engineer feels like something I'd cut for being too slow, same with Terminate. Not sure what terminate is there for (is it for murktide?) against murktide id just hope to drop my bigger fatties instead of trying to remove theirs. Maybe some Thoughtseize for disruption to take their grave hate and stuff. Leyline of Sanctity may be worth considering if your meta is burn/targeted discard heavy, plus it blanks some grave hate like spellbomb and tormods crypt and endurance.

wallisface on Turn one modern deck, don't tell wizards

1 month ago


  • Engineered Explosives is good, it’ll help deal with various problem cards.

  • I’m not sure when you bring-in Alpine Moon. Your deck is aiming to win super quickly so i don’t see how diluting that plan helps in this case. Same goes for Sunset Revelry, its a good card, but what matchups are you actually bringing this in against?

  • I like Leyline of Sanctity but if you’re running any quantity of this card, it should be 4x. Otherwise it just becomes too unreliable.

  • Both Mystical Dispute and Thoughtseize are decent.

  • I would think you’d want Pact of Negation sideboard, to stop decks from messing with you on the turn you’re going to win.

Katzmania on Lurrus Death’s Shadow Graveyard Edition

1 month ago

Hey zapyourtumor, Thanks so much for your advice! I agree with your assessment, deck needs to stop trying to be turbo shadow, and more control oriented. I don't think I'm going to end up playing Assassin's Trophy because the extra land your opponent gets is really bad against midrange and aggro, which are already crucial matchups for the deck to try to win using a fast clock, and a strong control package, and I don't think the Saga Hate is worth it, when I already have Alpine Moon sideboard, and more artifact hate. I think that the 1 for 1 from Abrupt Decay is more than sufficient, and the 2 for 1 that trophy uses isn't what the deck should be doing.

TheoryCrafter on

3 months ago

Have you considered cards that allow you to put lands from your graveyard into the battlefield? These include, but are not limited to, Crucible of Worlds and The Mending of Dominaria

Also, while Alpine Moon is not played often, between this and land destroyer cards including, but not limited to, Cleansing Wildfire and Destroy the Evidence, could take out your pieces before you can get the combo going. May I suggest finding counter spells to deal with those threats?

Hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

Grubbernaut on Murktide

4 months ago

I think it's worth finding some room for Unholy Heat to hit walkers and beefier dudes (Omnath, in particular). Maybe -1 Spell Pierce, -1 Force, +2 Unholy Heat. As far as maindeck, it seems like you might also need a few more sorceries and/or fetches for delirium.

Regarding SB: I think Alpine Moon is MUCH better than Blood Moon, right now, and especially since the hammer matchup is usually rough. Anger of the Gods doesn't seem like where this deck wants to be; Fire / Ice or even Forked Bolt or something might perform the same function better, but honestly, I think you just want to press your card advantage and efficiently trade removal spells for threats.

Pithing Needle seems out of place, especially if you can use Unholy Heat in the same way to kill walkers, but with more flexibility. I also think Soul-Guide Lantern is better than Relic in a deck with Murktide, Snap, and DRC.

I think Chalice of the Void would be very important for rhinos, but Flusterstorm is also very good. As it sits, I'd go -2 BM, -3 Anger, -1 Relic, -1 Spell Pierce, +3 Alpine Moon, +2 Soul-Guide Lantern, +2 Mystical Dispute (or maybe Aether Gust, and a flex spot.


zapyourtumor on Emrakul 4-color creativity

5 months ago

Maindeck looks pretty solid. I personally like having the Endings maindeck but a lot of lists I see don't run it since the 8 turn spells take up a lot of space.

Cleansing Wildfire isn't great, your tron matchup should already be favorable and Alpine Moon can shut down some tron and valakut stuff without affecting your manabase. Besides that the rest of the SB also looks decent, but I feel like it would be a better use of sideboard slots to replace Emmy and Nahiri with more hate cards like Void Mirror and Chalice of the Void.

K0rt on Fire & Lightning it burns, oh my!

6 months ago

For sideboard options Blood Moon , Shattering Spree , Roiling Vortex and Molten Rain are good. Blood Moon and Molten Rain against greedy mana bases and Tron, although Blood Moon is much better against Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks like Scapeshift and Amulet Titan. Shattering Spree is better than Smash to Smithereens against mass-artefact decks like AsmoFood while Smash to Smithereens is better against Chalice of the Void so you might want to run a couple of both. Roiling Vortex is something I'm a big fan of as a meta pick, it hits the cascade cards and Mishra's Bauble hard, is lifegain hate against cards like Batterskull while also giving some damage over a longer game. You can use Alpine Moon for a budget option for Blood Moon, although it is worst in general.

As for the maindeck, I second the recommendation for Light Up the Stage , probably cutting the Searing Blaze as 16 lands + no fetches means that it is often going to be dead without landfall, even if it is really good against creature decks early. I would also give a look at Grim Lavamancer as a source of repeated burn.

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