Prismatic Ending


Converge — Exile target nonland permanent if its converted mana cost/mana value is less than equal to the number of colours of mana spent to cast this spell.

lhetrick13 on Titania lands

1 week ago

Shadowdragonlink - I really like the concept of this deck as it is pretty easy to get lands into the graveyard and yank them back out and if doing so creates a nice 5/3 elemental, that is pretty neat.

Take any of my feedback with a grain of salt as I a a bit of a newer player but when I look at this build I feel like it would struggle against most modern decks. Mostly due to the fact that Titania, Protector of Argoth is pretty expensive and you do have not way to force her into play so you are kinda left hoping you can stall long enough to find/play her, hope that the opponent does not just immediately remove her, and then deck really hits its stride.

You are running Lightning Bolt, Prismatic Ending, and March of Otherworldly Light for some low cost/lower CMC removal which will likely helps you get to the mid game against most decks. The fact that some of the the creatures give you life when you play a land is really nice as that will continue to buy you time but I feel as though this deck might benefit from some board wipes. It looks like you have plenty of ramp so mana should not be an issue and with most your creatures costing 3+ CMC anyways, not exactly like by turn 4-5 you are going to have lots of creatures out but a well placed Wrath of God or Winds of Abandon would likely buy you and extra couple turns to let this deck hit its stride. Just my two cents though.

wallisface on Lantern Control

2 weeks ago

Not sure you need Talisman of Resilience with such a low curve.

I’d also recommend splashing white for Prismatic Ending - card feels super strong in lantern

wallisface on

2 weeks ago

I’m going to add here a description of what a control decks purpose is about, as hopefully this helps with your deckbuilding decisions.

The primary goal of a control is to win by having more resources in-hand than the opponent, while ensuring the opponent can’t do anything too dangerous on-board. In this vein:

  • you need ways to increase your hand size, to get ahead of your opponent in cards - so you need ways to draw 2-or-more cards (or, a card that draws as-well-as disrupts, in one package) Current control decks typically do this vua 4x Archmage's Charm and 2x Memory Deluge. But other options include Into the Story, Think Twice, Expressive Iteration, Cryptic Command, etc. Without a way to get more cards than an opponent, a control deck will run out of resources, and then lose to top-decks.

  • you need a way to finish the game that also provides incremental value. Control decks want creatures that 2-for-1, so that they maintain their resource advantage - so their creatures are things like Snapcaster Mage, Solitude, a cycled Shark Typhoon, or failing that manlands like Celestial Colonnade. If the creatures you use don’t provide you resource advantage, then they’re more likely to hurt your plans than help you.

  • lands are super important. You need to be able to cast resources from your hand to gain & maintain your advantage. A control deck that can’t play a land everyturn for the first 4-5 turns of the game, will very-often lose. Because a Control deck often has a near-full hand, there’s often no-such-thing as drawing “too many” lands, while drawing too-few is disastrous.

  • So, in summary, every-single-card in your deck that isn’t a land, either needs to provide some form of resource-advantage, or trade 1-for-1 with an opponents card (i.e Counterspell, Prismatic Ending etc).

Taking the above points and comparing them to your current build:

  • Deflecting Palm, Boros Reckoner, Hover Barrier, Ugin's Conjurant and Basri Ket are all bad choices as they offer you no form of resource advantage (and some of these, like the Conjurant, are just terrible in general).

  • Your selection of counterspells leave a lot to be desired. Too many if them have very specific targets on what they can counter, which isn’t ideal as it means your “resources” may sometimes be useless. A lot of these also cost a LOT more mana than what they should, considering their average effects.

  • you don’t have enough ways to gain resource-advantage.

  • your land count is waaay too low.

  • you have no “finisher” card that actually wants to be in this deck.

wallisface on Cthulhu Fhtagn

1 month ago

TheBl0b personally i’d ditch all of the Clockspinning for a playset of Subtlety. Clockspinning only ever helps you if its in your opening hand - if it’s in-deck it's liable to be unhelpful as it won’t trigger the Quest. Alternatively, Street Wraith could also be ditched (its not blue so isn’t as useful if you’re running Subtlety).

I think your sideboard needs more answers for dealing with Prismatic Ending also - that card is everywhere at the moment and is very liable to give you problems… if they can exile your Quest, it’s game over.

lhetrick13 on Kaya's plague

1 month ago

Se7enfoot - This deck list confuses me. You have lots of delay tactics cards like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Smallpox, etc...You are also running some low CMC removal with Prismatic Ending, Fatal Push, and Portable Hole with the planeswalkers also seem to be built around the same removal/delay idealology. What I am failing to see is your winning strategy.

You can create a total of only 16 1/1 spirits and up to 4 5/5 dragons for creatures with 6 cards so the changes of overwhelming your opponent with creatures seems low as you do not have any draw engines in the deck. The spells you are running are not really damaged centered so that does not seem to be the plan either. So how do you want this deck to actually win?

mrweaselman on Nahiri Jeskai control

1 month ago

The deck overall looks pretty solid, biggest thing IMO would just be cleaning up the list a little for consistency.

You have some good draw options already with 4 Expressive Iteration, I don't think you need the Narset, Parter of Veils. I would go one more Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, and one less Nahiri, the Harbinger.

Haven't been following the meta too closely since Lurrus ban, but pre-ban, Prismatic Ending was generally played over Path to Exile. The deck feels a bit light on counters, but one more Counterspell would fix that. Personally, I like Fire / Ice more than Lightning Bolt, but that may be preference. Detention Sphere feels out of place in the main as a one of, another Supreme Verdict would improve consistency.

For the sideboard, I'm not entirely sure what Counterflux is doing. Flusterstorm is better against Storm and Dovin's Veto is better against a control mirror or tempo. You already have enough exile effects that Anger of the Gods feels unnecessary, same with the other Path to Exile. Another Rest in Peace and tron hate like Alpine Moon would work better.

GofyTomcat1 on Jeskai Aggro

1 month ago

If you're playing Modern, maybe consider Geist of Saint Traft or Lightning Angel? Both are budget options in the format that really work for this style of build. Lightning Angel is basically a Mantis Rider with an extra toughness, and while Geist doesn't fly, he has Hexproof, meaning he's basically going to dodge most of the removal in the format. He's also 6 power spread across 2 bodies for 3 mana, so that's a lot of value.

You'll also want some cheaper interaction and removal, such as Lightning Bolt, Counterspell, Lightning Helix, and Path to Exile/ Prismatic Ending. All of these spells won't cost you a whole lot of money, but they'll help you interact with the board state and/or finish off the opponent in the case of the burn spells. Another great option is Boros Charm, since it does literally everything a deck like this wants to do! 4 damage to the face, double strike on a creature, or protecting your board state from opposing removal.

BurningWaffles on Sultai Control

1 month ago

It definitely gets removed easily, though there are a few weird removal spells that can't hit it, even though it's a creature. (Looking at you, Abrupt Decay and Prismatic Ending). I don't have much experience with legacy at all, but occasionally I've found myself in situations where turning a fetchland or a Green Sun's Zenith (for X = 0) into a 1/1 is advantageous.

It's probably included more as a pet card (that I will justify because of the one time when it totally won me the game) than as actual secret tech though. It definitely gets in any deck with Craterhoof Behemoth though.

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