My personal take on Azusa, the idea behind it is being flooded with lands allows for better long term plays since we get the advantage of more value on those plays. This is a multiplayer focus deck, you find a card that lets you sift through your library then quickly build up a land. The lost and afraid is a deck that takes advantage of "having too many lands"


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I think I'm finally happy with the position of this deck with these changes. Took the deck apart and started rebuilding towards the wincons with all the advice I was given. I cannot tell you how many games, solitaire's and web's I did over the past couple days. Atleast 100+??, 10 games, 15 webs, bunch of solitares?

+1 Chord of Calling, works well with our other token generators, catches opponents by surprise, finds answers, finds pieces to combos. Another tutor is a solid addition.

+1 Crop Rotation, Played wrong this card will hurt your game. Played right with the addition of dark depths recently this is a fantastic card. Hold onto this card use it to find a fetch if you do not have one for your crucibles. If you have thespian or dark depths you can use this at instant speed to find the other combo piece. It can be used to find maze in a pinch. It's more versatile than it seems.

+1 Exploration, it's back with the recent changes and it works!

+1 Kamahl’s Will, It's a creature kill card, drop with gaea's for extra mana, if you have lot of lands its a win condition, finally it's an emergency combat trick. Better than you think it is. I find that most time's I running it as a mana generator and a removal.

+1 Rampaging Baloths, earned a spot in the deck with the other additions, this card can be swapped out with any creature in the side board.

+1 Realms Uncharted, Give me Gaea's cradle or die. Give me fetches you don't have a choice. I search for Petrified field, gaea's cradle, thespian stage, dark depths. They either give me a 2 mana 20/20 or give me the cradle.... it's the cradle. I found one it was beneficial to drop all my fetches in the grave also for landfall drops. This is kinda fringe, monitoring this card.

+1 Song of the Dryads is replacing world breaker, comes out after at the cost of replying it, but it's harder to deal with and more versatile. Monitoring this change, but it seems to be doing well right now.

Removal's, removed a bit of top weight and recurrence for some constancy.

-1 Vorinclex, I love it, but it's tool heavy in this edition. I want to eventually run him, but I don't think he matches this variant it might be a different type of azusa.

-1 Wrenn, gives you a couple lands or a creature then sits around milling you,,, great... trading him away while he's still near $40

-1 multiani, powerful, but way to heavy right now. Need to bring down my curve in this deck.

-1 mirrorpool, I love the effect of this land, but it's messed me up to many times on my drops. It's got to go.

-1 Augur of Autumn, after extensive testing I find my self searching for corsair instead. After that I find oracle. This opens up a valuable slot.

-1 Greater good, I want to run this, but I can't get it to go without it getting removed. I'm better off finding into a combo.

-1 Beacon of Creation, I LOVE THIS CARD and it hurts to much to remove it... I must ... keep.. it... NO I'm a good Grasshoppeh1 I know it's been making some creatures then not doing much after... but... bugs... WE... SHALL.. RESIST...

It's striking a good balance in my play group of being able to come out swinging or play a heavy weight. There is other cards I can swap out to the play group over time. I need to see how it behaves long term now.



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