Earthcraft is a hell of a card. No wonder it is banned in Legacy, the thing is totally broken! So broken, it needs to have a deck built around it. Get ready for an unusual mix of tokens, spell slinging and a lot of tapping.

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Opposition : very slow, paints a target on your head

Glare of Subdual : very slow, taping artifacts is almost useless

Quest for Renewal : good card, became useless with the switch to full combo

Shared Discovery : tapping creatures is like tapping mana for this deck, 3 cards for 5 mana is not great

Mine Excavation : didn't have enough targets, never was the 2-for-1 I imagined

Faces of the Past : too narrow, too hard to trigger

Spawning Pit : don't need the sac, not often usefull

The Great Aurora : played it for the whole deck once, felt mediocre even then, been there - done that

Burn at the Stake : is a pain to cast, kills only 1 opponent

Fires of Yavimaya : thought I needed haste, I don't

Sky Hussar : slow, high CMC for the untap

Chord of Calling : only 1 good target

Fatestitcher : too high CMC for a dork, thought it would combo nicely with Isochron Scepter

Dictate of Heliod : wanted to play through Elesh Norn, just removing her is better

In its first stage this deck was a much slower and more fragile. Cards like Opposition and Glare of Subdual should give me time and board control. Quest for Renewal and Seedborn Muse kept the untaps going. I had to fool around, giving my opponents cards or ramp with my commander, until I found The Great Aurora or Burn at the Stake to finally finish them off, if pinging them with 1/1s wasn't enough. The idea of a token based lockdown deck sounds fancy, but is just too easily disrupted by removal of any kind. Imagine playing a control deck that doesn't want to play board wipes. The deck felt best, when I found a way to combo off with an untap effect like Paradox Engine . Tons of tokens, enough mana for any spell I would ever want to cast, but just not enough ways to use them because I ran out of cards too fast. The natural conclusion was to get rid of all the lockdown stuff and get a good mana sink. Switching to Thrasios, Triton Hero was a given, once I knew what the deck needed.


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Well they banned the Engine. Everybody knew it was going to happen sooner or later. This is a hit to one of the key combo pieces of the deck but there are enough left. Opens up a slot for experiments.