Earthcraft is a hell of a card. No wonder it is banned in Legacy, the thing is totally broken! So broken, it needs to have a deck built around it. Get ready for an unusual mix of tokens, spell slinging and a lot of tapping.

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Paradox Engine: started out the deck idea, banned (RIP)

Opposition: very slow, paints a target on your head

Glare of Subdual: very slow, taping artifacts is almost useless

Quest for Renewal: good card, became useless with the switch to full combo

Shared Discovery: tapping creatures is like tapping mana for this deck, 3 cards for 5 mana is not great

Mine Excavation: didn't have enough targets, never was the 2-for-1 I imagined

Faces of the Past: too narrow, too hard to trigger

Spawning Pit: don't need the sac, not often usefull

The Great Aurora: played it for the whole deck once, felt mediocre even then, been there - done that

Burn at the Stake: is a pain to cast, kills only 1 opponent

Fires of Yavimaya: thought I needed haste, I don't

Sky Hussar: slow, high CMC for the untap

Chord of Calling: only 1 good target

Fatestitcher: too high CMC for a dork, thought it would combo nicely with Isochron Scepter

Dictate of Heliod: wanted to play through Elesh Norn, just removing her is better

Natural Affinity: turning lands into creatures has too many downsides

Second Harvest: win more card

Unifying Theory: too risky, too fancy for its own good

Secrets of the Golden City: was ok, just not great

Increasing Devotion: good cost effectiveness, high mana cost nonetheless

In its first stage this deck was a much slower and more fragile. Cards like Opposition and Glare of Subdual should give me time and board control. Quest for Renewal and Seedborn Muse kept the untaps going. I had to fool around, giving my opponents cards or ramp with my commander, until I found The Great Aurora or Burn at the Stake to finally finish them off, if pinging them with 1/1s wasn't enough. The idea of a token based lockdown deck sounds fancy, but is just too easily disrupted by removal of any kind. Imagine playing a control deck that doesn't want to play board wipes. The deck felt best, when I found a way to combo off with an untap effect like Paradox Engine. Tons of tokens, enough mana for any spell I would ever want to cast, but just not enough ways to use them because I ran out of cards too fast. The natural conclusion was to get rid of all the lockdown stuff and get a good mana sink. Switching to Thrasios, Triton Hero was a given, once I knew what the deck needed.


Updates Add

I don't know if it's the meta changing or me getting worse at playing, but somehow the deck lacks the punch it had previously. Maybe the Engine ban hit the deck harder than I expected? I want to try something else here.