This is about keeping yourself protected and pillowforting the crap outta your board so you can get out Azor's Elocutors, Felidar Sovereign, or maybe try knocking out people with Angel of Destiny. Soulherder pairs well with Stonehorn Dignitary to keep an opponent from targeting you while you beef up the herder. Just keep stalling and build until you get your win out. If you can, get out Pramikon with Mystic Barrier and bring all combat to a hault. A good ol' wholesome "you win the game" style. If that doesn't work, there are several options to force combat in order to make your opponents do the work for you.


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Ajani, Strength of the Pride -> Approach of the Second Sun. While Ajani is good, he was mostly in for the life gain for cards like Angel of Destiny and since it's based on number of creatures, it wouldn't be a lot of life gain. Approach of the Second Sun gives me another potential "you win" con and since this deck runs a good amount of card draw, wanted to give it a shot.

Lightning Bolt -> Divine Offering. Lightning Bolt is mostly in for creature removal and this deck already has a lot of goading and forced combat, so I wanted to even it out with another artifact removal that also gave me a little bit of life gain that would help offset the loss from swapping out Ajani.


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