Web of Inertia

Web of Inertia


At the beginning of each opponent's combat phase, that player may exile a card from his or her graveyard. If the player doesn't, creatures he or she controls can't attack you this turn.

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Web of Inertia Discussion

DreadKhan on Zur the Dom

1 month ago

Dance of Many is a cool card, which can duplicate the best thing out usually, which is nice. The other duplication enchantments, Copy Enchantment and Mirrormade are both useful with All That Glitters , IIRC it's about the fastest Voltron you can generate with Zur. Estrid's Invocation works nicely with Detention Sphere , allowing you to wipe a token type per turn at no cost, handy in some matchups.

Web of Inertia and Rest in Peace is a nice way to be safe from enemy attackers, and to halt anyone else trying to use their graveyard. It has no ongoing cost like Solitary Confinement , and works vs attack triggers (like an enemy Zur or Eldrazi).

I usually prefer Oubliette over Darksteel Mutation (though I run both!) because you can sac the 0/1, and it doesn't deal with auras or equipment like the Oubliette does.

Shuper on Ranar combo

5 months ago

First of all, love the deck.

I have been building my own version and this has given me some different ways of looking at things, thanks.

Secondly, some thoughts or questions:

I hadn't thought of Web of Inertia , Energy Field , or Mystifying Maze . Thanks.

connor_s on Not Another Zur Deck

5 months ago

DreadKhan I used to have Rule of Law in, but ended cutting it for Arcane Laboratory so it can be pitched to Force of Will more regularly. It can absolutely get in the way of the consultation win, but I play with Ad Nauseam players and it hurts them far more often. I dont know why I never thought of copying Helm of Obedience . Maybe ill put Mirrormade back in.

I dont think I've ever even seen Web of Inertia . Worth considering for sure.

In my playgroup, I have a hard time winning through voltron. I took All That Glitters out, but with more copy enchantment/artifact effects, it would be worth including again

Thank you for your suggestions!

DreadKhan on Not Another Zur Deck

5 months ago

Rule of Law is another 1 spell per turn enchantment, as is Eidolon of Rhetoric , both fetchable, and Archon of Emeria is great but not an enchantment. I run a Rule of Law based Zur deck, but I set it up so my win cons don't require 2 spells in the same turn. Does Consultation play nice with Laboratory for you, it seems like you are at risk of blocking your own win con sometimes.

Speaking of win cons, if you set up Helm of Obedience you might want to fetch a Mirrormade next, so you can kill the remaining 2 players in 1 turn, 1 the first turn you set up, then the remaining two the next turn. The versatile copy effect has lots of niche uses, so it's not a dead card (even if all you do is copy Sol Ring when you fetch it up, it's doing work I'd argue).

Web of Inertia is sometimes a lot better than Energy Field if being attacked period matters, IE vs Najeela or Eldrazi. If you just want the damage prevention I like Solitary Confinement , so I can't be targeted.

All That Glitters is, I find anyways, the best Zur Voltron card you'll find, often providing enough buff to win on it's own in slower match ups, IE if your hate cards do work. Any Copy Enchantment type effects (I run 3) synergize really well with Glitters.

DreadKhan on Zur the enchanted one

7 months ago

Web of Inertia helps vs stuff like Eldrazi, because stopping damage is easier than stopping all attacks. RiP also combos with Helm of Obedience if you want to nuke people at will.

Detention Sphere plays well with Estrid's Invocation, you can keep clearing out one type of tokens a turn. The Invocation can also be used this way to fiddle with things that don't like being exiled, such as vs +1/+1 counter stuff, or evenIsochron Scepter if someone isn't winning outright off of it.

Legendxp on Tormod Hates Your Graveyard

10 months ago

There's some pretty cool card choices in this deck like Web of Inertia. However, I don't see a lot of ways for you to get cards into your graveyard in the first place, other than having your permanents die. Also, while your instants and sorceries do go into the graveyard, most either exile themselves as part of their resolution or wipe the field, getting rid of Tormod in the process. This might be a problem since Tormod only triggers off of your stuff leaving the graveyard.

Maybe try Perpetual Timepiece, Wand of Vertebrae, or Bloodcurdler. These cards both self mill, and can remove cards from your graveyard.

DreadKhan on My Deck is my Phylactery

1 year ago

Web of Inertia is a handy, fetchable way to not be attacked with Rest in Peace is out. Very helpful vs other decks that gain value from attacking, be it another Zur deck or Eldrazi that will just ruin your day whenever they swing.

nfamouspanda on Zur Stax

1 year ago

Lanzo493 I really like the idea of Web of Inertia add when coupled with Rest in Peace

mrmoo I hadnt considered Reality Twist but I may play test it

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