My second attempt at a storm spell sling deck with a reliable commander in Jhoira. This deck looks to storm off and generate huge card draw, mana, and win the game quickly.

Combos Include:

Sensei’s divining top, mystic reflection, and any reducer to draw your entire deck and into a wincon.

Words of wind, Jhoira, and any two artifacts producing more than 2 mana allows you to create infinite mana and infinite permanent bounces clearing your opponent’s entire board state.

LED, Breach, Brainfreeze combo for the win, made easy to assemble with huge card draw or infinite draw from above.

Codex Shredder with Words of wind allows you to mill an opponent with the same bounce feature as above.

With infinite mana and Words of wind, cast Urza and continue to bounce for infinite gigantic constructs.


For now, I’ve omitted iso/rev combo and Aetherflux reservoir as potential win conditions although both are very viable in this build and may see inclusion in later builds.

Thanks for the help, thoughts, and feedback I appreciate it!


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