Paradoxical Outcome

Paradoxical Outcome


Return any number of target nonland, nontoken permanents you control to their owners' hands. Draw a card for each card returned to your hand this way.

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Paradoxical Outcome Discussion

RhinoSmash on

2 months ago

lagotripha - I can definitely see trying to throw in some more Upheaval type effects, but Paradoxical Outcome being only my stuff doesn't seem amazing unless I have a ton of those 1 drops you were talking about. Crush of Tentacles might be another decent option as a poor man's version of upheaval. Could also be the play after a resolved Upheaval if I don't have an Omnath, Locus of Creation or Primeval Titan in hand.

Great call.

lagotripha on

2 months ago

Fires really likes activated abilities and 4 drops, which modern has a lot of options for. You are already trying to cast a blue 6 drop, a Time Warp is a lazy way to improve win rate.

I could see trying to abuse Treasure Mage for Mindslaver locks in a list like this, but its more big mana stuff, and getting to the big mana is the whole challenge.

Another option is Aether Vial and Arboreal Grazer / Elvish Pioneer type effects, trying to build a wide board with a bunch of mana and 1 mana creature synergies.

The big thing it needs is a second bounce effect- something like Paradoxical Outcome that lets you build a more reliable plan.

anvildust on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

2 months ago

@Eisenherz: I have followed your lists for a while and agree with most of your development of the list and meta. However, I was wondering your thoughts on Paradoxical Outcome . With the list offering many rocks that are positive, and other artifacts that go positive with Urza, or are neutral at worst, I am curious as to why you don't run it. I would also ask your opinion on Commit / Memory .

zapyourtumor on Living Weapon Slayer

3 months ago

Or maybe you could bounce the now useless equipments to your hand for profit and to recast them with something like Paradoxical Outcome , Glint Hawk , or maybe even Master Transmuter .

Herb48 on Outcome

3 months ago

Hey there! Awesome looking deck :) I love Paradoxical Outcome decks in vintage. Opposition Agent is an awesome card in the format, and its super cool to see it getting played.

If I could recommend anything, I would cut Lotus Petal for an additional Sensei's Divining Top because it synergizes so well with PO and Bolas's Citadel . I would also recommend cutting a land or two for Repeal 's, as they cycle for free if you have a mana rock, and really smooth out your draws when you are going off.

I have a deck of my own, check it out! I'm open to any and all suggestions:

The One Who Mentored Them All

Cheers :)

Herb48 on Lutri Underworld Breach

3 months ago

Hey there!

I love Paradoxical Outcome decks in vintage. They are so fast and so resilient at the same time. I was wondering, is there any reason why you only run one of every spell? I feel like you could gain a lot of consistency from doing the following:



Misdirection , Mystical Dispute , Spell Pierce , Expressive Iteration , Lion's Eye Diamond , Lotus Petal , Wishclaw Talisman , Peek and Night's Whisper .

The big thing is you need the playset of Force of Will and Paradoxical Outcome . Besides that, the rest is really up to you.

I have a deck of my own, I would love if you drop a vote and any suggestions you may have:

The One Who Mentored Them All

Vintage Herb48


Cheers :)

Named_Tawyny on is Phyrexian Metamorph a land …

5 months ago

Yes. There is nothing in Phyrexian Metamorph 's rules that restricts it to non-land cards - so as long as the object that it copies is either an artifact or a creature (or both) it will copy that object.

When it copies something, it is copying every part of it (name, p/t, type, subtype, etc...) plus it will be an artifact (if it wasn't already).

So if it copies Great Furnace it will become an Artifact Land named Great Furnace.

Paradoxical Outcome specifies that you can only target nonland, nontoken permanents. Since the Metamorph card is not a land, it cannot be targeted.

Casual-Player on is Phyrexian Metamorph a land …

5 months ago

hi, if i cast Phyrexian Metamorph onto a Cascade Bluffs does it count as a land (in which case can Paradoxical Outcome return it to draw a card?

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