Paradoxical Outcome

Paradoxical Outcome


Return any number of target nonland, nontoken permanents you control to their owners' hands. Draw a card for each card returned to your hand this way.

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Paradoxical Outcome Discussion

wallisface on UG Erayo Control/Lock

3 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • You need a way to reliably get Thrasta, Tempest's Roar into your hand, as it appears to be the only way you'll be able to apply pressure. Unlike traditional control, you have a lot of Thrasta-enabling pieces clogging up your deck, so I don't think you can rely on keeping control of the game for long before your opponent starts being able to enact their plans. Traditional Storm decks get what they need efficiently by having loads of draw-cards in their decks, so maybe that's a good avenue to explore?

  • 20 lands fees super low, especially when you're running 4cmc stuff like Cryptic Command and Paradoxical Outcome (and you're going to need more than just the to cast Thrasta, Tempest's Roar also... feels like you need to reach 5ish lands??) I would think you'd want 23 lands as a minimum (Waterlogged Grove'd be good additions as you can always draw from them if you're flooding)

macdeath on Vintage PO

1 month ago

-1 Underground Sea is asking for trouble to cast the key black cards. This type of deck can struggle against Wasteland + Null Rod decks, relying on Mox Opal and 1 Underground Sea is not where you want to be.

-Thassa's Oracle does not belong in the deck whatsoever and neither does Noxious Revival. You are already packing Tendrils of Agony and Time Vault which are much more suited to the deck. Noxious Revival is just worse than Snapcaster Mage especially in a deck with Paradoxical Outcome

-Seat of the Synod is usually only played to make Thoughtcast / Thought Monitor viable. It makes the deck super soft to Null Rod effects.

-Urza, Lord High Artificier is okayish but worse than Monastery Mentor or Tinker>Sphinx of the Steel Wind. Also, Urza's Bauble is pretty bad in Vintage.

LeonSpires on Brago, King of Flicker

1 month ago

@ DrSnipy Both of those are good cards. However the reason blink is better then bouncing permanents is that you don't have to pay the cards mana cost again. Furthermore another consideration is to not dilute the amount of etb effects by running too many instants and sorceries. Brogo really is only as good as the permanents on the battlefield that he can blink.

That being said I have seen Paradoxical Outcome give insane card advantage based on how many permanents are bounced. And as far as Evacuation goes it is especially good if you are running the deck into a heavy creature meta. I have thought about running more board wipes in my list I will keep Evacuation a consideration when it comes to that.

Good luck on your Brogo list. Thanks for checking mine out.

Ervefel on Bouncy Castle

1 month ago

I really like both cards but decided to choose Blinking and Flickering effects over bouncing effects in this build. Paradoxical Outcome is a great way to protect your board and gaining card advantage but i decided to add Cosmic Intervention over it because it returns the cards back to the field. Evacuation use to be in the deck but i wanted more cards to allow Brago, King Eternal to get through so i added Spectral Deluge instead because its one sided.

DrSnipy on Bouncy Castle

1 month ago

Bouncing/Blinking/Flickering is fun, I really like ETBs too, so how do you feel about Paradoxical Outcome and/or Evacuation?

DrSnipy on Brago, King of Deja Vu

1 month ago

To connect to your Spirit "ETBs are cool but more ETBs is cooler" How do you feel Paradoxical Outcome and/or Evacuation ? It gives huge value for ETB Decks.

DrSnipy on Brago, King of Flicker

1 month ago

Im working on my Brago deck, I like yours too. How do you feel Paradoxical Outcome and/or Evacuation? It gives huge value for ETB Decks.

DrSnipy on Blink And You'll Miss It

1 month ago

Nice deck, I build a Brago Deck myself, what do you think about Paradoxical Outcome ? It gives huge value for ETB Decks.

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