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Arcades - I just defend myself...!

Commander / EDH* GWU (Bant) Multiplayer Tribal



This is my try on an Arcades EDH. So far it works very well, but in my playgroup other decks are a little bit stronger (or my playing style is the problem), so that i finish mostly as third or second place. What can i do to win? How would you play the deck? What are your suggestions?

The main strategy is to beat down my opponents with walls. Win cons are card:Tetsuko Umezawa,Fugitive and Triumph of the Hordes . That should take one or two opponents down (maybe all of them, but mostly every time there comes a board wipe).

The other strategy is to get infinite mana, with Axebane Guardian and Pemmin's Aura . card:The Genesis Wave should follow to win with Lab Maniac.

So far, so short. Tell me what you think!

PS.: As soon as possible i will explain my card choices a little bit more. Until that happens you´ll have to ask.

Angelic Wall just a beater with flying

Axebane Guardian One of the best cards in here. It is more than a solid Mana Ramp and it combos for infinite Mana with Pemmin's Aura . Another way to combo is with Lightning Greaves and Deadeye Navigator and two more defenders. With this one i draw my entire deck.

Carven Caryatid brings another card with it. Also good target for Temur Sabertooth , Cloudstone Curio , Deadeye Navigator

Clever Impersonator could be every Defender for carddraw. Coul be an Etali, Primal Storm which i faced turn 4 or a Blightsteel Colossus or something unexpected. When that happens i am prepared

Drift of Phantasms Not only a flying defender but mostly every time a solid tutor, which can´t be countered. Targets are Genesis Wave , Wargate , Axebane Guardian , card:Teferi´s Protection. Everything i need!

Hover Barrier Flying beater

Jeskai Barricade A tricky card. It can bounce my defender for more carddraw, but he can even protect Arcades or another creature from Spot Removal because of the flash ability

Jungle Barrier Draws another card, solid beater. Also good target for Temur Sabertooth , Cloudstone Curio , Deadeye Navigator

Mnemonic Wall Brings back some instant or sorcery card, which is awesome. But imagine this guy with Venser, the Sojourner . You flicker it, then Supreme Verdict , then get it back, and that again and again. In some cases it would ultimate Venser. And this is not what i´d like to play against!

Orator of Ojutai Flyer, brings an additional card. Also good target for Temur Sabertooth , Cloudstone Curio , Deadeye Navigator

Overgrown Battlement with Axebane Guardian the other great mana ramp. He can go infinite with Temur Sabertooth and Lightning Greaves . Not so Powerful as the Axebane, but it´s enough for a Genesis Wave which wins the game with Laboratory Maniac

Perimeter Captain 0/4 for one Mana, and Lifegain if i really have to defend myself. I´ll take it!

Stalwart Shield-Bearers Pumps my other Walls. Extrem strong!

Sunscape Familiar Awesome for fast play. Reduces Arcades and most Walls. This can escalate quickly!

Sylvan Caryatid Solid Ramp in my colors

Tree of Redemption THE beater of the deck. Not only 0/13 is awesome but when you think of end of turn switching this into 0/40 and you have a Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive : Oneshot! It´s a little bit risky to switch the lifetotal but maybe there is a card:Teferi´s Protection in your hand...

Wall of Blossoms Brings another card. Also good target for Temur Sabertooth , Cloudstone Curio , Deadeye Navigator

Wall of Denial Powerhouse! flying and shroud and incredible strong. Take it!

Wall of Frost it´s strong, but i struggle with this one, because of the double U in the mana cost.

Wall of Junk Very strong. Bounces itself for more card advantage.

Wall of Mulch The only sac outlet. A dead Wall is another card in my hand!

Wall of Omens Brings another card. Also good target for Temur Sabertooth , Cloudstone Curio , Deadeye Navigator

Wall of Roots with 0/5 it´s solid for 2 mana. And it´s a good ramp card. Flicker or bounce it, and he is brand new!

Wall of Shards 1/8 flyer for TWO. Amazing. Giving some opponent Life is okay when you hit that hard!

Wall of Tanglecord beater

Progenitor Mimic When i copy a defender it says that i draw an additional card each turn. When i copy for example Wall of Omens i draw two additional cards. Or i copy the best creature on the battlefield!

Bane of Progress Destroys enchantments and Artifacts. The best is i can flicker or bounce him with Temur Sabertooth or Deadeye Navigator , to do it again and again

Deadeye Navigator Flickers Walls, for Card Advantage. Combos for example with Lightning Greaves and card:Aexebane Guardian or Overgrown Battlement

Eternal Witness Best recursion i have. Combos with Venser, the Sojourner and Boardwipe. You can look up the idea at Mnemonic Wall

Laboratory Maniac wins games, when i draw my deck.

Mentor of the Meek i discovered, that Arcades draws some hate. So here is alternative carddraw!

Spellseeker it´s a target for Drift of Phantasms and it searches me a Cyclonic Rift . And this wins games and breaks the hardest boards! And it searches for heroic intervention, when i have an Armageddon

Temur Sabertooth Bounces my creatures for Card Advantage or Protection. Combos with Lightning Greaves and Overgrown Battlement Axebane Guardian

Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive My beaters are unblockable? Say good night! Especially with Triumph of the hordes a broken card!

Aluren Broken card! i can play mostly all defenders for zero! Also it combos with Cloudstone Curio and two defenders for drawing my deck and win with Laboratory Maniac

Assault Formation Another way to make my Walls beaters. With infinite Mana my Walls become higher and higher...

Elfhame Sanctuary On the first sight maybe not so fitting. On the second sight it´s awesome with Armageddon . I refill constantly my manabase while my opponents struggle.

card:Pemmin´s Aura goes infinite with Axebane Guardian , gives him also flying and an infinite body to BEAT!

Song of Freyalise All my Walls become Birds of Paradise . And with the third phase of the card there comes a boardwipe, or at least an immense attack!

Cyclonic Rift This card overloaded wins games!

Eladamri's Call Tutors for creature. For example Axebane Guardian or whatever i need!

Enlightened Tutor goes for Aluren or Pemmin's Aura

Heroic Intervention to dodge an opponents boardwipe or to play an own boardwipe and benefit from it. Best way to use is with Armageddon

Muddle the Mixture This card is awesome. It counters Boardwipes or searches for Lightning Greaves , Cyclonic Rift , Heroic Intervention or any two drop defender

Mystical Tutor searches Boardwipe, card:Teferi´s Protection or for example a Genesis Wave to finish the game

Swan Song counters Boardwipes or massive X-spells

Sylvan Reclamation my answer to Darksteel Forge when i encounter one. There are always enchantments or artifacts you want to exile. The Landcycling is a nice bonus for the early game, because i can easily recover the card with Eternal Witness

card:Teferi´s Protection to dodge everthing, that would kill you!

Armageddon best way to use is after a boardwipe and with Heroic Intervention . But i can also use it for example turn 6 and I´m sure that my defender have the best board so early.

Genesis Wave Also on low X cost this card hits most of my cards but with Laboratory Maniac and infinite Mana it wins the game

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