S'pose it's time for me to make a profile description.

Started playing MTG during the Darksteel release wayyy back in the day.

Don't care much for EDH, although I've certainly played in a few commander tournaments.

Favorite format is Modern, and I love 2v2s.

Big sucker for old school art.

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Simply wonderful, spectacular! This is certainly a meta-breaker deck!

May 15, 2024 10:53 a.m.

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I appreciate the upvote Balaam__! Stay tuned while miniman0070 and I finish up this deck. I'll also include a detailed description of the card choices once finished.

In the meantime check out my latest work:

Cloning Gruul

Modern broitsjustagame


May 3, 2024 1:21 p.m.

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