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Competetive Modern self mill deck. Goal is to fill your graveyard with creatures to make incredibly power cheap beaters to overwhelm your opponent.



Stitcher's Supplier - early game Mill creature. Block whatever your opponent attacks with, this guy is better off dead than alive.

Satyr Wayfinder - another early game Mill creature. This creature helps us dig for different colored lands or Field of Ruin if we need it. He also helps keep our land count lower for more creatures.

Grisly Salvage - more Mill but also can grab us Utility creatures and lands should we need them.

Stinkweed Imp - never get caught without a flyer again. Late game Mill but you can block with him every turn and continuously return him. Great late game Mill. Considering adding another copy.


Urborg Lhurgoyf - good early game Beater that can also help Mill if you have the extra Mana. Also doesn't die if your opponent exiles your graveyard #heavenforbid one of the main hitters in your deck but he doesn't have trample.

Fiend Artisan - Another one of your heavy hitters. This guy also serves as utility. Can help get rid of your useless creatures like Stitcher's Supplier for more beaters or for Eternal Witness

Splinterfright - your main Beater. Has an auto built in Mill effect and has trample. Strongest creature in your deck but it will die If your graveyard is removed.


Deathbonnet Sprout   and Deathbonnet Hulk   are an early game Mill engine and a weak Beater. Good opener and also helps you later in the game. Also serves as late game graveyard hate that people tend to forget about.

Grist, the Hunger Tide does have a Mill effect, but she's in here for her removal effect. She also serves as a late game alternate wincon with her final ability. Can also be grabbed when using Collected Company

Eternal Witness is a very nice one of in the deck as you can grab any card in your graveyard regardless of the situation. I often hold onto her until she's needed In my hand.

Field of Ruin is a must as Removal because unfortunately cards like Scavenger Grounds exist


Abrupt Decay is an early game removal spell that isnt limited to just creatures. Very nice against aggro Enchantment or artifact decks.


Collected Company is easily the best card in your deck. Every creature in is a grab for it along with Grist, the Hunger Tide loading the field with 2 huge beaters at Instant speed easily overwhelms them.


Assassin's Trophy backup Removal spells for cards like Leyline of the Void or large creatures

Pithing Needle for pesky cards like Tormod's Crypt those pesky Artifacts that exile entire graveyards.

Ground Seal for graveyard hate that targets one or two cards at a time.

Languish one sided boardwipe for tokens, goblins, and Elves if they get out of hand

Haywire Mite to destroy Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void

Witherbloom Command very versatile removal spell. Helps deal with alot of cheap threats.

Gnaw to the Bone added this to help against aggro and burn decks. Chose this over Life Goes On because I am only adding a 1 of and the flashback will really help me to dig this if I need it.

Recent Updates

Took out Reclamation Sage for Haywire Mite trying to be faster for when they have a turn 0 Leyline of the Void

Took out Gravity Well for Gnaw to the Bone fliers are strong against this deck but they can be taken down with Grist, the Hunger Tide Abrupt Decay or Assassin's Trophy Added Takenuma, Abandoned Mire

Still tweaking everything so every little bit helps.


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