Will they see the Forest for the Trees?

Uh ... ever hear of "Forest Tribal?"

Well, now you have, lmao

They all read the card, 1 by 1. There's usually a general acceptance about "Hm, that's a weird ability." Usually people can understand conceptually that there's something about the deck that will show itself, but they all view it as a fair card.
Usually some value will happen shortly afterward, maybe sacrificing a Sakura-Tribe Elder and getting 2 Forests out of it. I'll typically try to get a land animation static effect on the field (like Nature's Revolt or Life and Limb) and prepare for my later turns. With Yedora out, I don't even care about wrath effects since if all my lands die, they just come back, untapped, as Forests.

This effect doubles down on lands that sacrifice themself for value (most notably fetches) since your land-creature will die and then become a forest, then you'll go ahead and resolve the fetch. Responses at this step usually come in the form of "That's cute, hadn't thought about that."

Usually around turn 7-9ish, I have enough pieces to either skyrocket my resources into the stratosphere or protect my board in such a way that it becomes very difficult to remove. Scapeshift is already a crazy resource generation card, but if you pair it with any land animation and Yedora, all the lands you sacrifice come back as untapped Forests, and then you can resolve the effect to get whatever lands you want.

Proteus Machine goes infinite with Yedora and any free sacrifice outlet, getting you infinite green mana, infinite death triggers, and infinite landfall triggers.

Zuran Orb with any land animation piece works the same way, except you also get infinite life out of the deal. It's around this time that the table really starts to see what the deck wants to do and then has to scramble in figuring out how to stop it. Because so much of the value is in generating lands for free, it's very hard to interact with since nobody runs meaningful enough land removal. Plus, even if they did, if my lands are animated they just come back for free and I get a free untap step. Even some blowout cards like Cyclonic Rift don't phase me because all my power is in my lands, or thanks to Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, basically all my creatures are now also lands and will safely dodge the rift.

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Please note, that creatures with a morph ability that are placed face-down when turned into forests (like our commander loves to do), you may absolutely turn the card right-side-up for its morph cost!

Here is the direct word from the Principal Magic Editor at WoTC:

Also, please remember that when a land becomes a creature, and that land was placed this turn, it may not attack or tap for mana in the same turn without some form of haste due to summoning sickness, even if turned into a creature 'after' the land came into play normally. All creatures on the board function this way regardless of timing.

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