Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Morningtide Rare

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Creature — Elemental

When Slithermuse leaves the battlefield, choose an opponent. If that player has more cards in hand than you, draw cards equal to the difference.

Evoke (3)(Blue) (You may play this spell for its evoke cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield.)

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Slithermuse Discussion

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 month ago

There's a blue/green creature in the set after Hour of Devastation that lets you draw a card for each creature you control when it ETB. We don't know how much it costs to cast yet, but if it's 4 mana I think it could replace the Slithermuse that a lot of people run in Animar. If it costs 5 mana it may be harder to include but the draw power it offers is still really tempting. If it costs 6 mana I would be reluctant to include it despite the draw power it offers, but that may just be me. Having the ability to play your entire hand and then refill it all in one turn would both give Animar another much needed means of mass card draw, and alleviate some of the stress of playing around wrath spells. Having that effect on a creature that can be tutored for and bounced back to hand to be replayed makes it that much better.

And thank you for that turn/win average, I was worrying a little that my build may be a bit on the slow side but it seems to put out similar results. I find the general result is that the deck combos off the second turn after the turn you cast Animar if no one disrupts you, so if Animar comes down turn 2 you tend to combo off turn 4, or if you cast Animar turn 3 it usually combos off turn 5.

You are right though, Animar does have a lot of resilience in its ability to get back into the game if its first shot at comboing off gets stopped. In the face of a lot of other combo decks that rely heavily on 1-2 cards to win, Animar really shines in how many different options it has to steal the game. That's probably the aspect of Animar that I love the most, because I get bored of decks that try to make the same line of play every game. Animar's web of interconnecting combo lines helps make every game feel different, and unlike other combo decks you have the option of just beating face if the combos aren't working out for you.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

2 months ago

So after racking enough counters on Animar with the Hoverguard combo, I'm guessing that you just bounce back Metamorph, copy Imperial Recruiter again, then tutor and cast Walking Ballista for the win? That's the simplest line I can currently think of to kill multiple opponents in one turn.

And yeah, I've been looking at Brutalizer Exarch. It's sending me on a bit of a nostalgia trip, because I had included it back in my first version of my Animar deck.

Mad World Rising is my current Animar list, but there are a number of cards that are due to be replaced. Bloodbraid Elf, Venser, Shaper Savant, and Slithermuse only occasionally give me the value I would like from them, and Duplicant is a recent addition that I'm still not sold on. Brainstorm has done good work for me but may not be worth including now that I finally have a Sylvan Library for the deck. Priest of Titania is another recent inclusion that I'm second-guessing. I'm going to keep the Kiki-jiki package for the now because Pestermite and Deceiver Exarch have integrated themselves into how I like to pilot the deck.

So if you are up for giving me some suggestions; lets say I freed up 6 slots in my deck by removing the cards I mentioned above, based on your experience what would be your top six recommended cards that I should include that I don't already have?

Snickles@EDH_only on Peekaboo!

3 months ago

I personally thing you would do better with Horde of Notions as your general. I know a guy at out local shop who has a crazy amount of synergy with the lorwyn block evoke elementals, like Mulldrifter, Shriekmaw, and Slithermuse, while also boosting the mass removal with Bane of Progress and Dread, while Purity and Omnath, Locus of Rage provide deterrence.

it also would make sense for Dust Elemental, Grave Sifter, Incandescent Soulstoke, Smokebraider, and Flamekin Harbinger if you end up going that route. Finally, Thunderblust or Torrent Elemental are decent assault cards that provide recursion.

DVLuca on Animar, Soul of Victorious

1 year ago

Hi SaberTech, the Shrieking Drake was a card I never wanted to put in because its unique purpose is to give a counter on animar when this list at early game need to stay open, but I will give it a try because it give a good start to the sinergy of all the creature-draw like Merchant of Secrets Striped Bears and the likes with Words of Wind. it was only for joke with a friend but it turned as an increadible way to bounce back a lot of opponent's permanents, of his choice obviously, and when it encounter Earthcraft is a GG. If you will play multy give it a try, it's much more powerfull of what you may think. About Descendant of Soramaro is a card that when I think that I have to take out it comes to play and see 4-5 cards and it open to a move that at blind eyes you will never do and you win the game... and it take another day in the deck. Jokes apart I know it is the most weak card of the deck and I was thinking the other day of Slithermuse so I will give it a try. Are you sure I can respond to the sac of Slithermuse?? If we put it down with evoke the ability has to resolve entirely so even the sac part no? .Soul of the Harvest and Primordial Sage was in but i put them out with big doubts but I felt that the draw part of the deck was ok and solid. After Momir Vig, Simic Visionary it has reached the top so cards like Fauna Shaman that will die before I pass have never entered the deck. The side was used only one time, it has to be revised. Thanks of the suggestion and I'm glad you like the build. Try Words of Wind and you'll have a lot of fun!!

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