1. By no means i, as a single player, cant be smarter than entire animar discord server community, which means that some ideas you can see in my deck already prooven to be bad. It is ok. Feel free to note that in comments if you want to.

  2. Deck is named "Fast Animar" not because it is the fastest deck in the wild west. It pretends to be fast among other Animar decks. What it means: In MtG you can take one of two roles: leader or those, who chase him. Leader is a player closest to winning. Obviously, the man who pilots fastest deck of the pod is the leader (at the start of the game). Others trying to find answers to his threats to stop him. The problem with Animar is: he is too slow right now to be the leader. I know some decks able to win T1 (i heard some can do it even T0, which means T1 but faster than the first player). This Animar deck can win T3-T4. It can do T2, but it is extremely rare (or i m just too bad pilot, which is totally possible). So, the correct strategy for competetive Animar players is to take reactive role from the very start: cut some storm-like techs and add more answers. Great example of such deck is Ancestral Animar from Moxfield. But i decided to playing suboptimal by taking proactive role. Keep that in mind.

  3. Again, deck pretends to be fast, but right now looks like a hybrid (containing some reactive stuff like Glen Elendra Archmage). It is not intended, and i guess, i should work in that direction (i mean: cutting some pet cards, adding some speed).

  4. Always keep in mind that it is bad idea trying to make universal decklist. Learn your local meta and make changes to fit it.


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