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The Engine - wheeling your hand

Arjun, the Shifting Flame - He draws you a new hand every time you play a spell. To take advantage of this Mindmoil effect, we plan on turning those card draws into damage with Psychosis Crawler or mill with Sphinx's Tutelage. A mere two win-conditions may seem unreliable, but Arjun's triggers will easily show you your entire deck (sometimes more than once) in a single game.

The Fuel - Cheap Artifacts

Stick a cost-reducer (Cloud Key, Etherium Sculptor, Herald of Kozilek, Helm of Awakening, Semblance Anvil, Foundry Inspector) on the battlefield and that will let you wheel your hand by casting free (discounted) artifacts. Each cast loses you a card, so the majority of artifacts in the deck replace themselves with another card (even a basic land is fine to boost your hand size for that next wheel). As the engine starts to sputter to life, you're looking for a few choice pieces which will extend the life of your turn to stereo-typically "eggs" levels.

Krark-Clan Ironworks allows you to turn spent artifacts into free mana to activate the abilities of other artifacts or simply cast more from your hand. Once your combo is stable, and you're churning through your deck multiple times a turn, you can sacrifice spent mana rocks and shuffle them back into your deck with Elixir of Immortality so that you can play them again untapped.

Panharmonicon and Vedalken Archmage mean that your fuel supply replenishes itself more effectively. Quicksmith Genius also helps by turning basic land draws into more of those bitchin' cheap artifacts.

Alhammarret's Archive is a dangerous fuel multiplier that you must be careful to use. Keeping in mind that each spell cast doubles your hand size, you can accidentally mill yourself out of the game. For this reason I do not play any cards that increase your hand size; so that in an emergency you can simply end your turn and discard back down to 7. Ideally you will find your Krark-Clan Ironworks, Trading Post, or Phyrexia's Core and be able to sacrifice Alhammarret's Archive after it has given you enough fuel to go infinite.

Future Sight also gives you extra opportunities to draw into fuel.

Sensei's Divining Top is insane in this deck, effectively giving you a free cast trigger after every normal cast by using it's draw ability with Arjun's trigger on the stack. When combined with a cost reducer and Future Sight, you can draw your entire deck instantly.

Clock of Omens allows you to squeeze a little more juice out of your generally worthless artifacts by using them to untap Trading Post or one of the many mana rocks.

Having trouble deciding which of the free artifacts in your hand to play and worried about losing the rest to Arjun's trigger? Shimmer Myr will allow you to dump all the artifacts in your hand with Arjun Triggers on the stack. Just be sure to weigh the number of wheels against the size of the wheels, and find that happy medium.

Once a few of these pieces are in place, your turn becomes a puzzle of knowing when to crack an artifact, play a mana rock, or play a cantrip artifact, and results in overly-complex turns that take 10+ minutes of wheeling. It's a lot of fun!


Updates Add

Efficient Construction - another possible win-con. You can crank out a dozen thopters per turn pretty easily. This can fuel a Krark-Clan Ironworks fairly effectively. Still keeping an eye on this one.

Gonti's Aether Heart - a second shot at going infinite will vastly improve this deck's consistency.

Implement of Combustion - another egg-like component seems good but I'm not excited at the mana-specific cost to crack it.

Implement of Examination - this thing is prohibitively expensive all-around, but the payoff is more reasonable with some casting cost reducers online.

Pia's Revolution - take 3 damage and gamble on the turn stalling, or guarantee the wheeling continues. Smart opponents will try and starve you of fuel by taking the damage, whereas others scoff at taking 3 damage to send a Mycosynth Wellspring to the grave.

Scrap Trawler - this guy extends the life of a turn quite significantly. Lotus Petal and many of the Chromatic eggs generate heaps of value when you use artifact sac abilities. If your Krark-Clan Ironworks is online, this guy is bananas.

Whir of Invention - Could be a better Fabricate for sticking a Krark-Clan Ironworks, which will allow you to turn all those tapped artifacts into even more mana immediately, effectively negating its prohibitive costs. UUU is tough though, so the jury is still out.

Reverse Engineer - Is this and Whir of Invention the only 2 Improvise cards that we can use in this deck? What a let down. The UU casting cost is a bit prohibitive (as is any colored mana once we are deep into our turn), but the effect is pretty strong. This makes the cut, albeit; on the radar for replacement.

Honorable Considerations:

Inspiring Statuary - I really wanted the Improvise mechanic to bust this deck but there really wasn't an insane Mycosynth Golem style card to do it. This card is the nearest thing to it, but its affect is ignored by the majority of my deck.

Servo Schematic - Oh, a new Wellspring you say? Unfortunately, this one doesn't generate any sort of card replacement for your hand, so it doesn't fuel the engine.

Renegade Map - If only you didn't come into play tapped!

Cogwork Assembler - could go infinite with a bunch of mana rocks, a Paradox Engine, and some castable cards in hand, but the setup is just too high.

Merchant's Dockhand - I really like this guy, but 3U is too prohibitive to include in this deck.

Quicksmith Rebel/Quicksmith Spy - I really like these guys too, but their affect is a long-term investment and we want this deck to explode on a single turn. They are far less useful compared to Quicksmith Genius without some kind of flicker/re-soul-bound effect that already sounds like too much work.

Indomitable Creativity - Too luck-based and mana-intensive to rely upon.

Baral's Expertise - Could be good, but 5 mana is tough to get without giving your opponents a few more turns to find responses.

Paradox Engine - untapping my mana rocks with each wheel seems like a good deal, but this deck doesn't run enough cards affected by this to justify its cost.


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