Pia's Revolution


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Pia's Revolution


Whenever a nontoken artifact is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, return that card to your hand unless target opponent has Pia's Revolution deal 3 damage to him or her.

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Pia's Revolution Discussion

razelfark on Super awesome artifact deck which will beat brader

1 week ago

I like the concept of what your basing your cards around. You may want to consider trying Era of Innovation to combo with the Whirler Virtuoso. This makes it easier for you to gain energy for spawning more tokens as you will only need one one of the enchantment in play with one Decoction Module to make it so you can spawn a token and the pay one mana to maintain your energy.

You also may want to cut Metalwork Colossus from the deck because its mana cost is only reduced by "Non-creature" artifacts. You don't run that many that help that function and the creature itself doesn't help your deck function that much in general.

I would also suggest cutting Welding Sparks in favor of harnessed lighting. the energy based spell helps synergize with the energy mechanic of virtuoso and can be played for less and do the same amount of damage by default.

I would also suggest removing Pia's Revolution as this card does not offer much value to your decks style of play. This card functions better in a deck type that destroys its own artifacts in attempt to make your opponent think if they want you to have a card back or not.

Trophy Mage I am not sure if it is good in deck or not. You may just want to cut in favor of another copy of Chief of the Foundry and Foundry Inspector each since these are your only targets with the trigger.

In case you are interested you can check out a version of this deck I made a while ago for inspiration Module Silliness (U/R). It is something I dabbled with when the set Kaledesh first came out and though tit was fun.

Best of luck.

BetterLars on Manaless Dredge!

2 weeks ago

You should run four Nature's Claims in the sideboard any one Bayou in the side to deal with enchantments like Pia's Revolution.

Also, could use four Force of Will and a few islands and plains so you can use counter-magic like Fall of the Gavel.

Rasmusmv on Breya, the Grave Rummager

1 month ago

Pia's Revolution is a very fun card that was in here long ago. I might try it out again!

ColdHeartedSith on Energy Mining - Combo Kills!!! RIX

1 month ago

walking ballista is good with Pia's Revolution and Reckless Fireweaver in a Artifact heavy deck playing Syndicate Trafficker and Marrionette master anyway if you get them down with artifacts and Pia's triggers on things like impliments that draw you cards when sacked and deal dam + trigger fireweavers then if they dont take 3 dam you get impliment back in hand but once they are in range say you have a 4 power ballista and they are at 7 you also have a fireweaver and Pia's rev thats all you need. You sack all 4 counters from ballista now they are at 3 it dies but they have to return it to your hand or die to pia's rev then you cast it for 0 and it enters triggers fireweaver dies back 2 hand repeat, dead lock no escape.

cdkime on

2 months ago

With your updated deck description, I shall try to provide some useful feedback.

  • Chained to the Rocks is a bad card for your deck. Currently, you have 4 mountains plus Evolving Wilds, giving you a fairly insignificant chance of having a mountain in play. Path to Exile would be a better card. It is instant speed, permanently exiles the creature, and the drawback is somewhat inconsequential.

  • Pia's Revolution is pretty useful with Artifact decks.

  • Tezzeret's Touch provides you a strong body for 3 mana, and provides some protection from removal. This would allow your otherwise passive artifacts, such as Mirrorworks, to have a fairly significant presence. Ensoul Artifact does much the same, though without the graveyard recursion. Animate Artifact is another choice, but most of your artifacts are fairly low costed, so your return will be fairly insignificant.

  • Given how many mana rocks you have, Paradox Engine would be a great card.

  • Wurmcoil Engine is a wonderful artifact card.

  • Tome Scour does nothing useful for you.

  • For the Hexproof/shroud you want: Leonin Abunas, Indomitable Archangel.

  • Darksteel Forge is expensive to cast, but you have a large number of mana rocks. Indestructible is always nice to have. Guardian Beast provides indestructible, as well as pseudo-shroud, but does not protect itself.

  • Mycosynth Golem could be a particularly fun card to run, allowing you to cast your artifacts for free.

EasterEllis on Mono-Red Artifact Sacrifice

2 months ago

Thanks for tips guys.

I have a stupid question that you guys might help with. So, if I sac Ichor Wellspring while Pia's Revolution is on the battlefield, is the graveyard ability on Ichor Wellspring still triggered? Do I still draw a card if the card is then returned to my hand?

Firebones675 on Mono-Red Artifact Sacrifice

2 months ago

Looks good! Scrap Trawler seems like the kind of card that would work really well in the deck since you're going to have so man artifacts going to the yard. Myr Retriever and Pia's Revolution might also work out here too as they also like artifacts being scarified.

It doesn't necessarily help with the artifact dying theme, but you have enough cheap artifacts to allow Galvanic Blast to do some work.

This isnt along the lines of what you're doing at the moment so feel free to ignore it but you might want to look at some Open the Vaults/Krark-Clan Ironworks lists. The basic idea was to keep sacraficing and bringing back everything which when combined with cards like Ichor Wellspring would draw through most of your deck and generate lots of mana (i can go into more detail about it if you want). Open the vaults is a bit of a slower card than the deck you have currently which looks like it wants to win more quickly but figured i'd mention it in case it's a direction you wanted to try out but again, don't feel obliged to do so if you don't want to.

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