Pia's Revolution


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Pia's Revolution


Whenever a nontoken artifact is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, return that card to your hand unless target opponent has Pia's Revolution deal 3 damage to him or her.

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Pia's Revolution Discussion

_Nivek_ on Question about Scrap Trawler

1 day ago

Looks awesome!! Im trying to tinkier around with some other peoples Pia's Revolution recycling decks.

LTmiller on The Scrappening

1 week ago


I'd definitely, like OVER 9000!!!!!!% (Obligatory DBZ joke) recommend taking out the following:

Hellkite Tyrant - I used to play him and he was Bribery'd out of my deck and I was smacked in the face with him. Not fun. Definitely would change him out for like Pia's Revolution as you seem to have a lot more artifact saccing. See Arcbound Ravager and Phyrexia's Core and I mean hell at that point you may want to find something else to ditch for Krark-Clan Ironworks.

4 Mountains trust me the extra fetchlands are well worth it! And because a Strip Mine is pretty dank whenever you're throwing up mana rocks with a Crucible of Worlds in play...

List seems solid. +1!

The__Worthy2000 on Does Pia's Revolution ability stack?

1 week ago

If you were to have 2 Pia's Revolutions out and you sacrifice, say, a Servo Schematic to a Ravenous Intruder. If the other player wanted for that artifact to stay in the graveyard, would they have to take 6 (3 from each Revolution) or is it just the initial 3 damage?

topkyle on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo)

2 weeks ago

Sleeved this deck up (old version with Marionette Master in the MB) for my last FNM. I play at a competitive LGS and my matches were UG Ramp, Temur Marvel, Mardu Planeswalkers and Bant Marvel against decent pilots. Deck went 3-1, I was very surprised considering I know I was not playing it optimally.

UG Ramp (0-2) - Steamrolled me game 1. They gained too much life and dropped a Sandwurm Convergence. Game 2 Pia's Revolution couldn't stick through instant speed enchantment removal and I died to Crush of Tentacles + Part the Waterveil .

Temur Marvel (2-1) - Was able to kill with the normal Pia's Revolution win condition before Ulamog hit. Game 2 Ulamog - game over. Game 3 I sided in Herald of Anguish and flew over for the win.

Mardu Planeswalkers (2-1) - The guy slow played like I have never seen, but that happens when he has to stop and re-read every card in my deck. The benefit of a deck like this is that the opposing player makes a ton of mistakes. He transgressed me in game 1 and didn't get rid of Pia's. In game 3 he hit it with Lost Legacy but too late, Herald of Anguish steamrolled.

Temur Marvel (2-1) - Game 1 I couldn't get it going and he marveled an Approach of the Second Sun followed by a hardcast after a Pull from Tomorrow. Sucked. In both game 2 and 3 he marveled into Ulamog and attacked twice, dropping me to 2-3 cards in my deck. He should have exiled my lands... too bad top-deck Marionette Master can insta-kill even with Ulamog out! I got lucky, but the power of Marionette Master as a win condition should not be overlooked even if she's moved to the side.

Takeaways - Love the deck. Even though this concept has been around online my LGS is VERY meta and they didn't expect it or know how to play against it. Some old sideboard cards felt 100% useless (Radiant Flames, Battle at the Bridge) and I never sided them in. Sweepers in general just don't seem that useful unless you run up against RW Humans or something. I probably won't keep any at all in the 75. Hell, I'd rather just run more servo makers for chumps since it still has some synergy. I do like the addition of Lost Legacy and Dispossess in the SB. I got lucky against the marvel decks, but if you can get rid of their win conditions on turn 3 it should be game over. I did not run against control, so I can't speak for that match-up. I'll be taking it to FNM again this week (I won't bother you with a whole damn write-up again though).

Thanks for the great idea!

greatdevourer on Marchesa, the Black Rose

2 weeks ago

Thanks flapjackwars for the suggestions. Let's discuss the ideas. Let me start by saying that this deck was built for a multi-player chaos environment. Speed isn't so much of a concern in my usual meta game. This deck was built more for endurance. At least that was the idea I was trying for.

Scrap Trawler and Pia's Revolution are in the deck to work in situation where someone has played Declaration of Naught naming my Commander. Yep, that has happened. So, in my view, I have 3 cards in my deck that recur artifacts for me instead of just one.

I've played Extruder in an artifact based deck before. It's ok. I thought about it for this deck. I guess I'm still on the fence about this one. I have the Bosh, Iron Golem, Krark-Clan Ironworks, Viscera Seer, Throne of Geth, and Trading Post for sacrifice outlets. Not sure if that is enough or the route I want to go with this deck. Ashnod's Altar is a good choice that I'm going swap out the Ironworks for. It does provide a wider range of sacrifice options.

In the maybe board I had before I posted this deck, I had the some of the cards you mentioned.

I cut the Time Sieve, which is a great card, because I felt that it painted too much of a target on me in table politics. It may still end up in the deck at some point. Not sure on this one. Tough choice for now. I'll probably have to play the deck some more to really get a feel for it.

I cut the Trinket Mage, Trophy Mage, and Treasure Mage because I didn't want this deck to really be about tutoring. Another reason I cut the tutor creatures was that I felt that they didn't syngerize with the +1 counters theme. I can't use them as Modular targets. They don't help as much once they are on the field except as blockers. And I can't recur them like I can with the other artifacts. Thopter Engineer suffers from some of the same problems. I like the 'artifacts gain haste' aspect, but I have Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch to provide haste. Exava gets seen by Marchesa where the Engineer does not. Pia and Kiran Nalaar, and Pia Nalaar are good cards but I just felt that they didn't syngerize as well as some of my other choices. They have the same sort of down sides that the tutor creatures do.

I didn't use the Sol Ring because I didn't think that I needed that kind of mana acceleration. Also, once I cut the Trinket Mage I didn't have a way of tutoring for it early enough in the game for it to be useful.

Thada Adel, Acquisitor is used in another deck I have and doesn't get to stay on the table very long, rarely long enough to be very effective. Check out my Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor deck.

Marionette Master felt to mana costly for what it gave me when i first read it. Reading it again, it might fit. I'll have to think about that one for a while.

Treasure Keeper, Phyrexian Metamorph are really good cards that I overlooked. I am swapping the Cogwork Assembler for Phyrexian Metamorph based on your suggestions since it cost too much mana to make the copies with the Assembler. The Treasure Keeper is another card I'll need to think about for a bit. I like the free cast aspect. I'm not so fond of the reveal my deck to opponents aspect. Tough call.

I need to go through the new cards in Amonkhet to see what can fit into my EDH/Commander decks.

flapjackwars on Marchesa, the Black Rose

2 weeks ago

This is pretty cool. I have a similar deck that someday I might build. Not sure where you want the deck to end up power level wise but I'll suggest Extruder, Treasure Keeper, Phyrexian Metamorph, Thopter Engineer, Marionette Master, Thada Adel, Acquisitor, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Pia Nalaar, Trophy Mage with Ashnod's Altar etc, Trinket Mage with Sol Ring etc, and the nuttiest card in the deck, Time Sieve. I feel like you'd also do better lowering your curve, as cards you can cast before Marchesa get to be recurred immediately, while higher cost cards compete with the casting Marchesa and can sometimes be late to the party afterwards (if you have to wait a whole turn cycle to recur them). I'll also warn you that Scrap Trawler and Pia's Revolution may prevent Marchesa from returning your artifact creatures and I'd recommend taking them out. I can suggest a lot more possible additions to consider and point out some things I'd cut if you'd like, I just wanted to rattle off the thoughts on the top of my head.

Robobro72 on Black Rose Robotics, Inc.

2 weeks ago

Pia's Revolution is a non-bo with Marchesa's trigger, since anyone can send the modular card back into your hand at no cost, and just having them return to the battlefield is probably better.
Treasure Mage can help you search for any of your big game enders. Also, Muddle the Mixture and Drift of Phantasms can help dig for key robots or sac outlets.
Very small critique, but because your commander is 4 CMC and wants to attack as soon as possible to protect herself, and you have a relatively low colored mana symbol count in the majority of your spells, you may want to trim the 3 CMC colored mana rocks like Obelisk of Grixis, Darksteel Ingot, and Commander's Sphere, for 2 CMC colorless rocks, like Mind Stone, Thought Vessel, or the Mana myrs (Silver Myr, Leaden Myr, and Iron Myr). This can also help alleviate the issues of your low land count in the early game.
Marchesa also facilitates some amazing draw options such as River Kelpie and Mulldrifter, who you can recur by adding a +1/+1 counter with say Unspeakable Symbol in response to the evoke trigger.
I don't know your meta, but single target removal like Battle at the Bridge and Devil's Play will be worse than a wrath like Blasphemous Act or Toxic Deluge over the long term.

matchgrizzle on Grixis artifact

3 weeks ago

Another good combo is Cogworker's Puzzleknot, Reckless Fireweaver, Panharmonicon and Pia's Revolution. The Puzzleknot will trigger Fireweaver once for the artifact, then again for the servo, and Panharmonicon will create an additional servo and double that damage. That's a total of 6 damage just for the Puzzleknot. Then you can activate the Puzzleknot (using white mana from Aether Hub or Spire of Industry), get another servo which causes the Fireweaver to tick for another two, and you can pull the Puzzleknot back to your hand from the graveyard because of Pia's Revolution and do it all over again.

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