Indomitable Creativity


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Mythic Rare

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Indomitable Creativity


Destroy X target artifacts and/or creatures. For each permanent destroyed this way, its controller reveals cards from the top of his or her library until an artifact or creature card is revealed and exiles that card. Those players put the exiled cards onto the battlefield, then shuffle their libraries.

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Indomitable Creativity Discussion

-Counterspell- on Temur Creativity

7 minutes ago

Not sure about this, but maybe you could board out Iona and replace her with Progenitus, as he wins games faster and if he dies you can Polymorph or Indomitable Creativity.

skoobysnackz on Prepare for Trouble, Make it Double

20 hours ago

Would you consider one copy of Indomitable Creativity for the Lingering Souls tokens? It could be a good way to cheat out a few creatures, maybe even Emrakul.

CheeseBro on Favorite Card in Aether Revolt!!

3 days ago

dude I have 2 Indomitable Creativity! I didn't know everyone was so hyped about it! One's even foil!

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Favorite Card in Aether Revolt!!

3 days ago

Well, as a collector of all angels, I'm definitely hoping to stumble across an Exquisite Archangel, and I'll need the masterpiece Platinum Angel at some point.

S'far as cards I want to play with, Indomitable Creativity seems like the perfect balance between janky and actually good for my combo decks.

Phaetion on Favorite Card in Aether Revolt!!

3 days ago

There's only one card I really liked from the set, and that's Indomitable Creativity. I want to use it in my EDH decks but I don't know which one.

Doragan89 on Indomitable Cheater

5 days ago

A couple of things which I could be wrong about:

You need 1RRR to cast the Indomitable CreativityTorrential Gearhulk won't be much use with Indomitable Creativity as it won't let you pay an 'X' cost.

I'm messing about with a similar deck, but it's red/green instead:

Own3d_U2 on The Ceaseless Creativity (AER)

1 week ago

Emrakul, the Promised End is also a cast trigger for the Mindslaver effect, so unless you're doing it for the 13/13 sticky body its not really worth it. The format has plenty of answers for the titans right now.

The best your deck can do is drop one big creature on turn 4. This requires you to have an artifact/servo (you have no small creatures, for good reason) to sacrifice and an Indomitable Creativity in hand. Adding any artifacts like Gonti's Aether Heart could potentially mess up your combo (imagine hitting heart when you need a body). I would avoid anything that doesn't effect the battle field as soon as it comes in. The biggest things i think you could drop with this deck would be Aethertide Whale (flying and difficult to flat out kill. Good energy generator) any of the gear hulks, Herald of Anguish (Flying, forces enemy to discard, spot removal) Demon of Dark Schemes (Flying, sweeper, energy), or Aetherwind Basker (Really, really big). Just look for any big creature with an a enter the battle field effect from all the legal sets and see what you can come up with. A creature with haste would also work, Aether Revolt has some double strikers that I think could make the cut here as well.

Whatever you choose, I recommend adding one offs of basics for every color you use. That way between Evolving Wilds and Aether Hub you're solid.

Remember that your combo relies on you having a small number of creatures. If you go for artifact creatures like the gearhulks, consider throwing Refurbish into your sideboard.

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