Implement of Examination


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Implement of Examination


Sacrifice Implement of Examination: Draw a card.

When Implement of Examination is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, draw a card.

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Implement of Examination Discussion

BadgerEagle on UG Rishkar Coatl Pumper Deck

2 weeks ago

Needing some tutor cards I see, Planar Bridge, Trophy Mage, perhaps combo with Implement of Examination, to draw cards until you can draw Planar Bridge to find your coatls. Then combo with Rishkar's Expertise to hopefully fill the board.

FA1L3D on Izzet Artifacts

4 weeks ago

Well this is more so built around Consulate Dreadnought + Siege Modification for a 10/11 first strike beater, but I have stuff like Implement of Examination and Hedron Archive for card draw, but also Metalwork Colossus for an alternate win con.

Orion93 on Tezzeret Artifcat Modified

1 month ago

Im gonna suggest a couple small edits.

First I would make room for Metallic Rebuke. This is the best hard counter spell for your deck. You can easily tap down an artifact that you aren't using to help with the mana cost, servo schematic is the option I'm thinking of.

Second, you should increase your planeswalker count. Tezzeret the Schemer is great in this deck because he gives you artifacts and works wonderfully with most of the deck.

Third, you could probably make an interesting combo using Scrap Trawler and Resourceful Return. Just keep bringing back your creatures.

I agree that Chief of the Foundry is great but there are better options to play. Metallic Rebuke, Battle at the Bridge, Metallurgic Summonings are all great cards that play well in a tezz deck.

As far as what to drop, Chief of the foundry, maybe Merchant's Dockhand (I tried him in my deck and it didn't work well), and Implement of Examination.

The implement would be great late game but think of what you could do with 3 mana. You can play an artifact that doesn't progress your board or you can play tezzeret's touch, scrap trawler, Tezzeret's Simulacrum, Metallic Rebuke, Battle at the Bridge.... You get it. I know that the extra draw is great, especially if you use the sacrifice ability on your opponents turn, but for 4 mana you could also play Glimmer of Genius which plays much much better. Or even Anticipate which is almost as good.

LithiumHD on Tez touch improv anguish

1 month ago

Reverse Engineer > Glimmer of Genius

personally if you are worried about the mana cost of the Implement of Examination, just keep in the Metallic Rebuke. being able to counter when you need too is important.

FitofRage on Tez touch improv anguish

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I'm definitely going to make some substitutions here.... Note that I am working with a limited selection at the moment.


I think I am going to add a couple Weaponcraft Enthusiast, and remove two Pacification Array. I also like to tez touch servo schematic, so when it dies, I get a servo, and can drop it again for yet another servo. So, I might not add any new sac outlets just yet. Good advice, tho. I can't afford Heart of Kiran right now, thanks to the copter ban.

I really like Harsh Scrutiny, but when would you sideboard in that card instead of removal cards?

I don't have any more Tez's, except for a Tezzeret, Master of Metal. I am thinking of taking one Herald of Anguish out and replacing it with this version of Tez. The artifact nuke could definitely give a much needed alternative win condition.


I am worried about the CMC of the Implement of Examination. I might add one, and take out one Metallic Rebuke.


I think I will keep a couple Negate in the sideboard, and will look to see if I have a Lost Legacy. I haven't had any trouble with Reverse Engineer yet, but the scry of Glimmer of Genius is potentially very helpful. Glimmer seems like it's worth a shot.

LithiumHD on Tez touch improv anguish

1 month ago

deck right now looks pretty solid, well done. personally i'd replace one or two of the Pacification Array because having a lot out at one time uses up too much mana having to pay each time you need to just tap a creature. i think Implement of Examination could be a nice replacement. it will add even more card draw to your deck so that you can find your heralds just that much faster. plus if you have a herald out, the implement is a good target to sac anyway.

LithiumHD on Tezzeret Modified

1 month ago

If you like the card, i'm not going to be the one to tell you not to use it. it just means that you need to find cards that you will be ok with sacrificing to it that also help out with the rest of the deck. With that said:

Servo Schematic is a great card to sac. it's also a good target for Tezzeret's Touch, because if destroyed, it will die, go to graveyard, produce a token, then get returned to your hand to be played again for another token. then if you sac it, you get the benefit from Ironclad Revolutionary and ANOTHER servo token when it goes into the grave a second time.

Implement of Examination is another card that wouldn't be too bad to sacrifice. while not being as good as the schematic, an extra card for your troubles is better than nothing.

Treasure Keeper wouldn't be the first card i would choose to sac because of it already being a 3/3 body, however it is also a viable target, and if you can get out a Scrap Trawler before you do so, then it makes the pain lessen as you can return an artifact with cmc 3 or less from the grave to your hand.

speaking of which, Scrap Trawler is fantastic with cards that require sacing artifacts to work. especially when you have a wide range of cmc costs. for instance, its possible to go from a Treasure Keeper to an Implement of Examination sacing it to draw 2 cards, grab a Servo Schematic, then when that dies, you can grab a 1 mana artifact. (im currently running Hope of Ghirapur, and when that dies go get an Ornithopter back. its a little broken, though it might take a turn or two to go through the cycle.

Dukhara Peafowl is exactly as bad as you think it is btw haha. it might have its moment once in a while, but its nothing fancy.

Dhund Operative on the other hand is actually not a bad card. a reliable 3/2 deathtouch for 2 mana is nothing to sneeze at. if you can make it work with him, then i say go for it. he makes your opponent have to think twice about turning is bigger creatures sideways as the deathtouch will obviously just gobble them up.

i've also found that Bastion Inventor just doesn't do enough to be worth it, and was one of the first cards i cut when i changed up the deck. Do you agree or did i just miss something in him? i mean i cut him so early i never really got the chance to use him, so i could have been mistaken.

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