Implement of Combustion


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Common

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Implement of Combustion


, Sacrifice Implement of Combustion: It deals 1 damage to target player.

When Implement of Combustion is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, draw a card.

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Implement of Combustion Discussion

Mister_Smithy on B/R/W Burn

2 weeks ago

I think you could go down some of your copies of Scrap Trawler for Foundry Inspector or Implement of Combustion. because you are always returning you artifacts with trawler and Myr Retriever there is no longer a consequence for your opponents to take the damage from Pia's Revolution and Athreos, God of Passage. If you make the artifacts themselves of more consequence then the opponents will actually need to take the damage. Otherwise you can just cut Athreos and Pia's and put in more artifact recursion.

DesArthes on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

1 month ago

like that deck, I tested something similar. My version had -4 electrickery and -4 harvest in maindeck. Instead i tried to splash for gurmags -> 2 swamps instead of mountains. then +2 Gurmag Angler, +2 Mycosynth Wellspring, +4 Lightning Bolt.

Funny deck, really challenging to learn how to play it correctly :-)

PS: Need more testing, not sure with atog, maybeboard is Implement of Combustion, Implement of Malice and Nihil Spellbomb for sideboard

eyes2sky on Spam-a-lot

2 months ago

Blue Wizards: Crafty Pathmage, Frontline Sage, Grixis Illusionist, Stream of Unconsciousness. Tideshaper Mystic, Prodigal Sorcerer, Trinket Mage could search for the "holy hand-grenade":Explosive Apparatus or any of the spell bombs. Trinket Mage could also search for the "holy grail": Golden Urn!

Hyperalgialysis on Brutal Artifacts - Red/Black Casual

5 months ago

Shadows of innistrad block has rotated out of standard. I like Reckless Fireweaver, especially when paired with Pia's Revolution and Marionette Master. Throw a bunch of implements like Implement of Malice Implement of Combustion in and watch your opponent sweat. Also Pia Nalaar gives you a good sacrifice outlet, and Weaponcraft Enthusiast gives you some tokens for fodder. If you go this route, always put the counters on Marionette Master to get maximum lifeloss. Another good card is Underhanded Designs

Kjartan on My goyf is bigger than yours

5 months ago

If Implement of Combustion could hit creeps, I'd take it, but not as it is now.

I do like blessing, though.

Force_of_Willb on My goyf is bigger than yours

5 months ago

If you did add blue you can use Etherium Sculptor+Foundry Inspector to reduce the cost of your artifacts and then MAYBE chain some Chromatic Spheres Stars and Spellbombs into each other.

16 Lands might be too much (for combo) add Simian Spirit Guide for explosive starts and to prevent stalling later.

Implement of Combustion is another Cheap Draw Artifact (over Terrarion).

Manamorphose/Street Wraith - help dig through the deck

Burning Inquiry could be a potential Ancestral Recall or sideboard against tron to get extra artifacts in graveyard.

Magmatic Insight can help when drawing extra lands - possibly my worst suggestion

Lastly maybe include Apostle's Blessing to protect your creature from removal and get damage through.

Hyperalgialysis on Metalwork Colossus

5 months ago

Perhaps try some of the 1 mana artifacts we have available. Universal Solvent Implement of Combustion and the like give you some options to get online faster. Reverse Engineer could pull a handful of cards for you. Prophetic Prism would take some strain off the mana base and it replaces itself. You can also run Maverick Thopterist since you can cheat it out early. I like Woodweaver's Puzzleknot for the life gain, perhaps pair it with Metalspinner's Puzzleknot to get some more card draw. My concern for your deck is how long it might take to get out the Metalwork Colossus. If you run fewer creatures and devote those spots to things that will help you delay the game some it might be more conistent. I also really like Pacification Array and Metallic Rebuke as mainboard cards, Tezzeret's Touch as a good way to get some creatures out without actually adding creatures, same with Servo Schematic. Given how flexible your manabase seems, Unlicensed Disintegration also seems like an auto include.

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