Wanting to build an Elf-tribal deck and lacking a Golgari deck in my collection, I decided to pick up the Elven Empire commander precon from Kaldheim and tune it to something that can keep up with my meta.

This deck aims to play a lot of Elves, make some Elf tokens, go wide and then use one of the following to make my Elf swarm lethal:

I'm not looking to invest a ton of money into upgrading this deck, so no Allosaurus Shepherd , Craterhoof , Eladamri , Yavimaya Hollow or Cradle . Pity though, those would be great in here :D

I'm tracking all my changes from the original precon in updates below so you can see how this evolves.

Infinite Mana

Use Staff of Domination to untap big mana producers like Elvish Archdruid , Priest of Titania or Wirewood Channeler with 5 or more elves in play will generate infinite mana.

With infinite mana, use the staff to continue drawing cards until you hit a win condition. This could just be one of the finishers above, or it could be something that can take advantage of infinite mana to pump up all the Elves such as Ezuri, Renegade Leader or Elvish Warmaster .

Or use the staff to untap Lathril and her 10 Elf buddies to activate her ability repeatedly, killing off your opponents.

Extra Elf ETB

Wirewood Symbiote can bounce Elves back to your hand, allowing repeated value off ETB creatures like Elvish Harbinger , Golgari Findbroker , Harald, King of Skemfar , Reclamation Sage , Shaman of the Pack or Skemfar Shadowsage .

Wirewood Symbiote can also untap those big mana producers like Elvish Archdruid , Priest of Titania or Wirewood Channeler for the potential of generating infinite mana again.

Suggestions and comments welcome.


Updates Add

Yep, the deck works and is pretty fun to play. Just two little changes.


  • Nullmage Shepherd - Can confirm: This deck ends up with a lot of elves. Adding this guy back to help deal with pesky artifacts and enchantments.
  • Overrun - Replacing Scale Up as another way to pump up my elf swarm for a big swing.


  • Rhys the Exiled - Lifegain isn't a theme I'm going for in this deck and being able to regenerate only himself is underwhelming. Replacing with something more impactful.
  • Scale Up - Because this changes the creature type as well, it negates any buffs from my Elf Lords. Swapping it!


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