Prowess of the Fair

Prowess of the Fair

Tribal Enchantment — Elf

Whenever another nontoken Elf is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, you may create a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token.

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Prowess of the Fair Discussion

tribal-kai on Lathril Elf Tribal

5 months ago

Lukthor The one thing I'm worried about in this deck is board wipes. I need to add Eldrazi Monument back in when I'm done testing some other stuff. Prowess of the Fair is a decent means of keeping a board in play after creatures get wiped.

Staff is great but I play MTGO so you can't just say "I do this a million times and win". If not for that I'd probably include it myself.

Lukthor on Lathril Elf Tribal

5 months ago

tribal-kai - hey, what do you think about Staff of Domination? In my experience, it can win the game by itself, allowing infinity mana + draw with Priest of Titania or Elvish Archdruid It also allows infinity Lathril's tap, killing all opponents on a single turn.

Finally, do you think Prowess of the Fair is worth a slot in this deck? I aways dislike drawing it, and it never helped me much.


jamochawoke on Elf Tribe Synergies

10 months ago

Elves work really well with warriors, with about half of the tribe being warriors themselves.

Key cards being Bramblewood Paragon , Harald, King of Skemfar , Dwynen's Elite , Elvish Warmaster , Imperious Perfect , Narnam Renegade , and Prowess of the Fair .

FounderX on Cunning Dark Elves

10 months ago

Hi multimedia, yeah Fallen Ideal is so good in our decks, tons of value! Blackblade Reforged has shown to be nice to have, but not a needed staple. It buffs Lathril nicely for early game tokens. After a midgame board wipe, the lands are always there to buff her immediately upon return, but it does cost 9 mana to set up again, and besides that, everyone sees it coming, so it is also a potential target to be removed fairly quickly. Prowess of the Fair is not the best indeed, never seen it go off in the first place, and it doesn't yield that much value, a good cut for Beastmaster Ascension . My friend has a Champion of Lambholt in his Ghave deck and we had a hard time against him :-), definitely considering her in the 99. I run Priest of Forgotten Gods in my Ayara deck, great card indeed. For your counter theme, you might want to try Ivy Lane Denizen , a go tall instead of a go wide card, but still, the number of counters adds up fairly well and doesn't break the bank.

multimedia on Cunning Dark Elves

10 months ago

Hey, nice new title graphic in the description :)

I'm using the Fallen Ideal tech and wow I like it with Lathril especially with Elderfang, Poison-Tip, Miara, and Skullclamp. I recently cut Prowess of the Fair for Beastmaster Ascension . I don't like that Prowess doesn't trigger when Elf tokens die. I like that Ascension can be activated the turn you play it since getting six Elf tokens with Lathril is not difficult. Just attack with them + Lathril and boom Ascension is activated. How has Blackblade Reforged been? It seems like it would be underwhelming because it relies on you having a lot of lands which with Elves you don't really want or have.

Some tech I've added is Champion of Lambholt to make Lathril and all Elves unblockable. Helps that she grows when tokens are created. Priest of Forgotten Gods which has been good value as another use for Elf tokens and effects that can untap my creatures.

multimedia on BG Elves

11 months ago

Hey, I'm impressed, well done building your deck on a budget with like 90% cards from Commander Legends.

Commander Legends was an amazing set for Elves especially Miara. Unfortunately, to make any real impact from upgrades you're going to want to add more cards from other sets, but most cards you add could be $1 or less each and still make a huge impact.

An advantage of Elves as a tribe is ramp, more specifically one drop mana Elves and Elves who can tap to make a lot of mana. No other tribe has as many one drop mana creatures or creatures who can make a ton of mana. By adding more mana Elves you can reduce the amount of lands while increasing the amount of Elves. More ramp from Elves is wanted by both your Commanders to cast Nadier quicker and to pay more into X with Numa. Both of your Commanders don't do much without lots of ramp.

Archdruid is the budget Elf who defines the tribe since he's an anthem for Elves and can make as much green mana as Elves you control. Marwyn and Joiner are good with Numa, Joraga Chieftain since they want counters put on them, they care about how much power they have. Marwyn is also good with Elf tokens since each token that's created puts a counter on her. Guidance has excellent interaction with Arbor Elf if you enchant a Forest or Woodland Chasm .

Other mana rocks are more sources of ramp. Sol Ring and Arcane Signet are two budget staple cards in Commander. Golgari Signet is another two drop ramp source upgrade.

These cards would expand on the Elf token theme and Prowess is unique since it's an Elf that's not a creature. Expanding on the token strategy makes Nadier better. Warmaster is another mana sink to pump and give Elves deathtouch. Elderfang doesn't create tokens like the other cards, but it has good interaction with them. Letting you swing with your Elves and opponents have to make difficult decisions about what to do.

I offer more advice including cuts to make. Would you like more advice?

Good luck with your deck.

Coward_Token on Golgari Elfball

1 year ago

Not a big thing and maybe you already know it but Prowess of the Fair can be tapped by Lathril, Blade of the Elves :)

Might require more outlets but how do you feel about Quest for Renewal and/or Seedborn Muse?

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