Video of this deck in action courtesy of The GMGC!

The Killer Queen has a penchant for jank damage combos!

Stall out with rattlesnakes while digging for your assortment of combo pieces. The beauty of the combo pieces is that they fit with the theme and intent of the deck and have synergy even when not fulfilling a combo, so opponents' alarms will not go off until the laser beam is fully assembled.

Rattlesnake + Protection + Damage Redirection = some grade A jank



Damage Redirection:

Most combinations of cards from the above categories (e.g. Boros Reckoner + Darksteel Plate + Guilty Conscience) will result in an infinite damage loop. Sometimes you will need a source of self-damage like Caves of Koilos or targeted damage like Fire Whip to initiate the loop.

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