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A Rose of Wires and Iron

This is not your typical Marchesa, the Black Rose build. We are not playing _good_ creatures that enter with +counters. We are not stealing our opponents' creatures. This is a modular build at heart, but it even diverges from that archetype. Here, our aim is to become a machine: to transform non-artifact creatures into artifacts and reap the rewards of their silicon immortality!

Marchesa's Ode to Ashnod

Ashnod was into torturing people and turning them into robots. Marchesa thinks that is rad. This deck will torture your opponents (and maybe you, too!) by making numerous activations and triggers during every player's turn, taking a very long time to accomplish typically very little (like drawing a couple cards or moving counters around) all the while making your opponents wait, watch and wonder why you are doing this to them and to yourself. To further please our beloved Ashnod, this deck will turn you into a robot by having you take the same actions, in the same order, each turn, until everyone is dead.


Dross Scorpion + any mana rock + any artifact in grave + anything that turns a creature into a artifact (e.g. Transmogrifying Licid ) + Goblin Welder = infinite mana and infinite artifact sacrifice/re-entry. If a modular creature is involved in the sacrifice loop, we can make all our creatures arbitrarily large.

Ashnod's Altar + Sage of Fables + Flayer of the Hatebound = Draw X cards and deal Y damage, where X is any number less than the number of cards in our library and Y is X*5. This combo is not super interesting IMO, so I typically pass on using it even if I have the pieces.

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