Brace yourselves for the Johnny-est of combos.

The deck has had many edits, but i'll keep any combo interactions in this description even if they've been taken out of the current list.

This deck has suddenly become "lose the game tribal" with the release of Sudden Substitution. Sudden Substitution combos with any of the three esper "Pacts" to make target opponent lose the game.

These cards can win the game if you can successfully cast a Fractured Identity on them: Phage the Untouchable, Immortal Coil, & Demonic Pact, Leveler, Inverter of Truth. Faerie Artisans given to an opponent with Order of Succession, Endless Whispers, or a well timed Aminatou, the Fateshifter ultimate will make casting Phage, Leveler, or Inverter of Truth kill them. For the most roundabout Phage kill, cast Fractured Identity on Faerie Artisans and then cast Phage to give everyone a copy to give them the big L. My favorite combo has got to be giving Immortal Coil or Demonic Pact to an opponent with Sky Swallower; if you successfully kill them, the control effect will end, and you will get all of your permanents back. Endless Whispers will allow you to "donate" Leveler, Inverter of Truth, Phage the Untouchableand also the hilariously bad Sky Swallower, while Primordial Mist and Cloudform will let you put them into play safely. Island Sanctuary and Necropotence will let you survive an ill timed Leveler or a well timed Inverter of Truth. Lastly exile your library with Inverter of Truth or Leveler and get a regular ole Laboratory Maniac win. Combo of note: blinking Inverter of Truth after getting his etb will ensure a library size of 0.

Reasons you should play this deck: This deck is fun to play if you're tired of your opponents just pillow forting/playing defensive or you just want to sit back & cast wraths while you build toward your win condition. You want to play hilariously bad cards like Endless Whispers, Immortal Coil, Sky Swallower, Inverter of Truth,Leveler, Lat-Nam's Legacy, etc but while somehow turning that into a win. My friend once said this deck is like playing mtg with a pistol.

Piloting the Deck: Aminatou will help stop you from dying to an early Demonic Pact by blinking it over and over until you can just donate it with Sky Swallower or something else. Blinking a Parallax Wave to reset it when needed is also just fucking busted in half imo. If you can tutor an early enchantment, the safe go to is Mystic Barrier to help you get off those Aminatou ultimates more consistently for the easy wins. Depending on the matchup and your other cards in hand, Tainted AEther could be a better target just to keep the board clear in general. Tutoring is very hard in this deck so i usually just hold them in hand until the last possible moment when i already have the other combo pieces in hand. Riptide Shapeshifter is a toolbox that can grab any creature in the deck as all 9 creatures have different types (Leveler's type is "juggernaut"). This deck is hard to pilot, but I'll be updating this with more tips as much as I can. Comment with any questions/suggestions please, I'd really appreciate it.


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