Demonic Pact

Demonic Pact


At the beginning of your upkeep, choose one that hasn't been chosen —

  • Demonic Pact deals 4 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker and you gain 4 life.
  • Target opponent discards two cards.
  • Draw two cards.
  • You lose the game.
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Demonic Pact Discussion

Omniscience_is_life on If I have a demonic …

3 months ago

There is no sacrifice clause on Demonic Pact : i.e. nothing says that it should go to the graveyard. You certainly may flicker/bounce it, it's just like any other card.

Swebb87 on If I have a demonic …

3 months ago

If I have a Demonic Pact in play with a Platinum Angel and I pick all 4 modes, I know I don't lose the game because of the ability on Platinum Angel but does the Demonic Pact go to the graveyard or sit on the board. If the latter can you flicker it or bring it back to hand and recast it?

plakjekaas on Strixhaven color "balancing"

3 months ago

Erza420 creatures with activated abilities have costs. Tapping is usually forbidden the turn it enters play, and if you play on curve, you will not have additional mana to spend to activate. That's exactly the imbalance in resources I mean. A sorcery-like ability every turn you don't even need to pay mana to activate. What enchantments do that, in the variety a single planeswalker can? Demonic Pact ? Picking the 4th ability is not that free '^^

And what's the last time your opponent stabilized on 3 when your hand was empty, because the bolt needed to kill Jace or Teferi, or even Garruk, when it could have gone face? Even a player at 6 life that casts a spell you'd usually pay 2-5 mana for, can easily create an insurmountable advantage that current enchantments simply have a much harder time doing so, especially at mana costs that planeswalkers go for.

I'm not saying planeswalkers shouldn't exist, I'm only trying to explain why they're powerful, therefor hard to balance, and why players could dislike them. I personally like them, and the design space they bring, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to the problems they can cause, and definitely have caused in the past.

xtechnetia on Weird rulings for individual cards

6 months ago

Void Winnower's is a classic. Some of the other ones I've come across at some point:

Queen Marchesa - "The last ability of Queen Marchesa (long may she reign) checks to see if an opponent is the monarch as your upkeep begins. If no opponent is the monarch, Queen Marchesa’s (long may she reign) ability won’t trigger at all. Queen Marchesa’s (long may she reign) ability will also check to see if an opponent is the monarch as it tries to resolve. If no opponent is the monarch at that time, Queen Marchesa’s (long may she reign) ability will have no effect."

Demonic Pact - "Yes, if the fourth mode is the only one remaining, you must choose it. You read the whole contract, right?"

Jadelight Ranger - "If you reveal a nonland card the first time Jadelight Ranger explores and leave it on top of your library, you’ll reveal the same card the second time it explores. If you don’t pretend to be surprised, you’ll hurt Jadelight Ranger’s feelings."

Territorial Allosaurus - "Territorial Allosaurus’s ability can target another creature you control (such as a Dinosaur with an enrage ability). If you kicked it but your opponent controls no creatures that are legal targets, the ability must target another one of your creatures. Plan carefully before kicking Dinosaurs."

Persistent Petitioners - "The last ability of Persistent Petitioners lets you ignore the “four-of” rule. It doesn’t let you ignore format legality. For example, during a Ravnica Allegiance Limited event, you can’t add Persistent Petitioners from your personal collection, no matter how much they ask."

Lovestruck Beast - "If Lovestruck Beast’s power and toughness are reduced to 1/1, it learns that loving oneself is the first step on the true path to happiness, and it can attack even if you control no other 1/1 creatures."

And one borderline personal example:

Lion's Eye Diamond - "The ability is a mana ability, so it is activated and resolves as a mana ability, but it can only be activated at times when you can cast an instant. Yes, this is a bit weird."

SirHerpaderp on Some Ghenchanted Evening

6 months ago

I think I have seen your combo in the Facebook Commander/EDH group this morning! :D I love your attempt to the deck. I'd like to hear how Dreamshaper Shaman performs. I run a lot of the high risk, high reward enchantments like Demonic Lore and Demonic Pact and currently don't have much to remove them apart from Ghen, Faith Healer and Infernal Tribute.

Nsuper on Hot Potato - $30 Budget Build

6 months ago

I wasn't sure about this deck at first, but then I saw that I could cast Demonic Pact then Harmless Offering later.

Me: "Oh... oh... oh... oh no..."

Good deck!

gsingh on Ardenn and Ankle Shanker's bottled curses

7 months ago

Just to point it out, Ardenn cant give away Demonic Pact since its neither an equipment nor Aura. Nice start though.

MagicMarc on Switcharou Just Lost The Game.

7 months ago

I have copied this from my post in this thread: Lose Condition Becomes Win Condition, Just Too Slow....

The only way that Sudden Substitution would work on Demonic Pact the way that the OP would like is if they cast Sudden Substitution on Demonic Pact while it was on the stack and traded it before it resolved with one of their opponent's creatures. Then the OP wouldnt get any of the benefits but their opponent would still lose the game in 4 turns.

To the OP: Another way that would work in your colors is by using Puca's Mischief in the deck to switch control of Demonic Pact in the 2nd to last upkeep phase. Stack the triggers so that it's given away after you get the last good benefit. The only condition is that they would have to have a permanent in play with the same CMC as the pact or lower but it does work.

It also creates more opportunities to make trades that are bad for your opponent.

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