Riptide Shapeshifter


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Uncommon

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Riptide Shapeshifter

Creature — Shapeshifter

(2)(Blue)(Blue), Sacrifice Riptide Shapeshifter: Choose a creature type. Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card of that type. Put that card into play and shuffle the rest into your library.

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Riptide Shapeshifter Discussion

Bezter on Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

7 months ago

I love shapeshifters! I think Riptide Shapeshifter is very interesting. It's pretty much a tutor for creatures. You just name "God" or "Fish" and if you only have 1 of those types. Oblivion Sower is fun too, and possible ramp.

The land base is interesting as just basics. I've actually though about doing just basics. Some buget suggestions include: Bojuka Bog Choked Estuary Command Tower Dimir Aqueduct Dimir Guildgate Evolving Wilds Sunken Hollow Temple of DeceitTerramorphic Expanse

asidos on The Bones To Build Your Tribal Deck

11 months ago

Thanks for the list +1. I'm not sure about Riptide Shapeshifter, since it goes better in non-tribal decks as a specific tutor, but overall very helpful.

CChaos on Horrors from the Deep

1 year ago

NV_1980, thanks. I've only played the deck 3 times since I created it because I rarely get to play EDH (1 day a week if I'm lucky). Also my group is only made up of 3 players.

This deck lacks a large amount of ramp, but there are ways around this by cheating large creatures into play with cards such as Riptide Shapeshifter, Zoologist, Eldritch Evolution, and more. There are low mana creatures which are defensive, thus they protect you early game: True-Name Nemesis, Baleful Strix, Guard Gomazoa, etc. Cards like Wash Out and Whelming Wave help stall opponents and turns.

Overall this looks like a mid to late range deck. However if I was going to remove something for the awesome Sol Ring, I'd start with Witch's Mist.

The7thBobba on The Big Wave

1 year ago

This looks really good, man! I really dig leviathans, and it seems like you've managed to make a very effective deck with them, so +1 from me :) Riptide Shapeshifter might be able to fetch a leviathan or a kraken with more certainty than polymorph - albeit at a more hefty price. Stay frosty!

Grinchery on Road to 100

1 year ago

Thanks for the recommendation! I originally had Lorescale Coatl in the deck, but it proved to be not much more than a semi-large blocker. Even though traditionally it could have potential as a late game threat, it failed the flavor test of the deck, which can only ever win when it does something exactly 100 times. as for Walk the Aeons, I'm trying to avoid infinite turns in this deck, because if you can do something infinitely, it defeats the original design of 100. And finally for Riptide Shapeshifter, I hadn't seen it before now, and as soon as I can figure out a cut for it, it'll be in the decklist! Thanks again for your suggestions though!

Optimator on Coral Capers -- (Budget Seamonsters)

1 year ago

It's so fucking fun to play. It's my cheapest and least... intricate(?) deck but it might be the most fun.

I did consider Wall of Kelp. It's a solid include and does great for Thassa's devotion. I should consider it more seriously, as I don't recall why it didn't make the cut. It appears to be a solid mana-sink as well.

I didn't know about Riptide Shapeshifter! I'll pick one up and see if I like how it works. Not quite on-theme, as you noted, but it's strong.

Ubbo_Sathla on Coral Capers -- (Budget Seamonsters)

1 year ago

You've piled up a rad deck here! The theme is solid. It looks like a blast to play.

Have you considered Wall of Kelp? It's a fun early blocker, and it spawns little meat-shields.

While it may be a smidge outside your theme, Riptide Shapeshifter is great at getting the big stuff onto the field a bit quicker.

PlutoniumWedding on Rosheen the XXX Parody

1 year ago

There's no better format than EDH to play your pet cards (I'm a fan of Riptide Shapeshifter), and Mogg Hollows certainly has sweet art.

Glad to have been able to help!

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