Early draft of Mishra. Need some more games to get some finer tuning, and to chase down a Workshop.

Overall goals: heavy mana ramp, incremental card advantage with Mishra and Ironworks recurring loops, then winning via onboard 'interactable' permanents rather than an immediate combo finish. No budget restrictions. Higher land count to reduce mulligans. Leaning more 'pubstomper' than actual CEDH. Currently using a few big artifact creatures (Wurmcoil, Cityscape Leveler) as haymakers, using Thespian's Stage + Urza's Saga to make an army of giant Constructs, or Mindslaver locks.

First update: added Sensei's Divining Top for draw-combos. Added Lotus Petal because I missed an obvious one. Cut Otawara and the painbow lands to add the painlands due to their ramp potential with Forsaken Monument.

Second Update: -1 Tawnos's Coffin, -1 Metalwork Colossus, -1 Thran Dynamo, +1 Urza's Saga, +1 Realmbreaker, the Invasion Tree, +1 Hedron Archive.

  • Added the Thespian's Stage target and value engine of Saga over Metalwork Colossus. Overall Saga offers a similar but more resilient wincon than Colossus. Colossus also didn't reduce cost from Scrap and Servo tokens, which Saga offers better synergy with.

  • Replaced Tawnos's Coffin with Realmbreaker. Coffin was cute, but it doesn't win and is easily broken via either artifact exile, creature removal, etc. Realmbreaker is in for ramping and easily can be 'welded away when irrelevant.

  • Swapped Thran Dynamo to Hedron Archive. Sadly ramping +2 or +3 doesn't change the speed of the commander, and having the option to turn Warforms into draw 2s is probably more valuable than the slightly better ramp. Sad, as the Dynamo is an old pack foil, but it'll stay in the board for now.


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