This is my Atraxa Planeswalker Deck. The idea is to ramp mana to get large planeswalkers on the battlefield, then use creatures and spells to proliferate. Removal spells keep opponents off balance, protection spells protect our planeswalkers. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Specifically looking for small changes to make the deck balanced and more powerful. Please suggest what card to remove as well. Thanks!

Proliferate cards: Core Prowler, Evolution Sage, Flux Channeler, Viral Drake, Spread the Sickness, Tezzeret's Gambit, Inexorable Tide, Fuel for the Cause, Grim Affliction, & Steady Progress.

Search for Planeswalker cards: Djeru, With Eyes Open, Call the Gatewatch, Deploy the Gatewatch, Diabolic Tutor, & Ignite the Beacon.

Add counters: Doubling Season, & Oath of Ajani.

Generate tokens: Oath of Gideon & Oath of Ajani

Protect Planeswalkers: Comeuppance & Oath of Kaya.

Removal/Boardwipe: Duneblast, Supreme Verdict, The Elderspell, & Contagion Engine.

2x planeswalker abilities: Oath of Teferi & The Chain Veil.

All of the planeswalkers do a variety of all of these things. I will be able to choose which planeswalkers I need with tutoring.


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