Sanitarium Skeleton


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Sanitarium Skeleton

Creature — Skeleton

: Return Sanitarium Skeleton from your graveyard to your hand.

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Sanitarium Skeleton Discussion

Argy on Tezzerets Deadly Puppet Show

1 month ago

I don't think Hope of Ghirapur is the best one drop for this deck.

I would choose one of these instead:

I'm not sold on Vizier of Many Faces. I would take all of them out and put two extra one drops, and an extra Walking Ballista.

So, give this a try:


2x Hope of Ghirapur
3x Vizier of Many Faces


4x Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter
1x Walking Ballista

No idea how that will play, but I think it's worth a try.

dirtdog on

1 month ago

I'm not sold on Archfiend of Ifnir at all; turn-5 is way too late to initiate a removal plan let alone a removal plan that uses -1/-1 counters which rely on having both a healthy hand AND a discard outlet in play. Ruthless Sniper has a similar removal ability, but dependence on TWO other factors, being a full hand AND a discard outlet, makes me want to forget the concept all together. With your curve and lack of true card advantage spells, by turn-5, even with a discard outlet, you probably won't have enough of a hand to take care of any opposing threats.

I like Cryptbreaker a lot, but his janky token generation and ability cost seems too slow. Playing him turn-1 seems good, but then you give up tempo to make a 2/2 dude that just dies to all of the best removal in Standard right now. Insolent Neonate has more synergistic tempo with your deck, Gnarlwood Dryad is like a poor-man's Standard Tarmogoyf fitting well with your discard theme, and Sanitarium Skeleton provides a stupid amount of utility as discard fodder or chump blocker. I would also consider playing around with other synergistic 1-drops like Groundskeeper (potentially bonkers with these cycle lands) and Bomat Courier (has synergy with Shadow of the Grave as well as just fits with your theme).

My only other real reservation is Tormenting Voice, especially as a 4-of. It isn't card advantage, requires something like Flameblade Adept on the field to get the most value out of it, and 'dat sorcery speed... I think that with some tweaks and additions instant speed card advantage is much better. If you get a dude like Sanitarium Skeleton in here consider Altar's Reap or Merciless Resolve. Succumb to Temptation is also an option AND, considering you're running 3 colors, look at Painful Truths.

The winning combo, or synergy really, is a full hand holding Shadow of the Grave with a Noose Constrictor on the field ready to attack. Swing with the snake, discard 7 for +7/+7, play SotG, then discard 7 again for +14/+14 total potentially put your opponent at 4 life by turn 3. Having Flameblade Adept out is even better for you.


-4 Archfiend of Ifnir-4 Cryptbreaker-4 Tormenting Voice

+8 1-2 CMC Synergistic Dudes+4 Pure Draw Spells

pytawidmo on UBer Madness

1 month ago

Hmm, after couple games the Curator of Mysteries does not seem to live up to its potential, I usually end up cycling him anw. Also, the early game can be hard against fast aggro decks (looking at you GR energy). Will need to test maybe -2 Curator and +1 Fatal Push and Alms of the Vein.Also, not so sure about Asylum Visitor, its Madness is great and can easily fix draw in late game, but in early it usually end just as meat to block some nasty dudes. Maaaybe +1 Sanitarium Skeleton for meat/stuff to discard and + Wharf Infiltrator for early draw/discard.

Fishwah on BU Resurrection

1 month ago

Thank for the feedback Vaan

They are some excellent creatures! I especially like the prospect of being able to Ever After Kederekt Leviathan followed by Sepulchral Primordial. Big swing!

Sanitarium Skeleton was always a bit of a dubious selection in my eyes (3 mana for a 1/2 never really looks like a good option), so Putrid Imp is an easy swap there.

I totally agree about not having enough reanimation spells, but I am unsure what to take out to make room for them? Pieces of the Puzzle fills a nice niche for me as it allows me to mill myself without fear of losing useful spells, so that only leaves Dark Ritual and Memory Sluice which are both great. Animate Dead would be my choice here.

Buried Alive and Reanimate are amazing... bit too pricey for me right now though.

Wholock on

3 months ago

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Firebones675, I've cut the number of cards to 60 as you said.

LithiumHD, I might replace Sanitarium Skeleton with Diregraf Ghoul and Rotting Fensnake with Highborn Ghoul as soon as I can get my hands on those, and possibly sideboarding some of my answers as you said.

Have a nice day :)

FUL on Mono black sac control

3 months ago

Sanitarium Skeleton is pretty good in decks that sacrifice their own creatures

Forestxavier20 on Knock 'em down and they stand right back up

3 months ago

Sanitarium Skeleton or Gavony Unhallowed would be good for this deck, and maybe splash green so you can play Rot Shambler and Winding Constrictor maybe.

LithiumHD on Test Deck (Kneesocks deck)

3 months ago

there, ya go. ok. so first things first. almost all decks in every format contain 60 cards. this is to make sure the cards that are in the deck can be drawn reliably, limiting the number of bad draws that are possible in every deck. right now you are sitting at 81 cards, so you should work on cutting down that number to get it close to 60 if not actually 60. (unless you were planning on making this into a commander deck in which case you would need to add cards)

Now, as for the actual cards that make up the 60. the number of lands you have is actually not too bad for running a reliable deck. anywhere from 20-24 lands is decent, just really depends on what the mana curve looks like when you're finished.

you're running only one copy of most cards as of right now, which isn't the greatest for a couple of reasons. the biggest going back on that topic of reliable and since you wanted to make this deck a "competitive" one, then you're going to need it to be reliable. take your powerful cards and try adding multiple copies of each, making sure that you keep an eye on your mana curve, so that it doesn't get too high.

lastly, you need to make sure that the deck has good synergy. there's a decent amount of cards in the deck that rely on you sacrificing other permanents or creatures, so it would be nice to add more cards that either enjoy others being sacrificed like Zulaport Cutthroat or cards that like being sacrificed themselves like Sanitarium Skeleton

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